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Imaginary Charcter Showdown 3: League of Legends

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Started: 5/18/2014 Category: Games
Updated: 7 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Self Explanatory, considering my other two debates, (, This debate won't be impossible to accept though, so the first person who accepts gets their chance.
Debate Round No. 1


Meet Felinis, the Jungle Hunter. He is a lion that has a human body, and has Jaguar felt pants, with shoulder guards made out of Alligator skin. He is an expert archer, with capabilities equal to that of the legendary Robin Hood. His 4 abilities are on this list:

1. Hunter's instict: Felinis's speed and attack speed go up by 50% when near an enemy

2. Dem' Bones: Felinis hurls alligator teeth Kunais at the enemy.

3: The Hunt is on: Felinis can immediantly teleport to the nearest enemy and strike

4. Man's best friend: Felinis summons two crocodiles to help in the fight.

Felinis is extremely dangerous, as he grew up in the jungle, fighting every single beast worth fighting, and won. He has a knack for rushing into batttle too quickly. He is cunning, and can blend into the brush with camo. He could be sitting right next to you, and you wouldn't even know it... I await my opponents character.


Her name is Sage. Eons ago, another woman, also known to have been called Sage, walked the world as the first Spirit Walker. This Sage was a woman of miracles. The tasks she could perform had never been seen before her time. One could call her the creator and first user of magic (and the word 'sage'). It was under her prowess that the spirits lost their original forms took various shapes of Sage's choosing. Her otherwordly magic led to the conjecture that she was neither born of Runeterra nor was she born of the void. It has been eons since Sage's time, and her name had faded into the pockets of history. Unknowingly, the current successor of the spirits over which she held dominion, Udyr, continues to enjoy the powers which she had wrought. Only the League, with its ancient stores of information, knows of this history. It is uncertain whether or not this Sage of old and the Sage which fights in the fields of Justice are the same.

When the League first subjugated Vel'koz into its institution and called it into the fields, Sage appeared into the summoner's chamber and halted the match. The scribe immediately noted the following words: "Summoners, I am Sage. I come with an offer and a warning. The creature called Vel'koz isn't what it seems. Even now, Vel'koz hungrily gathers information, but not for himself. The source controlling Vel'koz, the source creating the rift between the void and your world, is biding it's time. You made the ultimate mistake when you made Vel'koz another 'champion' of your League. The information it has gathered is now in the worst place it could possibly be. I will lend you my powers to arrest this force. Vel'koz must not discover my existence. I'll seal most of my powers and appear as 'just another champion' in your League."

With this said, Sage vanished. When the summoners first called Sage to the Summoner's Rift, they accidently summoned Kayle and Morgana, resulting in a 5v6 match. There were no incidents later. Sage's motives are largely unknown. The immense power she has suppressed worries the heads of the League. Why is she fighting? Who does she fight for? What if she were to suddenly turn her powers against the League?

The four abilities Sage has chosen for herself for the sake of her Champion persona are as follows:

Passive: Power Suppressed - The unimaginable power of Sage will sometimes 'leak' and 'accidently' causes every 5th auto attack to create a randomly generated status impairment that lasts for a short time.

Q) Counterfire - Sage is surrounded by a barrier of magic which reflects damage proportional to the amount of force applied to it. Return a percentage of all physical damage dealt as magic damage (after armor is applied). When active, Sage deals three times this damage and drains mana over time.

W) Dependency - Sage draws half of a target allies powers and uses it as her own. For a short time, Sage's stats are increased by a percentage of an ally's stat's, and the ally loses the same stat value for the duration.

E) Subjugation - Sage transfers some of her powers to a number of nearby friendly minions and can now control them (hold shift, click). Minion's stats are increased proportional to Sage's stats.

R) Absolute Dominion - Sage closes her eyes, roots herself in place and takes control of a target enemy champion for a short duration or until cancelled. Her armor and magic resist is decreased for the duration, and the target champion becomes vulnerable to its former allies' attacks.
Debate Round No. 2


How Felinis could beat Sage:

This is how the battle will go down: a 1v1 battle at Summoner's rift, with all abilities leveled up to their fullest. No items from the shop or minions can be used in this duel.

