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Started: 6/7/2010 Category: Miscellaneous
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Round 1, opponent will select 1 of the 3 topic choices listed below to present in Round 2. Opponent will also leave me 3 topic choices to pick from for my Round 2 presentation. Judges will decide who made the better presentation.

My OPPONENT's topic choices:

1) The average home school kid will score higher than the average public school kid.
2) DUI equals attempted murder.
3) The Rapture will occur before 15 May 2048.


I accept the Con side of Argument One, which is: The average home school kid will score higher than the average public school kid. I reiterate, I am CON.

The topic choices for my opponent are:
1)Mosquitoes should be eradicated.
2)TaeKwonDo is as equally valid as Karate.
3)The keyboard should have modifications made to it in the future.
I await my opponent's argument, and hope to have a good, clean debate. Also, I wish for semantics to not be used. I am sorry if this limits my opponent or I.
Let the debating begin!
Debate Round No. 1


TaeKwonDo is as equally valid as Karate


Rather than citing any number of copy/paste google exercises, I will cite my own personal experience.

C-1: Experience. I have personally studied Tae Kwon Do for many years, earning the degree of BoDan or Low Black. Tae Kwon Do is a Korean art of self defense which interpreted from Hangul is "Way of the hand and foot". Tae Kwon Do shares many similarities with the Japanese art of Karate. I have visited several Karate schools and trained with Karate students and instructors. Other than a difference in origin, many of the techniques are the same.

C-2: Level Playing Field. It really is not feasible to say that any one art is better than another. Although people may boast as such, it can be neither proven nor resolved. A student in Judo may be more proficient in throws. A student of Krav Maga may be better at working angles. A Tae Kwon Do student is more likely to use foot techniques, and Karate students may prefer hand techniques.

This analogy may be helpful. Who is better, the Army or the Marines? The Navy or the Coast Guard? The Army or the AIr Force? It isn't a true test to compare one against another, but rather each is best in what they do, yet all are equally effective self defense arts.

CONCLUSION: All martial arts are handy for self confidence, and self defense. On any given day, a black belt in one art may point another, and then lose the next time around. Having personally trained in both Karate and Tae Kwon Do, I certify that both are equally good. It then comes down to a person's choice of which art suits them best, and finding the right instructor.

Thank you to my opponent!


Contention 1: Degrees of knowledge.
Parents who home school their kids may not be knowledgeable on the subjects required in the public school curriculum, as they are not required to have a degree. The home schooled kids' learning experience may be hampered by their parent's lack of knowledge on the subject. For instance, math. In high school, most kids will take advanced algebra, trigonometry, and even calculus. The parent may seriously interfere with the child's progress if they themselves do not know the subject. However, in public schools, this will not be the case, as the teachers will be required to have an intricate knowledge on the specific subject they teach.

Contention 2: Socialization skills.
1a. Social Health. Home schooling is severely detrimental to a child's social health. They are denied their right of social development, and can become sociopaths. In fact, their parent(s) may subconsciously implant racism, or extremism in them. They may become biased towards people as a direct result of their parent's teaching.
If a child, let's say white, comes across a muslim child, and their parents told them that muslim children are bad, horrible people, what would their reaction be?
I think it is safe to say it wouldn't be too pretty.
This brings me to my next sub-point.

1b.Hidden indoctrination. A child is very impressionable. Eager for knowledge, and are incredibly easy to mold. What's not to stop a parent from indoctrinating the child? Racism, forced religion, and even terrorism can be implanted into a child's mind.

1c. Job interviews. If a child goes to a job interview, or a high school application of some sort, their lack of social development may cause them to do very poorly! The kid may stutter, give awkward responses, or wouldn't know what to say at all, causing them to possibly fail the interview.

Contention 3:Abuse.
Children can be subject to abuse by their guardians. At home, they can be easily manipulated by the guardian, and since they won't be taught that what is happening is wrong, they will think it is normal. If a child is being sexually abused by the guardian, how will they tell anyone, or even know that they are being abused. They won't.

Contention 4:No Child Left Behind Act.
"Home-schooled students in the U.S. are not subject to the testing requirements of the No Child Left Behind Act."[1]
This means that students do not need to have a mandatory test. In effect, this means that students can be elevated into the next grade without taking a test. Conclusion:They can be incredibly stupid and unprepared, and still pass.

List of who opposes Home-schooling

Summary: Students being home schooled can be easily manipulated, indoctrinated and abused! The child may not even receive adequate academic and social educations, being totally unprepared for the 'real world.' In short, home schooling, while seeming beneficial, is not, and paves the way for child abuse and inadequate education.

Debate Round No. 2
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Posted by Atheism 8 years ago
Yay me! One vote only, lol.
Posted by Atheism 8 years ago
Oops, forgot to add something to the debate. FECK!
Posted by Atheism 8 years ago
Please do not vote for yourself.
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