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India needs sound policies and not a growing personality cult

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Started: 5/16/2014 Category: Politics
Updated: 7 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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I will be against the motion.
I believe that you all have seen the election 2014 results.
BJP has won with a big margin.It automatically puts a stop to all those mouths who were accusing Mr Modi for growing a strong personality cult around him.I truly believe that Mr. Modi's strong personality has only made BJP come to power.


Thanks for instigating this debate, Pariashi! Without wasting my character limit, I will begin my argument immediately.

People in leadership positions in the political arena should be expected to always act in accordance to the Constitution, the rule of law, and to the principles for which democracy is supposed to stand, and should never use their fame and public image as an artifact to create the illusion that they are behaving morally, ethically, and in a principled manner, while doing the exact opposite. But, Modi, is not such a leader. He is biased by religious veiws and can only make decisions that promote his own political and religious agenda.
While leadership can be the catalyst for responsive and innovative action in government, Modi too often reverts to an outdated and ineffective view of leadership based upon a "cult of personality" constructed around a charismatic leader. In the public sector, where there is often a diffused power structure, relying on a single person whether a governor, chief minister or mayor can create the illusion of progress.
The Gujarat model of development is an example of such progress. Under Modi's leadership, only some people of Gujarat have benefited greatly, a major part of the population remains untouched by Modi's reforms. It is evident that most people that voted for the BJP and it's allies it this years elections, did so only to support Modi, irrespective of whether the BJP candidate for their constituency is corrupt . Such a scenario, led by the personality cult of Narendra Modi, is very dangerous for the development of India.
Modi's governance is faulty and his publicity model is fake and his Gujarat Model is an illusion and a lie.
"Only 1 farmer suicide in the last 10 years",says Narendra Modi
Take a look at these statistics:
By quoting the figure of "1 farmer suicide in 10 years due to crop failure", Gujarat Government is indulging in blatant LIES to save its face.
--Read More At:
If we add up all the numbers (563+121+44+4146), we get to 4874 farmer suicides in the period between 2003 to 2012. It is extremely unforgivable that Modi would indulge in such lies to mislead the entire country.
--Read More At:
The leadership of just one person restricts political progress. A personality cult around one individual has been created which would lead to dictatorship and concentration of power.The BJP election manifesto is clearly biased towards the intersests of Hindus. Quoting the Election Manifesto of the BJP:
"India shall remain a natural home for persecuted Hindus and they shall be welcome to seek refuge here" But, what happens to the Muslims in Pakistan and Afghanistan who are victims of Terrorism?
Further, it says that it will:
"Explore all possibilities within the constitution to fascilitate the construction of Ram temple in Ayodhya."
"Create the necessary framework to protect and promote the cow and its progeny."
(The cow is a sacred religious symbol to Hindus)
The 2002 Gujarat riots is the biggest example for the BJP's bias towards hinduism. The riots calimed over 2,000 Muslim deaths, in which the VHP, the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh(RSS) and other hindu fundamentalists took part in the attacks. The VSP and RSS were also instrumental in the 2014 BJP election Campaign. The BJP claims that it is a secular party, but it's actions tell an entirely different story.
The Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS), the ideological fountainhead of the BJP, has also said that it is not worried about Narendra Modi"s rising stature and it sees "nothing bad in promoting somebody who could get you votes". Are votes the only thing they care about these days?
Clearly the BJP is not aware of or is unwilling to accept the repercussions of a personality cult.
From this I imply, that the NaMo personality cult does not only pose a threat to the national political process, but also the muslim population of the country.
I would like to know, if my opponent is still convinced that the BJP government is a secular one, as they claim. If not, I will provide further examples regarding this and Narendra Modi's lies.
Only a secular government can be successful in making political change. Such a change is possible only by sound political policies, by unbiased policy makers. When the leadership of one person creates a personality cult, the leader in question, blinded by power, favours only his party's political and religious views. The BJP's election manifesto is evidence to this fact. Everyone else's interests are, if not fully, partially forgotten.
It is for these reasons, that we cannot at any cost, rely on a leader like Narendra Modi for making impartial decisions for the country. He was the posterboy for the BJP's election campaign, and is now the Prime Minister of India, but his personality cult will eventually lead India to destruction.
Debate Round No. 1


I believe that India needs a growing personality cult.
It is because of the simple reason that for implementing a good policy, you require a leader who is capable of keeping all others in contact.And for that you need a strong personality.
That is what Mr. Modi does in Gujarat and we all very well know how perfect the Gujarat model is.


