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Indian Society Is Backward, And Major Changes Need To Be Brought About

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Started: 8/24/2013 Category: Society
Updated: 5 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Indian society is backward, and needs a lot of changes to be brought about.

Even though our country, under western influence, has progressed immensely, its sad, that our society hasn't progressed much with time. Even today, people expect girls to be married by the time they're of 23 years of age. Even today, while girls on one hand have grown to be independent, on the other hand, in many households, they are still taught to be submissive and obedient.
Our society has failed to break free from the binds of a mindset, that has far outlived the time period it was suited for. While Gay Rights are gaining ground in numerous countries, in India, there's still no chance for Gay marriage to be legalised in the near future.
In front of the world, our country puts up the facade of being a country which is progressive, which is rich in culture, but also a country where freedom is guaranteed to all. What rubbish.
We aren't free to choose our careers, because our parents have the right. Neither can we choose to marry the person of our choice if he isn't from a caste that our parents approve of. Has anyone forgotten the prevalent honor killings? We, as girls, are not even free to dress the way we want, or defend ourselves against the lecherous advances of men, because either the society labels us as 'sluts', or we end up being victims of acid attacks and rape.
Our society fails to cope up with the independent streak we possess today, is backward, and thus needs to be changed.


On the other hand, I feel India is doing great! India has a rich culture and history which it still follows today. Though all these ancient traditions are followed, India is much, much more technologically advanced than it was when it got independence in 1947. You can see huge, tall buildings throughout many cities of India, and people are having iPhones, Galaxy S3's and more! India, as you can see, is definitely not a backward society. It's military is well developed, it's cities are well developed, everything is nice.

India has booming industries. For example, if you were to go to the South, you would see many tourists from across the world going to the amazing beaches of Goa, the backwaters of Kerala, etc. In the North, tourists from around the world flock to see one of the 7 wonders of the world, the Taj Mahal. Tourism is growing greatly in India, as well as the mechanical industries, and more.

As for the society aspect of India, the caste system was already broken! Like they say, India is the world's biggest democracy, and the 1 billion people in the country all have equal rights. Like many other democracies, India has political parties, a Supreme Court, a Executive Branch of Government (containing a Prime Minister, the President, etc.), and a law-making Parliament.

Like the United State's influence in Latin America, India has a huge influence over the rest of South Asia. India provides its neighbors with food, water, etc. India also makes sure that its neighbors are secure. For example, during the Sri Lankan Civil War, India stepped in, and when they were attacked by the violent LTTE, they stepped in, stopped them. Also, when the PLOTE started a coup on the Maldivian government in 1988, India stepped in, stopped the rebellion, and secured the peace of the Maldives.

So, you can say India is a horrible, backward country. However, in my opinion, India is a great, wonderful country, with peace, prosperity and strength.
Debate Round No. 1


From the outside,, yes, India is an amazing country. It has a rich culture and heritage which every Indian is proud of. However, behind this glorious 'culture and heritage', Indian society is a very ugly picture indeed.

"Everything is nice."
No it's not. What you are talking about is the urban metropolitan cities of India. According to the Census Of India 2001, there are around 638,596 villages in India. Barely any of these villages have access to basic facilities like electricity and water.

It's a well-known fact that India is one of the most unsafe countries to be a woman in. Rape, Child-Rape, Child Marriage, Female Foeticide, Female Infanticide etc are dirty blotches on ink on our country, and all these are a result of the largely patriarchal society of India.

" The 1 billion people in the country all have equal rights "
Sadly, that is far from the truth. Gender-based discrimination, Caste-based discrimination, Religion-based discrimination; I would say that no one is equal in India.

India is a great, wonderful country, with peace, prosperity and strength.
Yes, India is a great country, a wonderful country, and definitely on its way to be strong and prosperous, but peace is practically non-existent

The 26/11 attacks weren't the only acts of terror experienced by the country. And it's not just threatened by other countries. India is threatened by it's own citizens. The Maoists are certainly a good example.

