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Institutional Racism against Blacks in the United States is non-existent

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Started: 4/10/2018 Category: Politics
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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It has come to my attention that millions of Americans today are struck by the idea that the government is for some reason discriminatory against minority groups, most notably blacks within the United States, and that their economic and social misfortunes can ultimately be attributed to the direct cause of federally promoted racism today.

I personally believe that not only does institutional racism not exist, but also that the consistent claims of the existence of institutional racism along with the victim mentality ultimately resulting in a greater dependence on the government and segregation amongst races hampers any form of progress that has been made throughout the 20th century.

Thus I present my argument and position on this matter. Institutional Racism within the United States today does not exist.


Good luck pro! I hope we have a fantastic debate!
Debate Round No. 1


Thank you for the kind words of encouragement.

I shall like to introduce my stance on this subject by reiterating my original point that states Institutional Racism within the United States does not exist. For one, I personally believe that the existence of such discriminatory policies that hold the soul purpose of hampering progression made by the Black population are completely non-existent, and if they are existent, I recommend my opponent list examples of such restrictions against the black population. That being said, I do not doubt that there are in fact policies issued by the executive and judicial bodies within this country that do halt the progression of such minority groups, however these preferential policies are issued on a just merit, and therefore do not serve as discriminatory or racist policies. These preferential policies that I am of course alluding to include the likes of Affirmative Action and other race quotas enacted in the attempt to to compensate for a racist administration that had been present within the United States prior to the notable Civil Rights Era.

To clarify, Affirmative Action is one of the many preferential policies that "benefits" students from minority groups in that they are subject to lower examination requirements and tend to be granted scholarships and admittances to universities more easily. I would like to further my original argument by claiming these preferential policies towards minority group serve as evidence that the government is not inherently racist, and have no interest in hampering the succession of minority groups. I could make an even greater claim that Affirmative Action serves as a detrimental and destructive action for black groups as it mismatches students into universities for which they are not qualified for and tend to drop out from. Furthermore, it completely neglects other students from a majority group (Most notably caucasian whites) on the basis that they do not have the required ethnicity, an aspect of their lives for which they do not have control over. Ultimately, Disregarding test scores, in order to get a higher demographic "representation" of black students in colleges and university not only serves as an immoral attempt at compensating for past atrocities by prioritizing equality of outcome rather than equality of opportunity, however also systematically mismatches minority group students with particular institutions resulting in a higher drop out rate.

Studies show that Affirmative Action is detrimental. For example, quoting from Thomas Sowell's 'Race and Intelligence': At Georgetown University Law school, for example, the median test score of black students on the Law School Aptitude Test was at the 75th percentile - hardly "unqualified" - but that score was lower than the score of any white student admitted to that same elite law school at the same time. Studies at a number of law schools indicate that black students admitted with lower qualifications than other students do less well academically while in law school and often fail the bar examination more often than white students at their respective law schools." Thus demonstrating that mismatching at top tier institutions has a domino effect across the field of academic institutions, leading to far higher rates of academic failure among black students than among other students (Richard H. Sander and Stuart Taylor, Jr. Mismatch, pp. 55-56, 231)

This is further evidenced by the data of test performances of minority students within California's top tier Universities before and after the implementation of Affirmative Action (and after the extinguishment of such a policy in 1994) (

To conclude, preferential policies such as Affirmative Action, or any policy that prioritizes diversification of institutions for the soul purpose of representation without taking into account qualification is not only detrimental to the population it attempts to support, but also serves as evidence for the fact that the government is not inherently racist towards the black population within the United States.

I cannot further my argument without claims of institutional racism, so I encourage TheMattDad1234 to provide examples of where institution racism towards the black population within the United States is present, and I look forward to continuing this civil debate. Good luck!
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Debate Round No. 5
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Posted by PoliSkeptic 3 years ago
Why do blacks get incarcerated more for drug use, yet use at the same rate as whites?

Similarly, blacks are more likely to get arrested and receive longer sentences for the same crimes than their white counterparts.
Posted by Antoine_Wolfgang 3 years ago

I don't see how the pigment of my skin would dictate my position on such a matter. To make the implication that I would have to be black to understand the many difficulties the black community are struggling from is about as ludicrous as denying a doctor his medical expertise to evaluate your cancer he himself never had cancer before. I don't have to be black to understand such issues my friend.

Furthermore, I checked you statistic from the naacp (A left leaning organization that tends towards this institutionally racist agenda). The statistics that you provided demonstrate that blacks are imprisoned at a much higher rate in proportion to whites in the United States. Nothing to evidence that the reason is because of institutional racism within the justice department. The source leads you to imply that it's because whites tends to be inherently racists, but other then that mere implication, there is absolutely no evidence to suggest this.

Maybe, just maybe the blacks in the United States are incarcerated at such higher proportional rates because they commit the most crimes? According to ( In 2016, Blacks committed 52% of murder charges, 54% of theft, 33% assault, 37% violent crime, 37% prostitution and over 40% arms possession despite making up 12% of the entire United States population. These convictions demonstrate that it is not the fault of racism, but rather the result of increased crime within the black community.

There is a problem, I agree, and it is something that needs to be identified and fixed. That being said, the problems within the black community are not a result of institutional racism, rather that of broken families, missing fathers, crime culture, victim mentality, increased drop out rates.

To quote yourself: "You are obviously gullible"
Posted by missmedic 3 years ago
You are obviously not black.
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