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I'm the biggest Tolkien fanatic!

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Started: 4/3/2014 Category: Society
Updated: 7 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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I am willing to assume that I am the most fanatical about John Ronald Ruel Tolkien's mythopia on this website. I believe I know more about it than anyone else (with the exception of being able to speak any of his languages). I would love to see someone beat me so I know I am not a loner on this subject.

In the first round you must state
1. approximately how long you have been a fan.
2. what books you have read and how many times.
3. what nationality you are.

I have been a fan from a young age 6 years, 1month, 21 days, and 16 hours since I finished the Trilogy. I have read The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings 6 times, The Silmarillion 2, The Complete History of Middle Earth 1 1/2. The Unfinished Tales 1, The Children of Hurin 2, and The Tales from the Perilous Realm 1. I am an American born on the west coast but now lives on the east coast. I now leave it to whomever tries to outdo me. jrrjacques at you service.


Fanatic: a person with an extreme and uncritical enthusiasm or zeal

Ok....I will argue this guy

is more fanatic than you....
Muh Hahahaha...
Good luck
Debate Round No. 1


Did you not pay attention to the requirements of this debate? I said, " I am the most fanatical about John Ronald Ruel Tolkien's mythopia on this website." Emphasis on "on this website" Tolkien died September 2, 1973. How can he be on this website and if he is then he should take me up on this debate not you, you smart Alek. :)


whoops forgot to do this:
1.approximately how long you have been a fan. zero seconds
2. what books you have read and how many times. none of them, zero times
3. what nationality you are. USA

You never stated it had to be the person you accepted whom is more fanatical than you....
OK, so you say it has to be ON THIS WEBSITE? Very well then, I choose myself.
I argue that BECAUSE you have read every single book and know everything so well, there is no need for you too have extreme zeal or enthusiasm.
I, in contrast, have never even glanced at his books (ok I lied, I know he wrote Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit), and because of that, I am fanatic about the books. Why are they so good? I ask myself. Why are they recepted so well? I ask again. I must read them! I exclaim in my head.
But I have yet to get my hands on those books.
If you do not see why I, a non-fan can possibly be fanatic with the books, then here is an example.
There is a new movie that has just came out, called "The Italian Job", a remake of the original film.
YOU: you saw the original movie, the director's cut, and the special edition. You, with all your crazy research, know how the film's going to end, begin, and change differently from the original. Yawn, boring, you fall asleep before you reach the theater.
ME: i did not see the original movie, the trailer, or any spoilers what-so-ever. The movie is incredibly exciting, fascinating, and the literal cliff-hanger leaves me jaw-open and considering to add the movie to my top ten.
As you can see an actual fan, because of his overwhelming knowledge, will be bored about the series. However, a guy like me who has never read the books, it is intense, suspenceful, and I'll have no idea what will happen.
Debate Round No. 2


Oh my dear friend you talk of unbearable anticipation. But after seeing this movie (of which I would probably fall asleep during) I doubt almost your every thought you have some how relates to that movie. I have done research on Tolkien his life and books. He is one of a few role models for me. I am held in suspense every time I read it with the hope that I will see something that I didn't see before some humor or interesting detail. Yes I know what will happen but once I finish reading it I have forgotten details from the beginning and wish to remember them. My dear friend if you are honest about your zealous anticipation (it is not zealousness for the work itself but for the first time experience of reading and seeing it) then I hope it will be all that you hoped for. I get into conversations concerning Lord of the Rings and I love every moment of it even if the other person is showing their displeasure for it. My friend you see you are fanatical about the rumors and random details you have heard not the actual genius and beauty of it. Example Christopher Lee (the actor for Count Dooku and Saruman) has read the books over 50 times and loves the art and mind put into it. I have not quite made that level but I hope to someday.


This didn't go quite as well as I planned.

Here, let me reverse our roles and hope this works out.
I have planned an epic finale in round 5, yes sir-ee! It will be the best conclusion that I ever made in any debate I have ever done, and that counts the one conclusion concerning neurophysiology!
Now, I know what I'm doing, I'm very fanatic about it too. In fact I read it six times over and had a group of friends who also edited it. It will be so amazing and mind-blowing, it won't matter that it has nothing to do with Tolkien, the voters will vote me! That's how sure I am. And you cannot rebut. Sorry, but that's the way the debate's set up.
As fanatic as I am about it, as excited I am every time I read my paper, I bet you are more fanatic than me. "What will he post?" You are wondering. "What could be so amazing that, even irrelevant, still win against my logical argument?"

