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Started: 5/17/2010 Category: Miscellaneous
Updated: 8 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Round 1 = set up. I will post two choices for my opponent. He/she will select one for round 2. Also, my opponent will list two choices for me to argue either side for round 2. My opponent will chosse and argue his/her topic in round 2. Judges will determine who presented the better argument.

My opponent's topic choices are:
a) Only wooden bats should be used in all levels of baseball
b) Halloween parties.dress up should not be allowed in public schools


Woodbats should be used in all areas of baseball.

There is one paper from 1977, when aluminum bats were just beginning to assert their prominence, which concluded that the batted ball speed of an aluminum baseball bat was about 3.85 mph faster than a wood baseball bat.[1] The study was conducted with six skilled college players during more than a dozen batting practice sessions over a 5-day period. Each player would take several swings with either a wood or aluminum bat (randomly chosen), rest for 10 minutes, then take several swings with the other bat. Balls were pitched from both pitching machines and regular batting practice pitchers, but pitchers were found to be more consistent. During the testing, the average pitched ball speed was 56.6 mph. Batted ball speeds were measured using a radar gun. Data was collected for each player until 30 line drives were produced within a certain range of locations in the outfield. The results were an average batted ball speed (for line drives) of 88.6 mph for the wood bat and 92.5 mph for the aluminum bat For some reason, I am going to have to say physics, the ball travels farther when going faster.

My second reason is aluminum bats have a trampoline effect.When a ball hits a wood bat, it compresses to nearly half its original diameter, losing up to 75% of its initial energy to internal friction forces during this compression. However, in an aluminium or also know as a hollow bat, the bat barrel compresses somewhat like a spring, when the ball impacts it. The trampoline effect allows the ball to be hit 5-7 times faster than with a wooden bat. Once again this is bad because the ball goes farther when it is going faster.

Aluminium bats also do not break. Pitchers are trained where to pitch to stay away from sweet spots. By doing so they pitch inside, outside, and the corners of the plate. With aluminium bats there are more sweet spots. It is again in the design and the physics. But why is it so important that aluminium bats do not break well because many baseball players break bats on these inside pitches. I remember when Roger Clemens delivered an inside pitch to Mets catcher Mike Piazza. Piazza's bat broke and the barrel portion bounced out towards Clemens on the mound. The problem here is not the broken bat but that fact that the aluminium bat wouldve allowed piazza to hit better. The strategy involved in geting Piazza to break his bat or the ability to be able to pitch strategically is taken away when aluminium bats are used.

That is why wood bats should be used in all leagues.


1)F.O. Bryant, L.N. Burkett, S.S. Chen, G.S. Krahenbuhl, and P. Lu, "Dynamic and performance characteristics of baseball bats," Research Quarterly, 48, 505-510, (1977)

Topics for opponent

1) Girls are better than boys.
2) Outlaws are the best cowboys.
Debate Round No. 1


Girls are better than boys - or - Outlaws are the best cowboys

Both are interesting and appealing choices and actually have some things in common. Outlaws can be much better cowboys because they seemingly have experienced both sides. A lawabiding cowboy knows many of the tricks that an outlaw may try. I can liken my experience of playing guard on the offensvie line after spending time at linebacker. "What might this person do in this situation"? "What would I have done in this situation"?

I think I will go with the first topic of girls are better than boys. I will partially concur with this. Girls are better than boys in what aspect? In everything? Certainly not. FM 21-20 appendix B list the physiological differences between male and female. Most males and females are built and geared for different things. I will ademately state that girls are better at being girls than boys. One of the more glaring instances of epic fail is that of crossdressing. Most who attempt it on either side are not passable.

However to say that girls are better than boys in general is absurd. It can be likened to comparing our branches of the military against each other. The Air Force has specific functions that are not necessarily applicable to the functions of the Army.

Of course there a number of activities that are typical of a male that a female can do equally well if not better. But, that is the exception rather than the rule. While there are generally exceptions to most everything under the sun, by and large, girls are better at being girls, but not better at being boys.

Thanks to Shelly and the judges!


you shoulda went outlaw
Debate Round No. 2
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Posted by twsurber 8 years ago
yes, you would choose one of mine and I would choose one of yours
Posted by Danielle 8 years ago
So the debaters will be debating 2 different topics?
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