These Maoists are only those poor people who have been treated unjustly by our society.

While outsiders see India as a melting pot of different cultures, and while it is somewhat true, there are still clear social divisions in our country, which, instead of uniting our country, divide it.

While to the rest of the world, India is a democracy, yet politicians rule the country as if it belonged to them. While they are filthy-rich, 32.7% of India's population remains below the poverty line.

Tourists who visit India too, aren't safe. An American woman was gang-raped near he town of Manali in June. Due to these e kinds of events, people are now being advised not to visit India.

There still remains a significant difference in the number of boys in the country and the number of girls, as well as percentage of boys educated as compared to the percentage of boys.

Widow remarriage is still frowned upon, and if a girl isn't married by the time she's 26 years of age, it is determined that something must be wrong with her. A girl who dares to get married without her parents' agreement to someone of her choice is labelled as 'characterless'.

While to you, Indian society might seem to be alright, yet as someone living in it, I feel that our society is in severe need of change.


Think about what India is. India has developed from the small collection of villages in 1947 into a massive, soon-to-be huge superpower. Look at the enormous cities of Mumbai, Delhi, etc. Those might have been medium-sized towns back in the day. Now look. Technology can be found all across India! Many high-selling businesses are found everywhere.

Being a person originating from India, I feel strong about my cultural background. You say India has discrimination. Yet, India is a secular country, and each person, no matter what religion, culture, or ethnicity, has freedom. Each person has the freedom to vote, the freedom of press, and many other freedoms. I feel proud of this. People aren't oppressed by a dictatorship. India, like they say, is the world"s biggest democracy. And, like I said before, everyone has equal rights.

And of course India is a melting pot! We have Malayalees, Tamils, Telegus, Kannadigas, Punjabis, Gujarathis, and many other cultures all in one nation: India. Like America, full of people from MANY different cultures, India is culturally diverse. Yet, all these cultures combine to form India. Each culture is loyal to India, their nation. I admit, there are tensions sometimes. Nevertheless, the diversity of people, in the end, stay with India. Even though South India is culturally diverse from the rest of North India, they never divided. These cultures regard each other as Indians. Take the National Pledge:

"India is my country and all Indians are my brothers and sisters. I love my country and I am proud of its rich and varied heritage. I shall always strive to be worthy of it. I shall give my parents, teachers and all elders respect and treat everyone with courtesy. To my country and my people, I pledge my devotion. In their well-being and prosperity alone, lies my happiness."

This shows the allegiance and loyalty all Indians have to each other.

Regarding Manali, the woman basically hitchhiked. A random truck comes and takes her. Though the incident is tragic, I would never, ever hitchhike, even being in the United States. I feel horrible for what happened to the woman, but you should never, ever go to a stranger, anywhere.

Let's face it: bad people are everywhere. In India, in the U.S., all across the world. Though the media keeps penalizing India (Rape, rape, rape), think about your own nation! There was a huge rape case involving high school children in Ohio this year. Does that mean the U.S. is backward? No!

Think about all the industries in India. Take the movie industry, for example. Bollywood is huge. Hundreds of movies are being made every year, even more than Hollywood! So, don't think India is backward.

Things are frowned upon in every nation. This happens in India. In America, some people frown down upon Gay Marriage, though people should clearly have the right to find true love. You can say India has lots of "arranged marriages". In fact, my parents' own marriage was arranged. But this traditional custom doesn't stop people from finding true love.

Poverty does exist across the world. India has its share, and the United States does too (trillions of dollars in debt, the job growth). But really, does one country having more poverty than another back it "backward"?

I feel India is a great country. In Kerala, for example, you have Hindus , Christians, and Muslims co-existing in the same state. That's a sign of peace.

With your "blotches", people all over the world have opinions that Indians are very intelligent. In America, Indians have conquered the National Spelling Bee for many years. I mean, it was Indians who basically started the number system (they invented 0 )!