Hi Again,.. I dont think my opponent has read my argument thoroughly. I have explained in detail why a personality cult is dangerous for political progress in India. If my opponent still believes that a personality cult like Modi is beneficial to India's social and economic growth, then I would ask her/him to express her/his opinion in detail(with examples) so that I will be able to respond to it.
My opponent said, "....for implementing a good policy, you require a leader who is capable of keeping all others in contact.And for that you need a strong personality."
I completely agree with this view. A good personality always helps immensely in decision-making. As Martin Luther King Jr. once said,

"A genuine leader is not a searcher of consensus, but a moulder of consensus."

A good personality can do just that, but when a leader with a personality cult comes into play, things start getting real messy real fast. Such a leader can influence many key parliamentary decisions by gaining the trust and support of the majority. Sadly, the decisions that (s)he will make, will not be in the best interests of the general public. When too much power lands in the hands of just one person, it's misuse is inevitable.

My opponent also said, "....we all very well know how perfect the Gujarat model is."

I have discussed briefly of the illusion of the Gujarat model in my previous argument. I am further explaining my concerns regarding it.

1. The Gujarat model is called the 'Gujarat' model as it is applied to Gujarat. The reason for the economic stability of the state, is because of the nature of Gujaratis to business. This is a fact known throughout India, and I am sure my opponent is aware about it too. But the fact remains, that this trend was prevalent for a long time before Modi came to power. The present Gujarat government is hence taking credit for something that they did not do.
2. Both Maharashtra and Tamil Nadu did better than Gujarat on the overall growth story, but Gujarat has excelled in agriculture. Herein lies another discrepancy. More than 50% of the land in Gujarat consists of Black clayey soil. This type of soil has high water retention properties, and hence agriculture flourished in Gujarat as a whole. But the agricultural model that the Gujarat Government employed for this soil can only be applied to land in the Deccan Plateau. The rest of the country, consisting of many soil types cannot operate under the same model. Models are already in place and are gradually being carried out, and will only be disturbed by new policies by the inexperienced Modi Government.
Read more at: and
3. The 2002 riots is the most fatal failure of the Gujarat government. Today Gujarat has the lowest "Muslim rural poverty rate among all states. Its overall poverty rate for Muslims (11.4 percent) was far lower than for Hindus (17.6 percent)."
4. The Government of Gujarat believes that efficient economic growth ultimately trickles down to all segments " but in the interim the state clearly has lower human development indicators (HDI) than it should. Among Indian states, Gujarat figures in the middle category of states " far below Kerala's 0.790 at 0.527, and also below Maharashtra and Tamil Nadu (0.572 and 0.570), but above Karnataka (0.519). Gujarat model of trickle down is not good enough to lift the really poor " socially and economically " out of their misery quickly. Here, Modi"s critics do have a point. Gujarat ranks 11th among 23 states in HDI.
5. In power, the BJP candidate displayed an alarming disregard for the rule of law, was blamed for exploiting dozens of barely-investigated extra-judicial killings for political gain, swept away criticism of his crony capitalism, surrounded himself with religious zealots and exaggerated his role in economically developing his home state. Plus, comments made by his key allies during the election campaign illustrate that a Modi government will be much less tolerant of criticism, hostile towards press freedom, and further polarize the country along religious lines. Read more at:
6. Gujarat was declared the most polluted state in 2010, and three of its rivers were found to be the most polluted in India. There have also been accusations of crony capitalism amid allegations the government handed out contracts to Modi allies at rock-bottom prices.
7. There is little chance that Modi will change his style of governance. Rather than welcome change,he will employ 'bully politics', and this is the most worrying prospect of all.

My opponent claims the Gujarat model is perfect. But from the above points, it is clear that it is not so.

