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In Catering Presentation is more important than taste?

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Started: 7/24/2018 Category: News
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Modern food culture has turned into the form of art. People are judging food based on the catering presentation. They are now focusing on appearance as much as the taste of the meals.
Food"s looks are more important than the taste itself.

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Firstly, I would like to thank my adversary for creating this debating topic.
Personally, I do believe that taste really is more important than the looks itself. Based on a report for Madagascar National dish, Romazava, the food has various taste based on personal preference, but in common is that it is a one-pot dish, accompanied with white rice.
The dish might be simple as it looks, but it is the taste that makes it a marvellous national dish. In this rapid modernised world, the prevalence of food colourings makes the physical presentation more appealing. Even though the presentation provides the first impression of the dish itself, but never judge a book by its cover, you never know what truly lies behind the look of the dish, it's up to you to pursue it.
As a Taiwanese, you can't deny that Taiwan is a food paradise. I have seen the innumerable amount of heavenly food. Not all appetizing dish looks great, but they all give a mesmerizing taste which can never be forgotten. The popularity of food is not based on the presentation but indeed the taste of it. Without the fascinating taste, the food will definitely not be that appealing anymore.
Therefore I came to the conclusion that the taste of the food is actually more important than catering presentation of the dish. Thanks again to the adversary for this amazing debate topic but I wish that we can have a few more rounds to debate even further about the topic. Thank you.
Debate Round No. 1
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Posted by Mystixis 3 years ago
Its a 1 round debate and yet Pro has not made any detailed points...
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