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Imaginary character showdown 2: Robot Masters

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Started: 5/16/2014 Category: Games
Updated: 7 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Same rules as my Imaginary Sonic character debate(

New rules for this debate:

1. I mean the Robot Masters from Megaman

2. Robot Master can be based off of anything accept people (ex. Scarecrow Man, Frog Man, ex of what not to do: Einstein man)

Good luck, and I wish you all the best. May the odds be ever in your favor.


I accept. Before we begin I have a question that I have posted in the comments section that I would like answered and I would wish the opponent good luck. This looks like it will be a fun debate.
Debate Round No. 1


Who's that coming from the sky in a sonic boom? Jet Man, that's who! Jet MAn, of my own heart, is based off of a fighter Jet, to be specific, a F16 fighter jet. Jet Man can break the sound barrier with ease, flying at a rapid mach 3 speed. He is chrome silver/black, has two Jet wo=ings on his back, and a helmet similar to that of Proto Man(, but unique in it's own way. Jet Man has a cannon on his left arm that produces Sonic Booms that can easily knock an opponent off their feet, and sometimes malfuncion machinery. His wings are also razor sharp, and if he flies through a forest, he can cut a rapid 30 trees per second while going his maximum speed. He is a strategist, preffering to find out his opponents weaknesses/weak spots before going in for the kill. Jet Man is also very maneuverable, making up for his lack of strength in speed, weaponry, and wits. He is cunning,and acts a little like a ninja, becoming vurtually invisible when he rockets toward an enemy at maximum speed. Jet Man is one of the few robot masters that is still on Megaman's side in the comics. His catchprase is "Boom's Away!" Jet Man also has a robot eagle, like Bass's dog, Treble, named Sonic Boom. I look forward to my opponents Robot Master. (I'm sorry I didn't upload a picture of him, I don't have that kind of access to scanning technology, but my opponent can upload a drawing if he/she pleases.)


Picture and Art:

I drew a low quality picture of my Robot Master for this debate.
This can be viewed here:
I decided to draw him in the original "cartoony" style of the Mega Man franchise. There are, of course, a couple kinks of my own style that don't quite match the original style 100%.
His body, had I colored it, would have been navy-blue and a blue-ish silver.
I also didn't have access to a working scanner at the time so I had to take a picture with a camera. So yes, the photo is of low quality and I didn't color it. But hey, it's better than nothing. :P


This incredibly handsome robot with awesome chain dreadlocks (yes, seriously, go look at the picture) is Chain Man. Like most Robot Masters, he has a theme or gimmick usually related to his namesake. In this case, chains. The chains coming out of both his arms are actually attached inside his body. They are nearly fully retractable. I've demonstrated this in the picture as we see on his right side (left portion of photo) we have the chains mostly retracted making the chains on his left side (right portion of photo) lengthy and coiled on the ground next to him. His legs and body are bulky and not made for running, meant to hold him in place. The cylinder that makes up his torso can rotate around similar to a gyro (not the food). This allows for high-speed spinning attacks, one of two primary tactics he employs when aiming to hurt/kill his target.

Back-story and Abilities:

He was created by Doctor Wily to be his equivalent to Cerberus, Hades' three headed guard-dog. He was designed to be the ultimate jailer for any rogue experiments or captured rival robots.
Wily used the technology he used with Quick Man on Chain Man ( ). This allows him to speed up time around him, heightening his reflexes.
While in close-quarters Chain Man's bulk makes him the perfect wall and tank while in an open area his long and powerful ranged bladed, chain, whip attacks make for a deadly mouthful of words.
He was designed to capture which is why he normally would just aim to immobilize or trap his foes with his chains. He takes this very seriously, almost like a code of honor, type of, ninja thing. But Chain Man and Wily are no dummies, sometimes sacrifices are necessary. So Chain Man has twin blades on the ends of his chains that can be used for, obviously, cutting and impaling. This in combination with his long range make for a, literally, killer combo.
Despite his bulk, Chain Man actually isn't that heavy. He is made of Liquidmetal ( ). It's a man-made metal that is incredibly durable, at double the strength and durability of titanium, yet quite light weight. This allows for conditional speed and move-ability in the form of impaling a stationary object and then, either by swinging on his chain or by retracting it, hurtling himself towards or around it. While around tall sturdy objects this can be used to his advantage similar to popular Marvel's superhero Spiderman's web-swinging abilities.
Between his constricting, grappling, time manipulating, blade-playing, whipping, spinning, impaling, soaring, and all around versatile ranged attacks he truly is the Robot Master jailer of the "underworld" (or, for those who have played the Network series, Undernet) and a force to be reckoned with.