I remember when India tested a nuke this year, which could go as far as Beijing. But I also remember, when I looked at a news analysis regarding this (on CNN), one of the commentators said that India was mature. He meant that India won't do any rash actions, and India is mature with its weapons. The main superpower in South Asia, India spreads its influence throughout the region. India has a policy in which India never attacks first. India is definitely mature.

I don't understand how you look down on the magnificent nation known as "Bharat", also known as India.
Debate Round No. 2


Indians are certainly loyal to each other. That's why we stand back and let crimes be committed. That's why people still criticize 'Biharis' for apparently being 'uneducated'. That's why untouchability still remains like a stubborn disease in India.
Right, loyal.

Indian public is well known for the blame-games it plays. You'll still find people who condemn Muslims. My house had been rented out to a family of Muslims for 3 years. when we shifted back, our neighbour came to us with all sorts of complaints and warnings about how we'd been 'housing terrorists in our house for years'.

Yes, Gay Marriage is something frowned upon by many in USA, but is the situation really so much better in India?

Bollywood. Right.
Munni Badnaam, Halkat Jawaani, Fevicol Se.....need I go on anymore?
These songs, which continuously degrade women, are favourites amongst the Indian crowd.
Remember Poonam Pandey? Her nudity stint landed her a Bollywood movie. Have we really got no standards now?

Arranged marriages are not a bad thing at all, but it definitely becomes so when someone is forbidden to marry the one they really love, because 'love marriage' is not acceptable to their parents.

Believe it or not, people still scrunch their nose in distaste when they hear of an inter-caste marriage. While in USA, women are free to decide whether they want to keep their maiden name or change it, it's mandatory in India for a woman to take up her husband's name.
Even today, the bride's family is considered lower than the groom's family.

"Aakhir hum ladki waale hain." Seems familiar, doesn't it?

Indian society IS backward, believe it or not. Even in schools, co-ed schools, for that matter, if a boy and girl are seen even talking to each other, teachers perceive the girl to be 'characterless' and the boy to have no morals.
Yup, Indian society at its best.

Its not just poverty, or just crimes, or just inequality that makes Indian society backward. It is the fact that so many families live below the absurdly high poverty line. It is the fact that India is the 4th most dangerous country to be a woman in in the world. It is the fact that discrimination exists, in one form or the other, in the whole country, that makes our society backward.


KingKane9 forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by anonymouse 5 years ago
first things first. india needs to get rid of their colonial mentality. stop thinking that everything british is good. stop trying to be british. if you keep this up, then you will never get anywhere. if you want to move forward, then you must take pride in being indian, and remember real indian traditions. remember that india was the richest country in the world before britain invaded it, and it can be once again, but you must shed yourselves of the colonial mindset. be yourself. stop trying to be western.
Posted by Kiroen 5 years ago
I'd like to remind everyone the topic these two people are debating: "Indian Society Is Backward, And Major Changes Need To Be Brought About". This means Con's position is that "NO major changes need to be brought about".*

Somehow my first paragraph in my previous message was missing a part, so just read this one and ignore the later. Thank you.
Posted by Kiroen 5 years ago
I'd like to remind everyone the topic these two people are debating: "Indian Society Is Backward, ". This means Con's position is that "NO major changes need to be brought about".

As he cites Kerala, I can only assume he lives there, which is a very important reason about why he shouldn't make any generalizations of the WHOLE country: Kerala has the highest HDI in India (0.79). It is like thinking that people in Zambia (Africa) must have a good life because you are doing well in South Africa.

I hope Con reconsiders his posture after this debate, because he is basically promoting that male chauvinist, fanatically religious at times part of his country's society DOESN'T CHANGE.
Posted by rajun 5 years ago
hmmm...lets see..
Posted by Kiroen 5 years ago
My best wishes for you to have a good life. If only narrow-minded people noticed how their refusals to argue and reason make other people's lives miserable...
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