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Indian People are Stinky

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Started: 1/6/2018 Category: Places-Travel
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Welcome back. Now let's debate the topic that all Indian people are naturally and genetically stinky. I believe that they are very stinky. All they do is worship a wooden guy with a one million arms, and burn curry and whatnot as incense.

You are going to counter my debate by trying to prove that they are NOT stinky.

Here is how the debate will go:

Round 1: Acceptance
Rounds 2-4: Debate/Rebuttals
Round 5: Closing/Conclusion

You will have 3 days to come up with a good argument to try to contradict me.


I accept, sir. When you learn things, your head is going to explode.
Debate Round No. 1


Go to an Indian restaurant, and it stinks like hell there.

Go to an office, and it's very stinky due to the fact that about 90% of their employees are of Indian descent.

Go to an Indian house, and the house smells like curry in and out.

Curry was originally invented as incense to give to their one-million armed god, but some retarded Indian with an IQ of 40 decided to eat curry because HE thought it smelled so good. If it wasn't for him, Indians wouldn't be so stinky.

Indian people never bathe because India is an underdeveloped country. Because their rivers and lakes are so dirty and infested with bugs and whatnot, they don't bathe at all.

Do you hate Indian people now?


Go to an Indian restaurant, and a bigot like you will immediately be offput by the lack of anything familiar or American. There's no hamburgers, no ketchup, no Popcorn. There's stuff from a different culture! There's rice! And chili peppers! and water chestnuts! You feel like you're going to faint, because you realize there's a world outside where you live, and you refuse to accept that people around the world eat other food than we do. Am I accurate? Those restaurants don't stink anymore than the greasy spoon diner on route 84. You just hate them because the smells are unfamiliar. They come from another place, a foreign place. And because they do, your racism and bigotry kicks in. Am I correct? I am, huh?

Offices are not stinky because there are Indian people there. They are stinky because the management doesn't buy air freshener, or because the employees there, even the white ones, are unhygienic. Without air freshener, you might be surprised at how the world smells. It's pretty stinky. And Indian people have the exact same anatomy as us, they produce the same amount of sweat. They might not use hygiene products because things like that are too expensive back home. And, if they worship a religion that demands they don't use hygienic products, then they don't have to. Just like Christianity demanding that you celebrate Christmas. It's the same thing.

You have a nose that's much too sensitive, you Nazi. Please, feel free to rebut anything I say.

Indian houses might smell like curry. Maybe because they're cooking a curry dish inside. Ever think of that? Or maybe they have a meditation room where they burn some curry. It's not the PEOPLE who smell like curry. They just use curry a lot. For food, for aromatherapy. It's part of their culture. When they're put in America, why wouldn't they want to hold on to their heritage? Maybe you should smell some curry. Or some pot. It would relax you. You need to relax.

Curry was not invented as incense to give to a million armed god. It was not invented. It was a naturally occurring herb, that grew near where India was settled, so it was natural that the early settlers of India would use it as a seasoning for their food. Over time, they noticed that it smelled nice, too. So they burned some as incense, and they were able to engage in philosophy and meditate and they felt better about the place in which they lived, and how they lived. Curry is an integral part of Indian culture. Of course, so are other herbs, like jasmine, mint, and others. Go into a meditation shop. There will be 100 different types of incense. Most aren't curry.

Their "one million armed god," as you put it, is part of a complex and fascinating mythology that unified the Indian people as one and gave them a social structure to believe in and a purpose in life. It's called Hinduism, and just because it differs from Christianity does not mean it's bad. It's a great religion. You should read up on it, you American bigot.

You'll have to provide some sources, or nobody will believe you.

Most Indian people today do bathe. Many of them now have access to plumbing. In the past, they didn't have time to develop plumbing because they were being oppressed by the British Empire. Today, though, most middle class Indians have bathrooms just like us. They have a bathtub, a shower, a sink, and a toilet. And their poop is much more beautiful than yours. They are an underdeveloped country, but you don't fix an underdeveloped country by killing all the residents. You fix an underdeveloped country by developing it. There should be more schools, more equal wealth distribution, more access to food, better law enforcement. there are real problems in India beyond what your bigoted mind sees.

