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Started: 6/8/2018 Category: Society
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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I think that the immigrants should not be treated the way they are now. For example, I will give the USA president (Donald Trump) who say that the muslims are terrorists and that they are dangerous for the country. But does he actually understand that there are people (muslim people) that work hard everyday just like, if not harder, than the american person. I know that immigration is not the beat solution. But these people run away from theur home for some reason. For example if Donald Trump doesn't want immigrants in the USA, then why is he bombing Yemen, Syria, etc. It is like we do something and then complain about it, like the innocent people are the ones who me need to blame.


Hello Njqill, let's get this started. There is good reason to have this temporary Muslim ban. Over in Europe, after the countries there started letting Muslim immigrants flow in, it's been causing lots of trouble. Like I'm pretty sure you've been noticing the Muslim terrorists that have been bombing across Europe. And the overflow of immigrants might start economic problems later on. Also, if you look at the Middle Eastern Muslim countries, you'll see that they've been terrible to their own people and have executed many people under Islam's rule. And about Islam itself, basically the Islam version of The Bible, The Koran, actually tells Muslims to use violence against non-Muslims. Finally, those Middle Eastern countries with Muslims are filled with millions and millions of terrorists, so it's likely at least one of those millions of terrorists would attempt to go to the U.S which may cause some problems.
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