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Individuals owe a debt of gratitude to their parents

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Started: 11/24/2017 Category: People
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Debating Period
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Do we have a moral debt towards our parent?
Given that none of us asked to be born in the is world....
That we are birthed and protected during our early years mainly due to a genetic regulation emphasizing propagation and protection of genetic patrimony...
That we are the result of two consenting adults desire....

On the other hand, the causes of our birth do not change the fact that we have been taken care of, provided for, loved and guided (for some), and put in the best conditions available to succeed (for some)...

Do we have a moral debt towards our parent? I think not.


I shall argue that in general most people feel a debt of gratitude or connection with their parents. As well as arguing that a debt would be expected by the vague morality that most people have. Whether this is enough for an individual to take actual steps depends on the culture and the own individuals decision.
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Posted by ThePrimordialBaobab 2 years ago
Thank you for asking. I completely over looked this aspect. In a way it even reinforces my position.
And you are not overthinking, your questions are relevant lol.

For the sake of arguing and giving as many resources to everyone, let's us include all these aspects of 'parents'. I belive hat the arguments will heavily rely on our own experiences and perceptions so, feel free to tackle it from any angles you wish.
Posted by Leaning 2 years ago
Do you mean the person whose biological material we come from regardless of whether they had any involvement in our lives?
Our guardian during the time we were raised from babies regardless of any genetic relation to us?
The person who caused our existence? Even if it were a scientist who for example, stole two peoples genetic material and gave it to a third causing our birth?
That we owe a debt to our caregiver whether they raised us well or not?

I realize that I am overthinking the question.
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