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Instagram is better than Snapchat

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Started: 2/17/2017 Category: Technology
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Instagram Has Better Drawing Filters
Unlike Snapchat, Instagram features drawing filters with various styles. For instance, users can use a marker"s tip, a pen"s tip, and a glow in the dark tip. This allows users to better create drawings and texts into their posts.



Instagram does make it easier to draw, I agree, but Snapchat makes it easier to insert texts to the picture. Also, as far as I know, Instagram requires an extra app for editing pictures.


Social media destroys our privacy. If you have a dinner party over at you house it is very likely that some of your friends post pictures on instagram, maybe even snapchat. On instagram, possibly thousands of people see the picture but on Snapchat only a few people see the picture and only for up to ten seconds. Logically, Instagram often brings information to people that you don't want it to reach. Snapchat does this way less.
Debate Round No. 1


i suppose that it is true to instagram needs an extra app. but...

instagram will only let pictures and stories you post be seen to only your followers.

No more of the hold your code picture up to the screen so we call can take a picture to find you. Then not everyone was ready and it would be 6 or 7 people doing this. Soon it was 5 to 7 minutes of broadcast time when you are doing a video show getting people connected to snapchat.


Snapchat also has usernames, so you can decide wether you add someone with the picture or the username.

Also social media make people depressive because everyone only posts pictures of the nice part of life. When others see these pictures they compare their bad memories with the best parts of life from other people. This makes them feel bad and get depressed, believing others are living a way better life. On snapchat, this too might happen but way less because snapchat gives the chance of showing emotions but not letting yourself be to vulnerable through having this on the Internet the rest of your life. I think this makes snapchat a next-level social network dealing with a humongeos problem of their kind.
Debate Round No. 2


correct me if i am wrong -i dont know much of snapchat- but you can only add friends but not follow them.

in instagram you can follow as many people you can. and you can get as many followers as people follow you.

i am not the only one who thinks instaghram is better:
Instagram users outnumber snapchat users five to one. That"s 500 million monthly active users versus 100 million.
Instagram was about curating great content, and Snapchat was about capturing the moments in your life.

when instagram updated stories people think it was copying snapchat. in reality no. instagram has updated this (FOR ME) to make it fair.


It is true that Instagram has more user's but it is also more than four years older. If snapchat overcomes Instagram copying it it might just overrun all of it`s competition. Also, I think we must admit: a lot of people use both, Instagram and Snapchat. Most of the people I know which use both applications spend way more time with snapchat. Also Mark Zuckerberg tried buying Snapchat, after this failing, he copied the stories from it.

Snapchchat provides more advantages, plus not needing a second app. This is, in my opinion, what makes it better.
Debate Round No. 3
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