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In what way should Marijuana be legalized?

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Started: 3/18/2017 Category: Health
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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My side is that marijuana should only be legalized for medical use because it can be used for medical purposes. It can treat:
Muscle spasms caused by multiple sclerosis
Nausea from cancer chemotherapy
Poor appetite and weight loss caused by chronic illness, such as HIV, or nerve pain
Seizure disorders
Crohn's disease
But it also has side effects.

Legalizing it for not only medical purposes, would not be a good thing.
"When you smoke marijuana, there"s an almost immediate effect on your brain, sense of perception, and heart rate. There may be long-term effects as well."
It can give the person using it bad judgement, slowed reactions, bronchitis, memory problems, and many more negative outcomes.


My position is that marijuana should be legalized for all purposes, both medical and recreational use.

What business is it of the government's to tell us what we can and can't take?
As long as it harms no one else, why should the government tell us what we can and can't do? Now, you can argue that driving under the influence of marijuana would put other people at risk, and this specific act I would say is something that government can make illegal: driving while under the influence of marijuana. However, if a person smokes marijuana and doesn't drive directly after, the only people affected by it would be those who breathe in the secondhand smoke. Thus, it should at least be legal on private property. If government wants to make it illegal on public property, I can see argument for why because the secondhand smoke from marijuana could be harmful to other people. Only when it clearly harms other people, should something be illegal. Otherwise, if it's only harming yourself, but you choose to do it anyways, isn't that your choice?

Legalizing marijuana would likely decrease the use of it
We have early results so far from states that have legalized marijuana. And guess what? The use of marijuana went down after it was legalized in Colorado[1]. If your reason for making marijuana illegal because it harms the person taking it, well you're doing more harm having it illegal, because more people will take it when it is illegal. If you want more people to be healthy, you would legalize it. We saw this exact effect with the prohibition era, when alcohol was banned. When it was banned, we saw , first, a decline in alcohol consumption, but soon after an increase that made the consumption over all, more than what it was back when it was legal. [2] People, generally, will rebel against the government when it comes to harmful substances, that is why it is better to have things legal so that you can bring the amount of people affected from these harmful substances down.

So, if you're really concerned about people getting health problems from marijuana, it would make much more sense to legalize it, as that will decrease the amount of people who use it, and thus, minimize the amount of people who are adversely affected by the negative side effects of marijuana.

Legalizing it means the black market would disappear and we can tax it
If we legalized marijuana, the black market for it would disappear. While it is being obtained through a black market, we can't exactly tax the use of marijuana. Legalizing it, thus ending the black market for it, and then taxing it because it can harm other people, would make sense to do. If you choose to use marijuana, you should have some sort of penalty for potentially putting others in a situation where they are having to breathe in harmful smoke, and this tax could be that penalty. Thus, this tax revenue from taxing marijuana could be put to healthcare and/or education to benefit society as a whole. Now, while banning marijuana seems to increase the usage, I don't know of any instance where taxing it increases the use of it, so I don't believe you need to worry about that.

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Posted by Runes 3 years ago
I really like this debate, but you both are for marijuana being legalized in some way, so I almost don't know who I'm rooting for here.
Posted by Capitalistslave 3 years ago
Now that I looked into what I need to to know for each test, I feel like I won't need as much time as I thought to prepare for each one, so I can probably accept this debate and do find on those tests still.
Posted by Capitalistslave 3 years ago
I may wait for a while before accepting the debate, I have 3 tests coming up that I need to study for, so I may need to wait until I'm finished with each test.
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