Debate Round No. 2


I have to admit, that amount of thought in such little time, wow. You did a better job than my idea, and mine was tought of for a solid month! Sorry i forgot to add Jet Man's back story, so here it is:

Jet Man was made by Doctor Light in case the construction of Rock and Roll failed, so Light could at least have some protection in case of Wily's frequent attacks. Jet Man was a success, and Light successfully created Rock and Roll as well, with Jet Man's help. Since Jet Man helped create Megaman, I guess he's sort of his father/bro, but for now, lets just say he's his brother. He is the anti escape, making sure that if any enemy tried to escape from them after they get defeated, Jet Man would race ahead of them and Sonic Boom them, and if his idea succeeds, the enemy would malfuncion (if it is a Root Master), and cripple beneath it's own weight. If the enemy was flesh and blood, he could still Sonic Boom them, taking them right off their feet.

How Jet Man could beat Chain man:

Since Jet Man can go a little faster than the speed of sound, if Chain Man tried to throw any of his chains at him (pretty smart idea btw), Jet Man could easily out race any of his chains before they get to him. And, he could also Sonic Boom Chain Man, and hopefully, make him malfuncion. He could slice him with his wings at top speed, and since he could go invisible at thatspeed, Chain Man wouldn't know what hit him. I wish my opponent all the best, and I can't wait to see how he can beat Jet Man.


Thank you, Pro. I much appreciate your praise. A Robot Master that can achieve Mach 3 speed is pretty awesome as well. I've had a lot of fun with this debate and I hope you have as well. I'll try to make this conclusion as interesting as possible. :D

Before I do a battle analysis I need to point out a few "real world" consistencies and comparisons between the characters and their weapons.

Sonic Boom vs. Liquidmetal Armor:

If Wikipedia can be trusted, we are led to believe the strongest "Sonic Boom" recorded had a power of around 7,000 Pa. "The strongest sonic boom ever recorded was 7,000 Pa (144 psf) and it did not cause injury to the researchers who were exposed to it." ( Liquidmetal has a yield strength of 1,640 MPa or, to put it in the same units, 1,640,000,000 Pa ( I believe it is safe to assume that even if a "Sonic Boom" could be used as a projectile it would do laughable damage to a robot made of Liquidmetal. With a difference between 7,000 Pa and over a billion Pa it is clear that any attack from this weapon would do next to no damage at all. It would hardly tickle.

Mach 3 Speed vs. Quick Man's Time Manipulation Ability:

Pro said,"He could slice him with his wings at top speed, and since he could go invisible at that speed, Chain Man wouldn't know what hit him." This is not true. Mach 3 has a speed of 1,020.87 m/s. While it is difficult, the human eye can see and keep track of objects moving at this speed. An advanced human-like robot made by an evil genius should have advanced enough eyesight and tracking technologies to easily be able to visually track Jet Man at Mach 3. Not to mention the Time Manipulation Abilities. This should allow him to keep up with him at close range and or to, at the very least, deflect or avoid a direct hit. The extent of Quick Man's Time Manipulating ability is not specified and thus the extent of how fast Chain Man could react at close range and whether or not he'd be able to keep up with Jet Man is debatable.

