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Started: 10/12/2018 Category: Education
Updated: 9 hours ago Status: Debating Period
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I'm Pro-Life. Meaning, I disagree with abortions. I feel as if abortion is the equivalent of murder. I'm open to people changing my mind. Goodluck.


Abortion is most certainly killing babies, It just is. But I think women should be allowed to kill babies.
Debate Round No. 1


"Abortion is most certainly killing babies, It just is. But I think women should be allowed to kill babies. "

Wouldn't that be pure murder? Why should ANYONE have the right to kill anyone? Please provide for information on your thinking.


"Wouldn't that be pure murder? "
It depends on how you look at it. Quite frankly, It isn't murder, Otherwise abortion would be illegal. At the moment, Babies aren't fully considered human while they are still in the womb. Therefore they don't have all the rights that a fully grown adult has. This includes the basic human right to life. I suppose you also think babies should be allowed to vote?

I will agree that abortion is killing babies, Because that's what it is. I also don't like the idea of abortion over other forms of birth control. However sometimes that's what it comes to. I'm not saying that everyone should just stop buying condoms and sit back letting taxes pay for abortions, That's not enjoyable for anyone, Including the person getting the abortion (especially the person getting the abortion). If you think about it, The kind of person who gets an abortion is not really someone that you want to raise a child. If baby murder is so bad, Why would you prefer that these "murderers" have children?

Raising a child is not easy, And if someone's life is complete dog shitt, Their child would have a terrible life. Do you really want children getting raised by meth addicted prostitutes? I understand that doesn't apply to everyone who gets an abortion, But you have to realize that people aren't just doing this for convenience. It's actually a million times more inconvenient than a condom or birth control pill. If someone is getting an abortion, It's safe to say that their life isn't going so perfect in the first place. It's likely that they live in a shitty house, In a run down neighborhood, In a town with a high crime rate. But oh yes, Let's put more children in that place! You hear how stupid that sounds? How unfair to the child.

Furthermore, The world's population is getting out of hand. We humans need to take it easy otherwise there just won't be enough of anything (I understand that supply and demand will come into play but that doesn't change my point). There are over 7. 4 billion people on earth as of 2016 and that is no small number. The only species' with a bigger population than humans are various birds, Insects and arachnids, And single celled organisms. Also krill and various fish species (keep in mind that they spawn on a massive level). "Most contemporary estimates for the carrying capacity of the Earth under existing conditions are between 4 billion and 16 billion. Depending on which estimate is used, Human overpopulation may or may not have already occurred. Nevertheless, The rapid recent increase in human population is causing some concern. " -- That is directly from Google.
Again, I don't think abortion is a better choice than any other form of birth control, But like I said, Sometimes that's what it comes to. "Abortion is the last line of defense against shitty people in the species. " - Luis C. K. And it's the truth.

And then there was rape. . . Oh how I would love to force a rape victim to raise the child of a true monster. Not. Most anti abortion people believe that in the case of rape, Abortion is okay. What do you think?
Debate Round No. 2


Firstly, It is murder. Even if it's not illegal at the time, It's practically murder. You're killing another human being.

"I will agree that abortion is killing babies" - You just admitted that abortion is killing another human. I won't even bother to read the rest of that paragraph.

"Raising a child is not easy" - Obviously not. It takes time and effort. But maybe they should've thought about that before having unprotected sex. Let's not forget, Adoption is an option. Why kill a child when they can be raised into something?

"Furthermore, The world's population is getting out of hand. " - That's semi-true. This doesn't give any excuse to kill another human, Though.

"And then there was rape" - Adoption. All that needs to be said.
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Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by Block19 17 hours ago
Ok now i get it.
Posted by PointProven 2 days ago
It's mainly a joke.
Posted by Block19 3 days ago
I do not get it, People need to defecate, If you can't you should really see a doctor.
Posted by PointProven 3 days ago
If you have ever heard of the comedian Luis C. K. , He made a perfect comparison about abortion.

"Not getting an abortion is like not taking a shitt. "
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