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Impact of age on getting a job

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Started: 3/18/2017 Category: Society
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Can someone please come up with negatives for the impact of age on getting a job because i need some help writing a debate for the cons, thanks for whoever. Please need asap doing it in 24 hours


Age Group Analysis
Previous age research has shown that the Team Management Profile Questionnaire is reliable for all age groups. Additionally, reliability increases with age, possibly due to the greater chance of workers experiencing several types of work and being in a better position to identify their preferences consistently.

Table 3 displays the means and standard deviations of the major Team Management Profile Questionnaire sample broken down by age groups. The age group of 70 and over has not been included here due to insufficient sample size.

Here we see the mean score for Extroversion-Introversion becoming more Introverted with age. The Practical score also appears to increase with age. The Analytical score declines with age, as people become more Beliefs-based. There is also a slight shift in the Structured-Flexible scores towards being more Structured as age increases.

This trend towards Introversion, Beliefs and Structure may be interpreted by some as a reflection of the "creeping conservatism" of aging while others may interpret it as the result of experience and the decrease in importance of experimentation at older ages.

In interpreting these results, care should be taken to remember that we are not measuring the same people over time and factors such as the changing management beliefs and methodologies over the past 60 years have not been taken into account. It should also be noted that the differences found are small and the effect may be negligible in many circumstances. Nevertheless these results may facilitate useful discussion on age and work preferences.
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