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Internet Privacy

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Started: 4/16/2021 Category: Technology
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I believe that people in the government should do more to protect peoples internet privacy. It is creepy how much information they gather. And frankly I think it is a form of stalking.


Here's how I look at this issue:

The Internet is simply another medium by which we can communicate. Posting a comment on a forum and giving a public speech both effectively achieve the same thing; the conveyance of information from you to others. You can also be part of a crowd listening to a person speak, Just as you can read through others' comments on a public forum.

Now, Here's where it's different. The Internet stores everything - every post, Every comment, Every video viewed - you've done online and almost never lets it go. This information is then analyzed by algorithms, Which are connected to your user account or accounts (usually identified by your email address). The results of this analysis are used to customize the advertisements that you see online, The videos that are suggested to you, And essentially filter the media content that catches your eye online - they're trying to tailor your Internet experience for you.

Let's say that this information is being sold. A lot of this information isn't specific data including your name, Address, Favorite type of puppy, Etcetera - it's metadata from populations that help businesses make decisions on what to market and produce. This itself, In my opinion, Isn't an invasion of privacy. According to a study done by Wharton College, ". . . It is not standard practice to look at raw, Individual data but rather they run queries on datasets to get insights. " This equates essentially to conducting a poll regarding public opinion, Then using that data to make a decision - albeit a little more covertly.

I digress, However - should government have a role in protecting Internet privacy? If it comes to clearly illegal actions such as identity theft or selling CC information, Maybe; but I said, This is already illegal and therefore already being enforced. Grey hat hackers are the ones committing these small isolated crimes anyway, Not Big Tech. As long as we're referring to metadata, I see no reason that the government should step in - it's simply information that helps informs business' decisions.
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Oh my goodness, I am so sorry I have so much homework. My response will be in the comment section sometime today. So sorry for the inconvenience.
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