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In India, Corruption is the price we pay for democracy ?

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Started: 1/14/2014 Category: Miscellaneous
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As a pro, I really feel that in India, we are paying a very hard price for being a democratic country. From several generations , corruption has been embedded into our lives. Corruption is the root-cause of all problems in India such as poverty,illiteracy, population explosion, inflation, and many more.

Definition Of Corruption :-
First of all we have to see the meaning of corruption. The corruption is nothing but the giving a thing (money or anything) for getting a work from others quickly. As soon as the Britisher leaved our country, some other dictators are formed in our country. They made corruption. But now each and every human being is corrupting up to his maximum extent. Corruption is one of the major common disease of the many countries. The country with corruption are the countries which are always in control of the other people.

As our democratic setup is based on elections whether the elections are of Parliament, Assembly or for local bodies such as corporations, councils or panchayats. The corruption starts from the elections as the candidates who are fighting election adopt corrupt practice for their win and you may say that in India corruption starts from the election process and our politicians who take part in different types of elections are fully responsible for corruption. So any body can say this that corruption is the price we pay for democracy.

All the best Con, i really want to hear your side.




Thank you for bringing this up.It is nice to see a fellow indian on this site for a change.

I disagree with your opening statement.There are many countries in the west where democracy has produced amazingly transparent and clean governance.Scandinavian countries are exceptionally good in this regard, and have some of the highest ratings in terms of overall development and well beg of the people.They are all democracies.

I feel that corruption is the price we pay for our own complacence.The youth who have innovative ideas and are determined to change the country are forced by parent to opt for 'safe' careers like engineering,medicine and management.

Politics is seen by most people as a waste of time, and a pointless pursuit, hence only those from rich families or with political connections join politics.Many of these people have absolutely no qualifications for the posts that they eventually occupy, leading to inefficient, poor governance and this ultimately ends in corruption.

Nevertheless there is still hope.Narendra Modi seems to be relatively clean and efficient administrator.The emergence of the Aam Admi Party, and the sound defeat that the corrupt congress government got shows that this attitude is changing, and that more more interest is being shown in good governence.

I am curious about how you are going to rebut this, as the topic seemed kinda vague.

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Posted by Cermank 5 years ago
Although I'm not sure where pro wants yo go with this, but the opening definition of corruption is downright wrong.
Posted by henryajevans 5 years ago
Surely a dictatorship would be even more corrupt?
Posted by violetviolin 5 years ago
I don't have time to take on a debate and have a serious discussion about this topic (midterms), but I would like to pose a question to anyone interested in this debate: While democracy may not solve the issue of government corruption, would not having democracy really solve this or simply offer another equally or more corrupt form of government? In the past, governments not based on democracy have over all been more corrupt, because giving the power to one or few people makes corruption extremely easy, and common. While there may be the occasional ruler who is not corrupt, the same can be said for a democracy, but a democracy has some systems in place to prevent this whereas a monarchy/oligarchy/tyrannical/communist government does not. Examples of this: Athens (started out as a monarchy/oligarchy, but when got corrupt, became democracy to fix issues), England (monarchy grew corrupt, so US was formed, and although some parts of US gov. can be corrupt, it is better than it would be if not a democracy)
Posted by wrichcirw 5 years ago
This definition of "corruption" is far too broad to have a serious debate about it.
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