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Imaginary Sonic Character Showdown

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Started: 5/17/2014 Category: Games
Updated: 7 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Sonic fans from all over, heed my call. Do you have an imaginary Sonic charcter that you want to show off? Well than, this is the debate for you. Here's how this is gonna go:

First round: acceptance.

Second round: introducing your character (what he/she looks like, abilities, character traits, etc.)

Third round: an explanation on how your character could beat the opponents character.

This debate has been made impossible to accept, if you are interested, say you would like to debate in the comments. The person who I feel is a true Sonic fan will be the one who gets picked. Lets do this!


1 accept
(this will be interesting)
Debate Round No. 1


With a sword by his side, and a chaos emerald at hand, Sabre the Hedgehog is a force to be reckoned with. Sabre is a brown hedgehog, with a blade at hand, to be more accurate, a ninja's katana. It is indestructible, made from the core of a dying star. With it, Sabre can block any projectile's with ease, and can slice through just about anything like butter. Sabre is also a genius, with an IQ of over 400. With this knoledge, Sabre has designed many inventions, like a wrist mounted teleportation device, black hole generator, and even a homemade defilibrator that let's him breathe in space without a space suit! Sabre is also a trained ninja, as he was adopted by a Shinobi Clan member. He can do just about anything a normal ninja can. He also has abilities, like the Kaiba blast, which shoots a silver beam and can destroy even the toughest rock/metal. He is the guardian of the 8th Chaos Emerald, an orange Emerald that has more power than the other 7 combined. With it, he can do all of the other chaos moves, and a new one he perfected himself, the Chaos Counter. With Chaos Counter, he can deflect any incoming projectiles/moves, and deflect them right back to the opponent, only it has twice the damage it normally would. Also, Sabre can jab an opponent with two fingers, and them learn their DNA code, thus making himdslef an exact copy of the opponent. Taking a blow that would normally kill Sabre, he would instead revert back to his own self. Sabre is a stragetist, who learns his opponents weaknesses before striking. Sabre is serious, not preffering to insult the opponent, but preffering to use the opponent's own moves against them before using his own, (the Chaos Counter). If Sabre gets all 7 chaos emeralds, or equal power, and then adds the 8th chaos emerald's power to it, he turns into Infinite Sabre, a form that is twice the power of Super, (though Sabre can also turn Super, if he has to). I await my opponents character.


witherpig forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 2


boo... now i cant do the battle. Im sorry about this, ill do this debate again so SOMEONE ELSE can do it.


witherpig forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by yomama12 7 years ago
unless you truly know all the sonic characters, id think they have a chance of just randomly creating characters on the spot. Besides, i put my heart and soul into making my character, trying my best to create the perfect character to be placed in the Sonic franchise.
Posted by Teemo 7 years ago
Someone could just make a brutally op character that is impossible to beat,
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