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Internet access in schools should be limited

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Started: 9/12/2016 Category: Education
Updated: 4 years ago Status: Debating Period
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The internet is an ever expanding ecosystem of information, both true and false. With the inclusion of computers in schools, the internet is a useful place to gather information, write papers, and find educational activities for students to study from. However, there are also many non-educatonal or outright false sites out there such as flash game sites and wikipedia.

My argument is that schools should whitelist what sites the students should be allowed to go on. This would allow for educational sites to stay accessible (such as school databases) and other sites to be inaccessible on school grounds (such as social media). You would need special administrative access to change the whitelist. I'm arguing this for computers, not phones because they can bypass the school's restrictions by using cellular data instead of connecting to the school's wifi.

The debate will be split into four rounds:
1) Argument introduction (introduce your stance) and acceptance statement
2) Opening Statements (include the bulk of your information here, not the opening statement)
3) Rebuttal (no new arguments can be made that don't pertain to the opponent's statements)
4) Conclusion (no new arguments can be made, must summarize the information stated in the previous rounds)

As a high school student, I'm looking forward to this debate :-)

EDIT--> Due to the confusion, I'll elaborate on what stance con can take. Con can either argue that
1) Internet should be banned entirely
2) Internet should be whitelisted, however student input as to what can or cannot be allowed must be considered by the school administration
3) Internet should be limited, however a whitelist is not the answer
4) Internet should not be limited at all

Please post in the comments if there's any stances con may take that I've forgotten to include.

EDIT2--> Sorry if you don't like how I'm acting so formal about this. I find that presenting oneself in the most formal manner is the best way to make one look certifiable, as well as help keep biased emotion out of ones arguments. You don't need to be as formal as me so long as you stay serious about the topic.


I thought con would be allowing internet access in schools i therefore forfit
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Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by TheBenC 4 years ago
I don't even know why schools need internet access. You can learn all you want from the $100 books schools buy.
Posted by Perussi 4 years ago
Welcome Knight!

Best name ever btw

I find myself befuddled in a way, explain exactly what you believe by pm please. Christianity vs Judaism, i am seeking the truth.
Posted by PowerPikachu21 4 years ago
No, I think Con would have to argue that we should be able to access everything at school (which is a highly difficult stance to take, since Rule 34 exists, and Con would have to argue that students should be allowed to look at pornography in school grounds.)
Posted by DemosthenesWiggin 4 years ago
If I believe that the internet should be restricted at schools, but a whitelist is not the answer, would that still count for the Con?
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