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In a no holds barred death match, the time agreed upon by both heroes, Batman beats superman

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Started: 1/13/2014 Category: Miscellaneous
Updated: 6 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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(also please excuse any breach in protocol, this being my first debate) In my opinion Batman would ultimately win said battle for the following reasons:

1. His only known weakness is the trauma he experienced at his parents death, which he overcame almost easily when Savage used Bane to implement it in Justice League: Doom.
2. Batman knows both superman's physical weakness as well as his emotional one. (If it wasn't clear I'm referring to Kryptonite and Lois Lane)
3. Batman has the superior intellect, not just the science and technology, I'm referring to his superior reflexes and strategic approach to battles, where as superman simply blunders into every situation trusting his powers to get him out of any trouble (admittedly most of the times they do, but it isn't the kind of stuff you pull when facing the Batman)
4. He has a near infinite amount of resources which he can use to either create armour against superman, or weapons to use against him.


How about your batman vs IRONMAN!!!!!!!!
Batman is limited, especially in his basic form with basic equipment. He would lose most fights if they were random encounters. Heck, even in his own comics, he does lose in random encounters quite often. It is not uncommon for him to lose a fight, retreat, regroup, prepare, and come back to win. This can be seen in his fights against Bane, Bronze Tiger, and the Owls.

When we look at Batman and Ironman, they are clearly counterparts. Are they equal in their basic equipment? No. But they are counterparts in their personalities. Billionaires, Playboys (well Bruce fakes this part), Philanthropists, Geniuses, Art Collectors, and both are mutant-phobic (Look at Civil War/Thor-buster/Hulk-buster and Brother MK I/OMACs)

Random encounter, basic equipment, Ironman easily wins without pause.
Debate Round No. 1


I realise the title says otherwise, but I accept the change to Iron Man since, in my opinion, he is the only other hero who can stand a chance of being batman's equal on an intellectual level. If I understand your argument correctly your debate focusses on the fact that Batman has equipment specialised to certain situations, which means he wouldn't necessarily have the right tools to beat Iron Man? On that point we are at an agreement.. BUT you flawed your own debate with your own words... I quote: " It is not uncommon for him to lose a fight, retreat, regroup, prepare, and come back to win." THERE is the turning point in this battle, because he is both a master of stealth and disguise he can escape, because being a master strategist he would know when to retreat and he basically only needs an EMPE.. Also I'm sorry but I can't leave this out, not one of batman's Random encounters ended as badly as the destruction caused by the mandarin in Iron man 3... Something I think we should keep in mind is that although they are similar enough to be near identical across Comic-universes, Batman has several advantages, such as his secret Identity, his lack of arrogance and the fact that of all heroes, except possibly Dr. Fate, he is closer to evil then any other hero.


Rishabh31198 forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 2


Alas, since my opponent forfeited the previous round, and my previous argument really shouldn't have been enough to end the debate I'm going to have to assume he has lost interest in the debate.. Nevertheless I shall try to continue this debate.
Okey the only thing I am able to do is to further explain my confidence in Batman, so to quote on several aspects:
1. I'd like to emphasise Batman's sense of honour and ability to never stay down.. Specifically I am referring to return of the Dark Knight part one, where using the Batmobile, he incapacitates most of the Mutant army, but when he is confronting the mutant leader he exits the batmobile to face him head on.. Granted he got his but whooped, but after a retreat he again faced him and utterly destroyed him in front of the mutant army, which simultaneously created a huge following for him, calling themselves the sons of batman.

2. Another point I'd like to make is Batman's willingness to do whatever it takes to get his job done. It has been argued that Batman will never completely win a battle because of his unwillingness to kill... Yet in the Return of the Dark Knight Part 2 he finally kills the Joker when he realises the Joker has run too rampant for too long.. Another example is in the crossover movie apocalypse, while superman is sub-doing his cousin Cara Zurell who was at that time under the control of DarkSeid, Batman activated all the Hellspores on Apocalypse threatening to set them off unless Darkseid releases Cara and promises never to pursue her again.


Rishabh31198 forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by DarkerClaw 6 years ago
Ok maybe I should explain, when i mean a death match I mean both their moral restrictions are invalid for whichever reason.. And, sorry if this is rude, but not only would batman kill, he has once threatened to destroy an entire planet (saving superman's life in the process I might add), and just to clarify I'm referring to the Batman/Superman crossover Apocalypse
Posted by paul_g 6 years ago
While I agree that in a fight between the two heroes, Batman (with prep time) probably would beat superman. Your debate suggests a fight to the death which would almost certainly result in a Superman victory for the obvious reason that Batman doesn't KILL! Superman has and would do kill as an absolute last resort were as Batman would not kill his enemy under any circumstance.
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Reasons for voting decision: Con accepted the debate, changed the resolution almost immediately, and then forfeited every round after that. Conduct and arguments to the pro.

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