There rivers and lakes are dirty and infested with bugs. Others aren't. Have you ever gone near an American lake or river? It's polluted. There's trash, urine, and pests. But others are beautiful. It's the same in India. India is home to some of the most breathtaking scenery in the world. In the past, the Ganges river was filled with pollution, but it was considered holy to bathe in it because it was polluted. And they did. And nothing is wrong with that.

I still don't hate Indians. Do you like them now? Or are you still a Nazi idiot?

Another picture of you:
Debate Round No. 2


Indian people are plain weird. I can't believe God even created them. They are no different from gay people or black people; disgusting and low life.

Also, Indian people stink because they eat too much curry and burn too much curry. Curry should be banned from being exported from India, just like marijuana and all those other drugs.

God never intended for Indian people to create curry. It's like marijuana, except people invented it, not God created it to be a part of nature. Now that they burn and eat too much curry, the world is stinky to death. We have to kill them so the world won't be stinky and that the world won't be overpopulated.

A better way to deal with all these weird Indians is to send them back to India. Or we can make a limit of one Indian person per neighborhood. Or we can segregate the American states like this: (I assume you live in the United States.)

One small isolated state (like Hawaii) for Indians
20 states for Caucasians
15 states for blacks
10 states for East/Southeast Asians, Maoris, Native Americans, and Hispanics
4 states where all races live in harmony, but they must pay extra taxes to be allowed to live in those integrated states

Before I let you post your argument, I want to ask of you: Where do you get all those polar bear pictures? You probably just photoshopped them yourself.


Ah, Ice bear. You never fail to amuse me.

Indian people are not weird. We are just as weird to them as they are to us. God did not create them, they migrated to the Indian subcontinent thousands of years ago, and, like all humans, they started from the African rift valley. Why do you bring religion into this? It's unnecessary. They are different from gay people and black people. For one, they're Indian. There might be some Indian gay people. I'm sure there are. For another, they're not black, they're Asian. They are not disgusting or low life. Many Indian people are highly successful. Aziz Ansari is a millionaire.

Curry is not a drug. It is an herb. Calling curry a drug is like calling paprika a drug. Curry is used to season food. Marijuana is a drug, but it's the most harmless drug there is. Your neighbor probably grows some. Most curry is not imported from India, it's grown right here and given to restaurants who make Indian food, or incense companies. Most marijuana isn't imported from India. It's a booming American industry. Most American pot growers are really raking it in.

You're a cad, sir. You can't associate an entire race with an herb. Indian people are not curry. That's like saying white people are salt. You're weird, sir.

Here's the official Wikipedia page for the curry plant. As you can see, it was not created by people, it is not a drug, God probably didn't create it, it's related to all the other plants in the world, it is not only used in India, and it is not a major factor in climate change. Most of climate change is caused by AMERICANS burning fossil fuel and creating CO2, which traps in sunlight.

I can hardly bear to read your ignorant hate speech. Were you the guy at Charlottesville who ran over the lady with your car? That would make a lot of sense. You seem that way.

I have a better way to set up the United States. Here it is:

50 states for everybody

That's how it's been for a long time, and it seems to work pretty well, because if certain races aren't allowed to go where they want to, or do what they want to, then they'll throw riots and protest and throw over the government and install a new government where the dirty white people have to drink from pig troughs. Do you want to live in a world like that? I don't want to. See, your plan kind of violates civil rights, which are guaranteed in the Constitution. It says: ALL MEN ARE CREATED EQUAL. That's not how it used to be, but we've finally gotten to that point, and we're not going to revert backwards to being cavemen. People can live where they want to, do what they want to, and say what they want to.

And if we make America unappealing to Indians, they'll go back to India. And I don't want that. I like Indian food.

You're a sick cookie.