And, just to let the viewers know, this is a contest not only based on the fight, but also on creatvity, abilities, and design.

Here goes nothing: since this is 1v1fight, Sage's Dependancy and Subjection abilities can't be used. Even though Sage is a powerful sorceress(nice job on the backstory btw), Felinis's hunter instinct can let him have a suprise attack advantage. Felinis likes to creep around the opponent, without them knowing, learning their abilities/weaknesses. And, since you stated no keen sense of vision/hearing, even sage can't hear Felinis. He could easily snipe her with an arrow/kunai. Now here comes the 1v1 in case she does see him. Even though it is 1v1, Felinis's abilities don't depend on any other champions/minions, so he can use all of his abilities, including sending in two crocs. If he happened to fall into the Absolute Dominion spell, the two trusty crocs could attack sage while she is rooted, lifting the spell, and possibly killing Sage. Felinis can also use hs Hunter's Instinct ability, outmatching Sage in speed and attack speed. Although no animals he fought had magic abilities, he has fought other champions, such as Ryze, and Renekton, ending in victory, so he has some sense of magic users. Felinis is also an expert marksman, so missing a shot would be a 100,000 to one. Even if Sage was smart enough to use the Counterfire attack, you never stated how long it lasts, so in this fight, lets just say 10 seconds, so if she uses Absolute Dominion and Counterfire at the same time, well, 10 seconds isn't that long, and even if Felinis under Sage's control kills one of the crocs, the other will surely be ok when the Counterfire barrier wears off. So, in this case, Felinis vs. Sage, it will either end in a draw, or a win for Felinis.

This was fun, and I will be making more Imaginary Character showoffs soon. Have a suggestion for one? Add it to my comments on my profile. Thanks again, and vote pro!


Clarifications: Counterfire, if you are to read it carefully, is a passively active ability that is there persistently. at max level, Counterfire passively returns a percentage of the damage dealt to Sage as magic damage, let me bring up the text:

Q) Counterfire - Sage is surrounded by a barrier of magic which reflects damage proportional to the amount of force applied to it. Return a percentage of all physical damage dealt as magic damage (after armor is applied). When active, Sage deals three times this damage and drains mana over time.

This implies that Sage's ability is on constantly. Felinis takes extra damage (say 20% at level 3 for the sake of balance) passively returned. When active, 60% of the damage is returned as magic damage for a duration.
So already, with counterfire, Sage while attacking Felinis and while under attack will actively deal 160% of the average damage consistently.
Taking into account the fact that Counterfire returns all physical damage (and, based on the character, Felinis and his skills are assumed to be physical type skills), All of Felinis active skills will return damage to him (except maybe man's best friend, which would damage the crocodiles instead).

"since this is 1v1fight, Sage's Dependancy and Subjection abilities can't be used."
It is outside the parameters of a debate to set up rules like this after the first round. Not only did my opponent define rules and terms after the first round (meant for these kind of things): the fact that this was done in the very last round is something I would like to note to the readers. For future reference, any rules must first be defined in the first round of a debate to prevent a battle of conflicting definitions or abuse of new definitions to unfairly manipulate the terms of the debate against or in favor of any one side. Please do not do this again in the future.

"Felinis's hunter instinct can let him have a suprise attack advantage. Felinis likes to creep around the opponent, without them knowing, learning their abilities/weaknesses. And, since you stated no keen sense of vision/hearing, even sage can't hear Felinis."
Wrong! Sage does see and hear Felinis. For the sake of her champion persona, she pretends not to ;). THe only advantage this skill provides is the first attack. Felinis gets one free strike (and passively takes 20% of that strikes damage back as magic damage), that's it.

I will now take advantage of League's aggro system which causes all non-champion AI units (such as baron, dragon or minions) to target its closest aggressor when aggravated.
The moment Felinis activates his ult (the crocodiles), Sage will be able to take full advantage of her skills. Although Sage cannot move during Absolute Dominion, she is still able to use her other abilities. While Felinis is under the influence of Absolute Dominion, he becomes an ally. Sage can now activate dependency on Felinis to reduce (at max level) half of Felinis' armor, MR, attack, attack speed, magic, movement, etc. and transfer it to herself. Felinis is now extremely weak. Sage is then able to pit the weakened Felinis against his own crocodiles which, due to League's aggro system, will both attack Felinis.

