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Increase the Minimum Wage

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Started: 3/15/2014 Category: Politics
Updated: 6 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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P1: Minimum wage, in many households in the U.S., does not cover the basic cost of living. ( )

P2: Increased purchasing power of low-wage workers will help stimulate the economy.

C: The government should increase the minimum wage.


P1) About 60% of the officially poor don't work, so the only thing raising the minimum wage does for them is to make it harder for them to get a job if they ever decide they want one. Workers must bring at least as much value to the firm as they are paid or the firm will fail and all jobs will be lost. These days people who are making minimum wage clearly do not care to put their all into a job. They are lazy yet content with being lazy so they should not be permitted to make more money for sheer laziness.

P2) It is estimated that less than 15% of the total increase in wages resulting from an increase in the minimum will go to people below the poverty line and less than a third of those receiving the minimum wage are families below the poverty line. Most minimum wage workers are from above median income families. So, most of the people benefiting from the minimum wage are not the intended targets of the "anti-poverty" aspect of raising the minimum wage. It's a lose lose situation.

C) The government should not increase minimum wage.

P1 & P2)
Debate Round No. 1


P1: I'm not talking about the unemployed I'm talking about low wage workers. That includes people in poverty who DO work, for minimum wage. "More working-age adults picked up low-wage jobs in the slowly improving economy but still struggled to pay living expenses. " ( ) According to the cost of living calculator provided by the Economic Progress institute, a single person with no children would have to make $11.93 to cover the cost of living. Monthly costs including housing, food, transportation, medical, etc. total $1,662.00 ( and that's in states in the U.S. where the cost of living isn't as high as someplace like New York City. If you have a child, then you have to throw in child care expenses, you have to raise the amount you would spend on food and medical. In NYC minimum wage ranges from $7.25 (federal) and $8.00 (state). That's roughly $4 lower than the amount needed for a single person with no children.

P2: Consumer spending makes up 70% of the economy. By increasing the minimum wage, you would have more workers making more money. The more money a person makes, the more they have to spend. If they have extra money to spend, more money gets pumped back into the economy. (

C: The government should increase the minimum wage.


P1) Raising minimum wage does not only effect those who are working at the minimum wages allowable, it also effects those who are not working as well and that is the point I was trying to make. Most people working today are above the minimum wage line and make $10.00 or more per hour and those who are not should consider taking up two jobs or find one job that does pay above minimum wage if they find that they are stuggling so badly; there's plenty of jobs out there,people are just not taking the time to look hard enough, once again attributing to laziness. People are happy being lazy and therefore are happy making minimum wage.

P2) Try limiting your "consumer spending" to the absolute necessities. If you make 300$ a week and your bills are paid and you have 50$ left over and you see a pair of shoes that you've been wanting, its best to save that 50$ than impulsively buying something you don't really need, put gas in your car instead or save it for future bus fare. There's no struggling when there's compromise. If your struggling to make ends meat then clearly something needs to be changed as the routine your on now is not working. Millions of people who make minimum wage or less are entitled to state provided benefits that help them out with their bills or living costs but it is only for the bare essentials and not to turn it into a dependency.

C) The government should not increase minimum wage
Debate Round No. 2


tashanapeoples forfeited this round.


P1) Raising the minimum wage will hurt small businesses who cannot afford to pay employees the increased wage. Since business will not be able to pay the increased wage they will be forced to cut employee hours or cut the number of employees they have all together. When this happens the unemployment rate will rise putting more people out of work and making it difficult to properly run a business. In some cases these businesses may even shut down due to lost profits therefore really effecting out economy.

P2) What should be done is keep minimum wage at its present rate and lower the costs of living, groceries and any other material item needed to survive. By raising minimum wage it will prove the value of the American dollar is on the decline and one day it won't even be worth anything. We'll all be working for peanuts and potatoes just to feed ourselves and our families. If minimum wage increases then there is no doubt the cost of living will increase with it. More money at work = more money to be spent on the market and the government knows this.

C) Save the value of the American dollar and millions of peoples jobs and do not increase minimum wage
Debate Round No. 3
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Reasons for voting decision: This is difficult to judge because both sides had problems. Con had a dead link for his one source, while Pro had good sources for points not really too critical to the debate; no one doubts that a family cannot live on one minimum wage income. Con did not counter the stimulus contention. Money is taken out of the economy to pay the wage, cancelling the effect. Pro had bad conduct for the forfeit. Con make winning arguments, except that they were in the last round where new arguments must be ignored because Pro can't respond. Con's R2 arguments that there are plenty of jobs but people are lazy is unsupported and not credible. Pro wins for having some sources and having the stimulus argument unanswered. Con gets the conduct point for the forfeit.

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