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I'm Pro-Life, change my mind!

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Started: 5/10/2018 Category: Health
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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I'm Pro-Life change my mind! I know that when debating this topic the actual question is, "When does life begin?" Here's what I'll say on the matter: At 4 weeks the backbone, spinal column, and nervous system are nearly completely formed. At 5 weeks the baby has, while not fully developed, all of its internal organs. At 6 weeks they have a heartbeat seperate to that of their mother. At 7 weeks they have hands and feet. They have facial features including a mouth and tongue. At 8 weeks brain waves are first detected. At 10 weeks the heart has completely developed and is equal to that of a newborn. At 12 weeks the vocal cords are fully developed and the baby is able to and does make little cries. At this time they are also fully exposed to pain. So, is it a baby or a fetus. I say baby.


I personally believe it is within the woman's right. The baby does mature throughout that time in the womb. However, a woman has the possibility of a miscarriage throughout all of these events. Yes, this is nature, and the woman has no choice in the matter. But, if nature is able to take that baby's life for that period of time, why wouldn't the woman be able to do that? If the woman was attacked in any way to cause a baby to begin forming inside of her, against her will, do you think she should be forced to give birth to a child she had no will to birth and no want to have in the first place? What about teens, or people living without the proper income to care for those children? Would you rather the child grow up in an environment where they were struggling and unable to receive the proper care, and the mother struggling to care for herself and further her own life at the same time? A woman deserves to assess her situation and make her own decision over what goes on within her body.
Debate Round No. 1


I can certainly see where you are coming form. I find it interesting how you brought up pregnancies that occur due to rape. While this is an unimaginable pain and one I hope never to experience only 1% of abortions are caused from that. So, while that is a really good conversation to have I would prefer to look at the other 99%. (maybe we can discuss this in a later round, it's just that it's such a huge topic that I want to start off by looking at the majority of abortions) As for your point on nature can do it, why can't the mother: There is a huge difference between nature and humans. In my opinion I believe life starts at conception and so when you bring that up here's what comes to mind: Nature also kills full grown adults, 4 year olds, and 16 year olds, so if nature can kill them, why can't we? I belive that the life of the fetus is just as valid as any other life. I understand that there is a lot of debate surrounding when life begins and I would be happy to hear your opinion.
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Posted by unknown777 3 years ago
Abortion should have restriction now that some pregnancy complication got no cure.
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