I get most of those pictures from Google Images. Here's another one:

I await your next argument.
Debate Round No. 3


You said you want 50 states for everybody. That is a terrible idea. Although America is a highly diverse and integrated country all throughout nearly 250 years it has been a country, problems have arose due to integration. For one, black people target non-blacks. Secondly, Indian people are so stinky. Let's just move all of the people living in America who are of Indian heritage to their own isolated state (most preferably Hawaii), so they won't stinky up the world.

Also, go to this website to see the list of failed states. Do ctrl-F to search for India, and you will see how India is a failed nation.

Compared to places like New Zealand, Norway, or Iceland, India is a terrible place to live in. Because India is such a bad place to live, the Indian people invent curry to smoke. Let me insert the fact that curry is used as a burnt incense offering to their million-armed god and a drug they use, similar to marijuana or steroids in the United States. Now that India is so stinky, overpopulated, and poor, the best thing to do is to cull all off them.

frankfurter50, I'd like to ask you two things:

1. Why do you enjoy debating against me so much?

2. Before beginning a debate, how do you prepare for a debate?


I said I want 50 states for everybody because segregation is as atrocious a crime as those inflicted on Jews during the days of Nazi Germany. Black people target non blacks, and whites target blacks. Black people hate us because for 100 years we owned them as property. They have a right to be angry. We were unholy monsters for quite a while, and even after they gained freedom, there was still injustice committed upon them and many atrocities. We have finally reached a point of desegregation. We should be pals with all other races.

Indian people are not stinky. They are perfectly normal people and they deserve to live wherever they want to.

You're a racist piece of garbage.

True, the list says India is a failed nation, but it's only number 72 on the list, which ain't half bad. It says Switzerland is a failed nation too, but go there and you wouldn't know that. Failed states come in different levels of failure. India is at a point where it can be saved. It should be saved. We should give them free condoms and educate them, maybe see things from their point of view, study more Hindu texts, open our minds, instead of being ignorant bigots like you.

If we implement segregation here in America, we will become a failed state. Immigrants come here because we are a land of equality.

Incense is not a drug. It smells good. It doesn't alter the brain in any way.

Here's my answers to your two questions:

1. Because you're an idiot.

2. Reassure myself that I'm going to win. Winning against you doesn't take too much effort.
Debate Round No. 4


Finally. Now we are at our last argument round for this debate. You say that "Switzerland is a failed nation too". Switzerland is not at a failed state. I wonder if you might be blind. And also, Indian people, as I said, are drug addicts, like Mexicans. While Mexicans are addicted to stuff like marijuana, Indians are addicted to curry.

Below are quite a lot of similarities between Mexico and India:

1. Both nations are known for their food.
2. Both nations are underdeveloped, densely populated, and poor nations.
3. Both nations produce a lot of drug addicts.
4. Both nations have large amounts of people pouring into the United States.
5. Both Mexicans and Indians love to party a lot.
6. They both have brown skin, while I have superior white skin.
7. They both were called "Indians" by Columbus and those 15th and 16th century European explorers.

With that in mind, we can prove that Mexican people are just as stinky. But our topic is that Indian people are stinky. They stink because they smoke too much curry, yet never bathe.

Because you sent me so many pictures of me, I will return the favor appropriately, and (you guessed it) send a picture of you.

Right before we leave, what do you think our NEXT debate topic should be? In case you didn't know, my New Year's Resolution is to complete 100 debates with you in 2018. So far, I have achieved 2: 1) Blacks, Indians, etc. should be killed; 2) Indian people are stinky.

I think our NEXT debate topic should be that depression should be illegal.


On that Wikipedia list you provided, Switzerland is right there, number 176, very good for a failed state, but a failed state nonetheless. Finland is a failed state too. And Australia. And Germany. And Japan. And Britain. And US. Every country sucks in some way or another. India just has bad things going on a little more than we do. We should fix those problems, not kill everyone who lives in a country with those problems. Indians are human, just like us, and we should help them improve their government, their schools, their water systems, their traffic. They have many flaws. But they do have things to offer the world. They are as much a culture as we are and denying them the right to express their culture is a grave injustice and a mass atrocity.