Apart from these points, I have nothing more to put forward at this point. If my opponent rebuts or comments on these pressing issues of nation, then I will put forward more points. Until then, it is over to CON and her/his other arguments.
Debate Round No. 2


Of course there are two sides of a coin. Modi has got a strong personality cult but I think he uses it for good. If you are talking of the suicides of the farmers in Gujatrat then you should consider both sides of the coin and also note that The Economic Freedom of the States of India report 2013 has shown that the Narendra Modi helmed Gujarat remains at number one. This is an index that measures governance, growth, citizens' rights, and labour and business regulation among the country's 20 largest state.

Of course this cannot be proven wrong.
If you check it up, it clearly shows that Gujarat is one of the best developed states of India and the credit goes to Modi.He has this personality cult given by the media.
He only believes in Less government and more governance and does not decentralizes power.

Thats why the media GAVE him this cult of personality


I do not understand what you mean by two sides of a coin. Please elaborate your usage of the idiom in this context. After this is clarified I will give a detailed response to this part of your argument. (I can only rebut this point if I am sure of what my opponent means)
My opponent says: "The Economic Freedom of the States of India report 2013 has shown that the Narendra Modi helmed Gujarat remains at number one. This is an index that measures governance, growth, citizens' rights, and labour and business regulation among the country's 20 largest state.

Of course this cannot be proven wrong.
If you check it up, it clearly shows that Gujarat is one of the best developed states of India and the credit goes to Modi."

Firstly, I think that giving a single person credit for all the successes of Gujarat, is not fair. It would be impossible for Narendra Modi to do everything single-handedly. Secondly, if you give Modi credit for all the development in Gujarat, then you must deem him responsible for all the failures and shortcomings of the Gujarat Government as well. After all, responsibility always goes both ways. It took three days for the Gujarat Riots to be contained. Eyewitness reports confirm, that even members of the police force took part in the slaughtering, raping, and lynching of muslims on a large scale. The police force comes under the direct supervision of the Chief Minister of the State. Narendra Modi lost control of not only his people, but his own police force. Don't you think he should be held accountable for this disastrous lapse of security? He never took any responsibility for this lapse. Even when the Prime Minister of India asked him to resign, he did not. A true human being in such a position would have taken responsibility for such a disaster. Recently, the South Korean PM resigned due to his government's failure to respond effectively to an accident. Does my opponent condemn Modi's refusal to resign?

My opponent says, "He only believes in Less government and more governance and does not decentralizes power."
Centralization of power is very dangerous to a country in all respects. Since my opponent says that Narendra Modi does not de-centralize power(essentially it means he centralizes power), then it is in her/his own words clearly a negative aspect of Modi's governance. Since you quoted 'The Economic Freedom of the States of India report 2013', I will quote the 3rd chapter from the same report.
"The Problem of Excessive Centralisation
There are some issues that the Commission on Centre-State Relations
called Constitutional Governance and the Management of Centre-State
Relations. The Constitution has one list of subjects that are under the
jurisdiction of the states and yet another list of concurrent subjects
involving the joint jurisdiction of the union and the states. This raises
several issues.

First, it has often been the case that even when subjects are in the
Concurrent List of the Seventh Schedule, the union has not effectively
consulted states on key issues, such as the drafting of legislation before
introduction in Parliament.

Second, the Inter-State Council provided for in the Constitution has not
functioned efficiently.

Third, there is a strong case for moving non-tax-related residuary powers
from the Union List to the Concurrent List. As of now, all residuary powers
vest with the union.

Fourth, when a bill has been passed by a state legislature and sent to the
state governor, and the governor in turn refers it to the President, there
are no time limits prescribed. The system is completely open-ended,
and this empowers the President"who acts on the advice of the union
government"to put off approval or disapproval for as long as the union
government feels like it."