Why are you more fanatic than me in this case? I am just sitting in my seat, calmly waiting until the final countdown to narrowly post my conclusion, while you are biting your fingernails, your bottom on the edge of your chair, and your hand clicking the "Refresh" button as the timer goes... "10", "9" "8", "7", "6", and then you have to go to the restroom...but you don't... you wait, but you have to go really bad....
by this time your bladder is about to burst and your brain is on fire for having to wait for such a long time. What will 9spaceking post that will beat your argument?

then the voting screen FINALLY pops up, and you are relieved! Your pants are filled with urine and cum from the excitement, but you have no time for embarrassment as you scroll down to view my conclusion! As you continue down your droll soaks wet your t-shirt and pants from waiting far too long in anticipation...and you finally reach the conclusion, your arm pumps out and breaks the wall, you stand up and do a cartwheel, breaking the table that hold the computer in the process, but you don't care. You finally reached my conclusion! You are so excited that you immediately propose to marry your crush/girlfriend.

In conclusion, as it can be seen from my short story, my fanatic exceeds yours. (in Tolkien wise, not waiting-for-conclusion wise)
Debate Round No. 3


My dear opponent, before I begin to continue this debate I wish to say something concerning the content of your last quizzical post. I personally do not see the need to use language of that vulgar type. Will you please refrain from such words and phrases. (Also I do not have a crush or girlfriend for I am to preoccupied with things of a more important nature.
Again, from how I read and interpret your argument, you still focus on (for the most part) the anticipation NOT the actual content of the genius of Tolkien. And the fanaticism is not enduring as mine has been. Here allow me to expand your story still using your conclusion as a hypothetical replacement for The Lord of the Rings. After I have done such undesirable business in my undergarments and have proposed to my "girlfriend", I then become a fascist in trying to compile something greater than your conclusion, not wanting to be outdone, and my "girlfriend" accepts my proposal. I soon find out than my bride really hates me and only married me for the wealth I had the potential to gain. But now I have lost the potential of becoming wealthy because my life is now spent in an attempt of beating you in rematch. I come to hate you, your writing, and m divorced wife as I live underneath a garbage can behind a Chinese restaurant. What started as intense anticipation for a first view ends up wasting my life.
So my frivolous friend it is still not true Tolkien fanaticism. This debate is about who loves Tolkien's story of those who know exactly what it is and its content. Sorry for not adding more but I'm on a time crunch here. jrrjacques at your service.


Wow! You trolled my trolling argument. Well done.
Debate Round No. 4


Now my dear friend we have entered our final round. Here I will make an appeal to the voter. You have seen the argument on whom between we two contenders are more fanatical about Tolkien's works. I emphasize on his works not hypothetical speaking as this debate has been thus far. For evidence of my love for Tolkien's works please reread the first round in addition to this. I own the uncut version of The Lord of the Rings Trilogy which compile to a total amount of almost 11 hours. Now I have watched these movies exactly 12 2/3 times. I would have watched them more often but my siblings also like to watch something they like every once in a while. I submit this to the esteemed, ever deciding, illustrious voters. jrrjacques at your service.

Con is already round 5? I bet you all are waiting for my grande finale...
Wait, you didn't think I was serious? Oh boy was I serious.
For my grande finale I will have a massive 100,000 word essay on...
wait, only 9,800 characters left? Oh. In that case I shall use pictures...
After all, a picture's worth a thousand words!

Sorry if I look insane. I was too fanatical about the trilogy.
And that ends my conclusion!
Vote Con!
Debate Round No. 5
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Posted by jrrjacques 7 years ago
And I was hoping for a real debate on something I love and know a lot about on the top of my head. (sigh)
Posted by jrrjacques 7 years ago
Doesn't the world love wise guys? Yep, can one imagine how dull it would be without them?
Posted by 9spaceking 7 years ago
sorry forgot to post it in round one. :P
Posted by 9spaceking 7 years ago
whoops forgot to do this:
approximately how long you have been a fan. zero seconds
2. what books you have read and how many times. none of them, zero times
3. what nationality you are. USA
Posted by jrrjacques 7 years ago
Close to 12 and this is because my parents think it is not to healthy mentally to be this enthusiastic about a fantasy world. Go figure.
Posted by Dufflepud 7 years ago
How many times have you watched the movies? xP
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Reasons for voting decision: It's pretty clear that pro is more fanatical in this debate.

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