Jet Man's Eagle; Sonic Boom:

No abilities for the eagle were specified and I do not believe the bird would pose a threat to Chain Man at all. A robot eagle would not be able to go as fast as Jet Man or evade Chain Man's ranged attacks. He would be easily dispatched.

... and finally ...
Battle Analysis:

I am assuming that this would be Chain Man and Jet Man's first encounter with each other and as such the scenario would be similar to Screw Attack's Death Battle guidelines. At close range Chain Man's Liquidmetal chains in blades would easily be able to catch, maim, or kill Jet Man. While further out, Jet Man would easily be able to dodge or evade Chain Man's ranged whipping and spinning attacks. However, Jet Man's "Sonic Boom" cannon, the only ranged attack Pro mentioned, does completely nothing to Chain Man because of his Liquidmetal defenses. I believe it is safe to say that any "ranged" battle would end in a draw. Jet Man would be left with only one option; a Mach 3 speed wing attack. Jet Man, having a F16 fighter jet design, cannot go from stationary to Mach 3 instantly. He would also have to be traveling in a near straight line to achieve this speed. I believe I have proved above that Chain Man could at least "see" Jet Man at Mach 3. As Jet Man would need to be "charging" Chain Man in a straight line to achieve such a speed it allows for predictability. Chain Man would use a long ranged attack which would hit and kill Jet Man at that speed or Jet Man would be forced to slow down and stop his attack in order to evade it. In other words this scenario would end in a draw or loss for Jet Man. Should Chain Man not time a long ranged attack, which would have gained a win or a draw, and allow Jet Man to get close then I believe, with the reflex boost from the technology from Quick Man, he would be able to either deflect or dodge Jet Man's attack at close range or leave some of his chains or blades in his place for a dumbfounded Jet Man to run into and, at Mach 3 speed, assuredly die upon. Keep in mind that Jet Man would have no prior knowledge to Chain Man's close-range time manipulating abilities and would not be able to evade that at close range. This, in my opinion, is the most likely outcome of this battle. Even if Chain Man would be hit by that attack dead-on it would be a draw. At that speed Jet Man's body or wings would be crushed against Chain Man or Jet Man would, at least, spin out of control, crash, and die. So ... the only way Jet Man could possibly win would be to commit suicide? I'm sorry, but I count THAT as a "win" for Chain Man.

I believe I have shown that in any battle Chain Man would either easily win or, if Jet Man was overly cautious, it would end in a draw. I've had allot of fun with this debate and would like to thank Pro for coming up with it. Vote Con.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by Owlz 7 years ago
Yeah, this was a blast! A "Sonic Blast" ... get it? It's kinda like a "Sonic Boom" which links back to the debate ... Ok, I'll stop trying to justify my terrible pun. But, seriously this was awesome!
Posted by yomama12 7 years ago
I_I ur gonna win, i didn't even think about the Eagle's abilities... or about Liquidmetals durability, it was fun anyways though :D
Posted by Owlz 7 years ago
Thanks it did. Now I gotta start designing! :D
Posted by yomama12 7 years ago
it is a judgement on all of the things you have stated in the comments. And no, we can't use robot masters that already exist. You can, however, make a robot animal helper, like Bass's Treble. I hope I have answered your question throughly
Posted by Owlz 7 years ago
So lemme make sure I understand correctly. We can use robot masters in existence already or make up a completely new one. We are trying to create the most over powered Robot Master which we will then prove that it would beat the opponent's robot master. Defeating the other in battle is what gets the win on this debate, right? We wont be judged on creativity, art, and character design?
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Vote Placed by SNP1 7 years ago
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Reasons for voting decision: Both sides had pretty good sources, equal conduct, and equal spelling and grammar. The points are then led to be on arguments. While Pro's Jetman having Mach 3 capabilities make him a strong competitor, the liquidmetal alloy that Chain man is made of would protect him extremely well. Chain man also has the advantage with time manipulation for close range fighting. I believe that Pro's Jet man is a good competitor, however I think that Con's Chain man comes out on top.

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