I have quoted only four points. There are nine points in total. For further reading go to :

I feel that I have rebutted all of my opponent's points except the one I asked clarification for. If my opponent cannot elaborate on the particular point, then I will be forced to rebut to his/her argument with my own understanding of her/his words. Thank you.
Debate Round No. 3


My opponent claims that Modi's personality cult is disastrous.First i would start with the personality of Mr.modi

Narendra Modi is known for leading a simple lifestyle which makes him familiar with common people and their problems, mostly politicians who want to serve people have this kind of lifestyle which shows they give importance to improving people"s life style than their own.
He holds a master's degree in Political science. He has a personal staff of just three. He is workaholic , introvert ,crowd puller as a speaker and a practical dreamer .
Modi has also tried to turn his image from an Hindu Nationalist politician to an image of able administrator when he ordered the demolition of many Hindu temples that were built without proper government sanction. Since last 10+ years Mr. Modi hasn't taken a day off from office.

Development of Gujarat:

Over the past decade, Gujarat has made excellent progress on all fronts " and these efforts have not gone unnoticed. Whether it is rehabilitation of earthquake victims or e-Governance implementation for transparency; best practices in solid waste management or environment consciousness.

The only state in India which has the infrastructure to provide E-services through computers to 13685 Gram Panchayats which are connected through Gujarat State Wide Area Network (GSWAN).
Modi"s GIFT(Gujarat International Finance Tech-City): "Built on 986 acres the GIFT project is setting a benchmark for the whole world about how one can deliver financial services, technological security, real time operations, multiple activities etc from a single place, at the same time," said Modi.
A solution to TPDS(Targeted Public Distribution System)on the name of which UPA introduced money transfer system which is bribing voters officially in my words.

India"s first 1 MW Canal-top Solar Power Project on the Sanand Branch Canal of the Sardar Sarovar Project.Yeah,I do think renewable energy is fastest growing energy source and we must start using it ASAP to save planet earth from pollution caused due to fossil fuels.
Gujarat accounts for 15.14% (USD 114.52 bn) of the total investments in India; Highest amongst all States in India.
Vibrant Gujarat: The Global Investors summit which held once in every two years resulted in signing of 20,000 MOUs garnering an investment of $1200 billion .Of course, statistics show the actual projects under implementation and are commissioned is approximately $280 billion, a success rate of 23.3 which is general for all the states and true for India as single investment center. Still with this Gujarat get approximately 25% of India's investment.

Gujarat has pursued excellence in several areas and won over 100 accolades and awards all along the way. Not only the number is large, if one looks at the list of awards, it includes awards and citations for a variety of sectors right from economic freedom to environmental protection, e-Governance to energy
conservation, health to heritage protection and sanitation to software development,reflecting holistic development of the state.

The measure of ones achievements is best gauged by what others have to say(glance at some notable awards other than best CM 3 times in 5 consecutive years):

16-10-2003 :UN SasakawaAward for outstanding work in the field of disaster
management and risk reduction.

Oct-2004 : CAPAM Gold Award from Commonwealth Associations for
Innovations in governance.

05-08-2005 :Best Investment environment Award by India today.

30-10-2006 :Asian Innovation Award at Singapore from Wall Street Journal
and the Financial Expressfor Chiranjeevi Yojana (initiative for
reducing maternal and infant mortality rate).

03-11-2008 :India Power Awards 2008 Exemplary work in rural electrification under "Jyoti Gram Scheme".

23-06-2010 :United NationsPublic Service Award for its role in transforming the delivery of public services.

17-10-2011 :eRatna award for eGovernance

15-01-2013 :Total Food Grain Production Award by The President of India.

CLSA lauds Gujarat for growth, says both agriculture & industry shining in Gujarat!
In Gujarat, 37 lakh hectare new land has been made cultivable in the last decade. Industry & Agriculture are both growing simultaneously!

Gujarat is set to become the first state in the country to have a complete integrated police ERP (enterprise resource planning, a software integrating all aspects of an operation) system.
With five million tourists visiting Gujarat in last two years, Gujarat government has laid an outlay of Rs 730 crore to develop its tourism infrastructure in 22 districts across the state.

These achievements make Mr.modi as the possible possible future PM of India
Since the UPA govt is not doing any good for the people why not give a chance to Mr.modi.

