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Internet has decreased the creativity of students

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Started: 4/29/2018 Category: Technology
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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Today 51% of total population of India is having access to Internet .We get everything on internet and bcoz of this do u know what's the mentality of today's student..Instead of creating things on their own they would rather prefer to go on internet n copy the things of others ..Today if a student class 6 is asked to write two three lines on any topic ..He won't write instead he would go on Google n type on that to get the desired result for that


According to, 66% of artists are encouraged to share items on social media. Therefore I disagree because of this and, that the Internet today gives students access to lots of cool things, they allow young people to do their art and, it is a secure way of sending work. I think that it is important because, it gives inspiration for example, it is easier to get inspiration from other artists because, searching is so much quicker. This means that people can learn about art styles before putting it in to there own work. If this false accusation to, the internet is true, why are there so many young artists out there. Even in Britain there are so many great artists who have not at all been affected by social media or the Internet, except in good ways. These young people had and have peers around them at all times to persuade them to use social media but they ignore it, persist and they are just great, talented people to be around. These young people are the forefront of the future, and should be given all the tools they need, the Internet is one of those, they use it for inspiration and without it they wouldn't be the artists they are. On the other hand there are artists out there who wouldn't be artists without the Internet, Directors use the Internet for movie making purposes and Photo shop artists could not download there software without it. Young people also enjoy acting a lot and things often get lost in the post however, if they go into the acting career could not safely get their scripts without, the security of the internet In conclusion I believe that the internet is important for inspiration, media to use, and the security of work sending.
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