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Indians Should Not be Allowed to Use the Internet

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Started: 6/9/2018 Category: Society
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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Okay. I think that Indians should NOT be allowed to use the Internet, because they are filled with bullcrap. IP addresses should indicate the person's ethnicity, and if his/her ethnicity is South Asian/Indian, the Internet will be disabled on their device.

The prime example of Indians f*cking up the Internet is this guy named reggee.

Even though he himself is Indian, he wants Indians to be illegal.

Also, he confuses the terms "gay" and "lesbian." It is pretty obvious that a gay is a homosexual male and a lesbian is a homosexual female. Reggee also thinks that whether or not someone plays Fortnight is an indicator of whether or not they are homosexual. That's bull-crap. It's like saying that if you don't like eating Chinese food, you have depression. Or if you don't play the saxophone, you have autism.

Again, I'm pro, and I believe that Indians, and South Asians in general, should be banned from using the Internet


I don't know if you're serious or not on your challenge but i'll give in to the benefit of doubt. First things first: Just because . Reggee or whoever Indian guy is it or it will be: he/she/or they would never represent the majority or the whole of the Inidias population. We cant blame them if sometimes they tend to mess up words. English is not their main language. Least you can do is inform them if they did something wrong or you've found a flaw in their wordings. Its just really lame to generalize a whole nation for the mistake of one to the point of even requesting for the banning of them.
Mind you;some Americans still confuse you're and your, this and these, who's and whose, etc etc. Not just on Americans but also any people from across the globe commit similar grammatical mistakes and vocabulary discrepancies, even to the point of being a d**k sometimes. Even here in Philippines , my country, I have witnessed a lot of them. But I know that I cant generalize cause a lot of the good and decent guys exist; and they are the majority. Fact is; There are A-holes where ever you are or whatever country you are from. You can never present a country that never have people committing low moral approach at things. Always someone out there. But its him, not his family. Its him/her, not their friends, Its him/her not their country. Don't let some black dots distract you to the fact that the paper is white.

That being said. I'm not in favor of banning Indians in the internet just because of the mistake of some or even if there's a lot of them. Because(Let me just summarize and add some points on it) 1: One will never represent many; there's a thing called "Hasty generalization" and that is a logical fallacy you have already committed before the start of the debate. 2: In connection to number 1, there are still decent people or Indians out there. 3: Your wish will never be granted by the people whose in charge in the world wide web. With the amount of the people in India; It will be a lost cause since more people means more money and capitalists would never dare to do the unthinkable just because of some oppressive opinion, also; It will be easily branded as racism and suppose you are an employee with such suggestion; Its one way ticket for being fired. And finally number 4: Suppose that they did ban Indians in the internet due to the behavior of the few. Then every country who's found to be guilty of those things should have their internet cutted off too. In just a span of 1 hour I assure you that no country will be using internet anymore. lol. And seeing that you are driven by bigotry,discrimination,and racial oppression ,your country would be banned too. So be careful what you wish for. Now's your turn
Debate Round No. 1


India is very overpopulated. With all the Indian people using the Internet, then we will have no more Internet, and I can no longer use


That was shorter than I expected. lol


India being overpopulated has nothing to do in here. China is overpopulated too. A lot of country actually; Still not an excuse to cut off their internet. It seems there is really some hatred for Indians going on with you. You need to fix and address it mate. Also, the amount of Indians using the internet will never affect yours or our usage of internet. As long as internet service providers can provide a decent service and stable towers for signal reception then we can have internet no matter how many the number of users will be.

If you don't want to use then simply leave and don't hate on others lol.

Note: Your debate challenge might be a joke. But like what I've said; Benefit of the doubt. If you're indeed trolling then you've gone too far that its already subtle that you're just being satirical or sarcastic. But if you're serious then man you need some therapy.
Debate Round No. 2
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Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by DeezNutz11 3 years ago
Wow! I am truly impressed Con. Very good points!
Posted by asta 3 years ago

Congratulations in advance for winning the debate.
Posted by daveoxide 3 years ago
Idiotic and shallow subject to debate, a consolation face slap note is what it's worth.
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