1.cmie.socio, economic review 2010-11


To start my argument, I would like to thank the person that composed the arguments that my opponent plagiarized. I am hereby making an appeal to my opponent, to have the decency to take some time to actually frame an original argument, instead of copying someone else's work. I personally feel insulted, since I take a lot of time to carefully frame my arguments, while my opponent just copies someone else's. I would like to inform any potential voters and/or veiwers of this debate, that my opponents argument for this round is an unedited copy of a previous debate, the link for which I have provided here : With that done, I will start my rebuttal regardless of my opponent's indiscretions.
My opponent(or his/her's source) says, "Narendra Modi is known for leading a simple lifestyle which makes him familiar with common people and their problems,.."
Does any simple person take a private chopper wherever they go? As a matter of fact, Narendra Modi does.
Another line of my opponent's(or his/her source's) argument says,"Modi has also tried to turn his image from an Hindu Nationalist politician to an image of able administrator when he ordered the demolition of many Hindu temples that were built without proper government sanction"
Well try as he might, he cannot deny his bias towards Hinduism. He claims to be a secular leader, but the fact remains that he is a Hindu fanatic, and no actions on his part can change this fact. To prove his bias, I would like to give the example of the Babri Mazjid(Mosque) demolition in 1992. On December 6, 1992, a large crowd of Hindu Karsevaks (volunteers) entirely destroyed the 16th-century Babri mosque in Ayodhya, Uttar Pradesh, India, in an attempt to reclaim the land known as Ram Janmabhoomi(Sacred Hindu land). A 2009 report, authored by Justice Manmohan Singh Liberhan, found 68 people to be responsible for the demolition of the Masjid, mostly leaders from the BJP. Among those named were Vajpayee, Advani, Joshi and Vijay Raje Scindia. All these leaders were/are close associates of Narendra Modi. Vajpayee was also the Prime Minister of India for a brief period of time in 1996. Narendra Modi has on multiple occasions refered to Advani (L.K Advani ) as a great influence in his political career. This shows his clear bias towards Hinduism. Read More :

In his argument, my opponent(or his/her source) has shown many examples of Narendra Modi's success and good governance. I acknowledge all of them. But the fact remains that regardless of all the benefits, a personality cult WILL bring the country down. I find my opponent's argument in a clear contradiction of the argument he/she has to make. His/her debate topic requires him/her to demonstrate that India does NOT need sound policies. But the examples that she/he(or his/her source) has pointed out clearly show that Gujarat has been prosperous due to good governance and policy making. In actuality, all the points he/she(or his/her sources) have made, favour my argument. What my opponent has to show, is that India does not need policy making, but a personality cult.
I agree, that Modi might make a great PM. But the fact remains, that his personality cult will create excessive centralization of power, which as I have explained before, will be disastrous for the country.
Since my opponent did not clarify her/his usage of the idiom "two sides of a coin". I will have to rebut to his/her argument with my understanding of his/her usage.
My opponent said : " If you are talking of the suicides of the farmers in Gujarat then you should consider both sides of the coin "
The usage of the idiom 'two sides of the same coin' is explained by the Cambridge Dictionary as follows : 'If two things are two sides of the same coin, they are very closely related although they seem different'
My opponent's statement in this usage makes no sense to me. I believe that my opponent wanted to say that there are pros and cons for a personality cult, as (s)he said, "Of course there are two sides of a coin. Modi has got a strong personality cult but I think he uses it for good."
If it was so, then I would like to say, that there are no 'pros' for a farmer committing suicide. A farmer's death can by no means be a good thing. Actually, I was not even making such a point earlier. I was only pointing the Gujarat Government's lies.
With all these points clear, I rest my case.
Debate Round No. 4


pariashi forfeited this round.