Now let's do this mathematically. Here is the page with the stats of champions at level 18 wiht no runes/items/masteries:
Since Rengar and Felinis are most similar to each other, I will assign Rengar's stats to Felinis. Sage will have the stats of Xerath.
Stats that matter:
Sage has 1820 health, 105.66 AD, 0.77 attack speed, 79 armor, 30 magic resist and is a ranged champion.
Felinis has 2055 health, 109 AD, 1.008 attack speed, 83 armor, 52.5 magic resist and is a melee champion.
Since it is OP, Absolute Dominion shall last only 6 seconds at level 18. For 6 seconds, Sage will be able to control and use Felinis and all of his skills.
I will assume the crocodiles will each have Felinis' AD and 1.000 attack speed upon summon (refer to the stats outlined above) and half his health.
The damage multiplier for armor is thus: Damage multiplier = 100 / (100 + Armor)
Let's say Felinis activates his crocodiles. Sage immediately takes control of Felinis and strips him of half his stats and makes him attack and be attacked by both crocodiles. Felinis will have 41 armor.
The crocodiles will deal 109 / (100 + armor) damage to Felinis every second. That is 109/141 or 77.3 damage per second. Since there are two crocodiles, The damage dealt is doubled to 144.6 damage per second for 6 seconds. By the end of Absolute Dominion, Felinis will have take 144.6 x 6 damage, totalling 867.6. Felinis will attack the alligators and draw them away, effectively moving them far enough that when Absolute Dominion ends, the four seconds left for the alligator to run back at Sage is insufficient to cover the distance created. Thus, Sage wastes Felini's crocodiles through detailed manipulation and strategy. ;)
Felinis now has 1188 health and is back to full stats. He comes back to attack Sage, who activates counterfire and simultaneously auto attacks Felinis. If Felinis decides to wait out counterfire, Sage, who will only have 8.1 (or 8) auto attacks if her leftover mana only allows her 10 seconds of use, will deal another (105.66/183 x 100) x 8 damage to Felinis. If Felinis decides to burst everything he has on Sage in his current state, Felinis will deal [(109/179 x 100) x 10] (or 600) damage and take a reciprocated 60% of this as magic damage (360/152.5 x 100 or 236). Let's say Felinis also uses his skills, which I will assume deals damage proportional to 100% of his AD. Felinis now has dealt a total of 730 damage and has taken 288 from Counterfire in return + he takes 461 damage from Sage's auto attacks. This is a total of 761 damage over the duration of Counterfire. Felinis now has 439 health. Sage has also taken damage equal to about 1000 damage. Sage has taken 730 damage + whatever damage Felinis dealt when he initiated the fight (let's be generous and say 200). Sage has taken 830 damage and has 990 health left.
So currently - Felinis has 439 health, Sage has 990 health. 10 seconds of auto attacking from Sage will drop Felinis health to 0. Felinis, attacking Sage, will also deal damage to himself. As established above, Felinis deals about 830 damage with all his skills included over a 10 second duration. With reduced Counterfire, Felinis takes 115 damage from attacking Sage. Sage will finish Felinis with at least 160 health left.

Note - I assumed Felinis activates The Hunt is on every time he is distanced so that he is constantly attacking and not missing even 1 second of attack (which would give Sage an advantage due to her ranged attacks). I've also ignored Sage's passive effect since it is extremely random and is hard to predict (slow, stun, root, snare, suppress, silence, etc.).
Without runes/items/masteries, Sage easily deletes Felinis from the fields of Justice and sends him straight back to his spawning pool.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by Beginner 7 years ago
"No items from the shop or minions can be used in this duel."
You created this rule, especially the one about the minions, just to counter Subjugation. >_>
Posted by Beginner 7 years ago
Hmm, absolute dominion should make it so that, while under control, the target cannot be attacked by your teammates, otherwise, it can be abused to easily kill an enemy champion.
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