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Indians Should be Banned from Colleges and Universities

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Started: 6/6/2018 Category: Education
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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I frankly believe that Indians should be banned from colleges and universities, because they are stinky. Many people often complain about having an Indian roommate.


you know that it's unfair to ban people because of race right that's racist what do you say about that

I take the lead yip yip
Debate Round No. 1


indian people are stinky; most people complain about indian roommates

also they party too much, making studying a distraction and hindering the people who want to get good grades and learn stuff

again, what50 and masterful said that reggee was their college roommate; reggee cooked curry every day and stunk up the room. he also walked around naked


it's still racist to ban them from those colleges and universities
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Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by Wilmer227 3 years ago
Well, Indians learn most of the stuff at the age 14-15 that Americans learn at the age of 17-18. Indians also have a made good number of CEO's of some big companies like Google and Microsoft, they're also pretty good at maths and science if you compare American undergrads to Indian undergards and let's say if you pick any Indian who has access to good education then he'll probably get like around 1500+/1600 in SAT. From what I see, you're just racist and tend to judge the whole nation just by seeing the stupidity of one Indian.
Posted by Zombieguy835 3 years ago
Who knew in 2018, we'd have people who want to ban people on the basis of their skin, and no, I'm not an SJW
Posted by ritzzi23 3 years ago
If Indians were so bad,they wouldn't have been present on the greatest platform a person ca achieve in his/her life.
Sundar Pichai -CEO google
Satya Nadela -Ceo Microsoft
there are hundred other names i can take but the core of my explanation is that you need to understand that just a Bihari representing India ,doesn't mean that the whole nation is like him.
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