Indians are not drug addicts, nor are Mexicans. You should really research things before you look into them. Mexicans, like Indians, and white people, are not drug addicts by nature, or simply because of the color of their skin, but because drugs are sold too often and drug control is not enforced heavily enough. People choose to become drug addicts, and it's a very stupid choice, but your race does not affect how likely you are to become a drug addict.

I suppose you can't teach an idiot...

Below are quite a few similarities between white supremacists like yourself and Nazis:

1. You're both big a-holes.
2. You don't know beans about anything.
3. You refuse to accept that people of different races are all separate individuals, instead choosing to believe in usually unreliable stereotypes.
4. You think life is a joke.
5. You think you're going to win.
6. You're insane.

Neither race is inherently stinky. We are the same species, so we have the same anatomy, and we have the same amount of sweat glands. In my opinion, curry is a wonderful smell, it's fresh and aromatic, and captures brilliantly a culture who has contributed immensely to the Eastern world. They are a valuable asset to us all, and to engage in mass genocide simply for their aroma would be an unforgivable sin and It would mean the end of all that is holy.

You have completed this debate. But you have not won. You will never win. I will tear into you until you stop.

Just so long as your new year resolution is to go into 100 debates with me, let's quit the race for a moment. I'd like to have a debate which I tried a while ago, which I think is worth bringing up again, and if you're committed, you could succeed. Challenge me to the following debate:

E.C. Segar's Popeye comic strips are better than Max Fleischer's Popeye cartoons.

Just a fun little ditty. Until then, I'll be waiting. Judges, please vote wisely, and fairly. If you vote unjustly, a ghost may come to haunt you. Farewell.
Debate Round No. 5
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Posted by whiteflame 2 years ago
>Reported vote: Ragnar// Mod action: NOT Removed<

3 points to Con (Arguments). Reasons for voting decision: For pro to win, he must prove that Indian people [emit a strong offensive odor], con easily refuted both parts of this claim and on restaurants in particular "Those restaurants don't stink anymore than the greasy spoon diner on route 84. You just hate them because the smells are unfamiliar." Pro mostly talked about his dislike of the smell (and weird opinions about them... plus a lot of off topic stuff), but he never showed why the judge should view the smells as either strong or offensive, especially in light of con reminding us that their smells include things like mint. Since different was at no time shown to equal bad, pro could not maintain his BoP against con's refutations.

[*Reason for non-removal*] This debate is over 4 months past the end of the voting period, and therefore no longer subject to vote moderation.
Posted by Debating.starfish 3 years ago
Indian people are not stinky. Your probably just thinking that because you're seeing the state of their country and some parts like the city is dirty. Even so, it's still not fair for you people to criticise their country because you think that they have a dirty environment. you probably live in a luxury house like the queen herself and are you are just so fancy for a bit of dirt! India is not such a rich country that they need to pay to clean the roads because some people like to criticise their homeland.
Posted by Ragnar 3 years ago
Assuming these are troll debates... I advise upping the humor, and sticking closer to the topic. Also given that you tend to use so few characters, please lower the character limit.
Posted by brian1603 3 years ago
It's true that Indian people produce hygienes that have a smell that is not pleasant. But, it is wrong to judge that all Indians are smelly because that is the same thing compared to Koreans having black hair since they were born. Yes, it is true that most Koreans have black hair, but it is wrong to judge that because I, as a Korean have brownish hair since being born. It is a form of racism to judge that all Indians are smelly.
1 votes has been placed for this debate.
Vote Placed by Ragnar 3 years ago
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Who had better conduct:--Vote Checkmark1 point
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Total points awarded:03 
Reasons for voting decision: For pro to win, he must prove that Indian people [emit a strong offensive odor], con easily refuted both parts of this claim and on restaurants in particular "Those restaurants don't stink anymore than the greasy spoon diner on route 84. You just hate them because the smells are unfamiliar." Pro mostly talked about his dislike of the smell (and weird opinions about them... plus a lot of off topic stuff), but he never showed why the judge should view the smells as either strong or offensive, especially in light of con reminding us that their smells include things like mint. Since different was at no time shown to equal bad, pro could not maintain his BoP against con's refutations.

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