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In most cases internet "spam" are differentiable from internet "scams"

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Started: 8/31/2017 Category: Society
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Based on things Emilrose has said in the forums, she believes the topic statement is an accurate representation of reality.

First round is acceptance only.



This wouldn't necessarily be my topic of choice but I have accepted nevertheless--good luck to Con.
Debate Round No. 1


As most people with internet experience are aware "spam" refers to large volumes of unwanted and unasked for messages sent in mass to a large number of recipients in the hopes that some fraction of them will actually read said message rather than just rolling their eyes and immediately deleting it. When this term first came into common use it was common for it to refer to obnoxious advertisements for legitimate products. As time went on however, use of spam tactics for legitimate advertising purposes has diminished significantly, alongside a concurrent upsurge in the use of such tactics by scammers wishing only to steal peoples money.

I will use the DDO opinions section as a specific case to examine. As of the creation of this post there exist over 50 spam messages within the past week, every single one of which was a scam message, in most cases one purporting to be able to use some form of magic or astrology to alter peoples minds and make them fall in love with you but there are also quite a few that offer to allow you to join a nonexistent secret society that apparently controls the planet. All of these are clearly fake services of course, and all require an upfront fee. Offering a 'service' that has no positive impact for the buyer is among the most common types of scams which exist. There exist there ZERO spam advertisements that are not related to some sort of scam. (1)

I chose the example of scammers on DDO because it is a conversation about this particular scam/spam relationship that inspired this debate and also because it would be one of the most relate able and easiest to access for people reading this, but other examples of similar phenomenon exist in the form of junk emails and mass phone calls. In the case of emails there are many examples of spammed scam mails that those reading may be familiar with including the infamous 419 scams, romance scams, fake charity scams, pyramid schemes, etc. Among the phone spam/scams the most common include tech support scams, credit card interest rate scams, fake cruises, fake home security... you get the idea. (2) Whereas once upon a time telemarketers - People that advertise legitimate products using spam methods - were a much larger problem, now the majority of spam phone calls are in fact also scam calls. They are un-differentiable.

Pro contends, as the title would suggest, that in "most" cases this relationship between spam and scams as described is not the case when it comes to identifying the purposes behind certain spam, in other words that "most" spam advertisements are more likely to originate from legitimate service providers rather than scammers. While sometimes this is the case, it is far from true that such is the case "most" of the time. In light of the multitude of examples provided above and the multitude of examples that those reading likely have direct experience with, I do not believe there is sufficient reason to say that this is in fact the case.

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Debate Round No. 2
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Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by Discipulus_Didicit 2 years ago
It seems I have been scammed.
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