Since my opponent has forfeited this round, there is no point for me to post a final argument. Anyway, I would like to thank all the viewers and potential voters of this debate.
Debate Round No. 5
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Posted by Atheist1096 7 years ago
And this should be done without my asking. It wastes time and energy. Proof: last 9 comments.
Posted by Atheist1096 7 years ago
FYI, just saying TOI is not enough. You must provide date of publication and/or a link to a website.
Posted by Atheist1096 7 years ago
Drop the act man, I am talking about your debate argument for this round. Did you seriously think I would not notice the change in debating style?? Your arguments changed from absolutely no sources to a source that I haven't heard about. That's when I knew someone else wrote the argument. Then I realized that your argument resembled something that I had read earlier. After that, it was just a matter of time. Piece of advice: Next time you plagiarize something, make sure it is not easily traceable.
Posted by pariashi 7 years ago
This isn't copying okay.
The source is TOI
Posted by Atheist1096 7 years ago
Thanks for your inputs.Now I know that no politician is clean. They all lie right? A peice of advice for your future debates.Try quoting your sources and dont copy other debates posts.
Posted by pariashi 7 years ago
Fifth lie over prosecuting Sheila Dikshit: Arvind Kejriwal: During the Lokpal Movement, Arvind Kejriwal had said that he has submitted a 370 page evidence against the then Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit in connection with Commonwealth Games. Truth: On becoming the CM, Kejriwal did speak about taking action against Sheila Dikshit and her tainted Ministers, but what is shocking is that now he is asking for proofs against Shiela Dikshit.

Sixth lie on providing 700 litres of water Arvind Kejriwal: Before the Delhi Assembly election, Kejriwal had promised to provide 700 litres of clean and potable water to Delhiites. Truth: Unfortunately, the 700 litres of water for Delhiites as promised by Arvind Kejriwal comes with a string of terms and conditions attached to it. On this Binny said, "The Delhi Government did not fulfill its promise of free water to the people. We said 700 litres of water would be given free, but cleverly a clause was added that those who use more than 700 will pay whole amount.

Seventh lie over 50 per cent reduction in electricity bill: Arvind Kejriwal: Reducing 50 per cent of electricity bills was one of the key issues that AAP had promised in its manifesto. Truth: The reality is that nothing like this will happen. Binny rightly lashed out at AAP saying that "Over 10 lakh families supported AAP"s electricity drive before elections but they now feel cheated

Eighth lie on security for women: Arvind Kejriwal: When Nirbhaya case had happened, Kejriwal had taken to the streets demanding immediate resignation of the then Delhi Chief Minister. Truth: Now, Chief Minister Kejriwal meets Delhi Lt Governor Najeeb Jung seeking time for probing the Danish woman"s gangrape survivor. To this, Binny said, "If any other Government was in power, AAP would have protested. You should be ashamed. You said you would make a commando force, you haven"t even started discussing it."
Posted by pariashi 7 years ago
First lie on Jan Lok Pal Bill Arvind Kejriwal: The Delhi Chief Minister had promised to pass the Jan Lokpal Bill within 15 days of Government formation but nothing was done. In fact, it backtracked it saying that the Central Government has issued a directive which is why they are unable to pass the Bill in Delhi Vidhan Sabha. Truth: Well, the truth is that the Central Government had issued the directive on Jan Lokpal Bill a long time back. Arvind Kejriwal was aware of this even before the elections in Delhi happened
Second lie on refusing security cover: Arvind Kejriwal: Before the Delhi Assembly election, Arvind Kejriwal had stated that he or any of his Minister will not take security cover. Kejriwal had refused the security cover after becoming the Chief Minister of Delhi. Truth: Despite refusing the security, one Inspector stays 24X7 with Arvind Kejriwal.

Fourth lie over his official designation: Arvind Kejriwal: before the Delhi Assembly poll and once the results were out, Kejriwal used to say that he was an Income Tax Commissioner and could have earned money. But i want to expunge corruption from the country not increase it more.
Truth: According to the statement issued by IRS Association, Arvind Kejriwal was not a Commissioner but he was working as the Joint Commissioner of Income Tax department.
Posted by Atheist1096 7 years ago
He did what he promised. If you think he really didnt do something that he promised to do, then say exactly what it is. And quote reliable sources. If you claim he lied, tell us exactly what he lied about. Otherwise your argument is void!!!!!!!
Posted by pariashi 7 years ago
Yeah.Kejriwal didn't lie.Man I live in Delhi and I saw what happened to his promises
Posted by Atheist1096 7 years ago
no politician is absolutely clean. But if you compare modi to kejriwal,, then kejriwal looks like MotherTeresa in front of that hindu fanatic, who did nothing while 1000s of muslims were being slaughtered. And from all i have heard,kejriwal never lies. Modi on the oter hand, lied to the SIT(specil investiating team) during the riots case investigation.Here is proof:
Give me an examle of kejriwal lying?
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