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Iron Maiden vs Metalica

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Started: 4/2/2017 Category: Music
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Here is my argument im for Iron Maiden.They have more 9+ good albums while metalica has 4 they stayed true to their style while metalica changed multuple times over the years so they can win more people but in proces the lost a lot of old school fans.Steve Harris is better bass player and Bruce Dickinson is better vocalist(one of the best).


Metal Maiden and Ironica are far better than either of these options.
Besides this debate will go nowhere. I have commandeered it to save the masses from two fanboys b*tching back and forth.
Yarrrrrr I'm the Captain now!
Debate Round No. 1


I dont want to bitch i wanted to have a nice debate with a guy who likes metal also hope you are joking.


Okay, guess we'll debate this

Metallica sold over 110 million records worldwide while Iron maiden have only sold 90 million. This is the only objective way to analyze this debate.

But I guess I'll put my subjective opinion.
Thrash metal is what Metallica is, at their core at least. While I enjoyed their "thrashiest" albums such as ride the lightning and master of puppets, I also greatly enjoyed how much more the band covers compared to other metal bands. Most metal bands find their niche and stick with it. Examples:
Disturbed, although they had some slower songs that rocked
Avenged Sevenfold, always kept their power metal/thrash metal fusion style
System of a Down, not everyone considers them metal but they kept their eccentric style and hyperbolized vocals

While these bands are great in their own respects, I feel like I can't just binge any of them and rock out. Metallica is different, the diverse sounds and styles, even if experimental at times, are great for setting them on shuffle and going with the flow.
Other bands I enjoy like this:
King 810, from "gangster" metal with real meaning to acoustic and deep hitting sounds
Halestorm, from rock with cleaner sounds to metal with more screams and distortion
Flyleaf, some great metal songs with a lot of awesome hard rock songs

Overall this is purely opinion but the only piece of objective evidence that could prove anything is in my favor.
Debate Round No. 2


The sales arent a proof of wich band is better but wich is more popular.There is no doubt that a guy who doesnt listen to metal and hears the world metal would think of metalica first but thats only becouse their more mainstream.Maiden have far more allbum deed masterpice and i coudl say that metalica in their prime was better than maiden but they didnt grew as a band they fell as a band while maiden kept what their fans liked over the years and had many great albums and they grew as a band i would have to say metalica in their prime was a litle better but in the long run maiden wins.I understand they are two diffrent genres of metal but compearing the vocals of Bruce and James i would have to say that Bruce wins by a mile.


I agree that sales aren't a good depiction of quality but it is the only OBJECTIVE analysis, therefore it is the only thing this debate can hinge upon. This is because objective analysis is far better than subjective. Subjective is often personal and always bias, objective is neither.

I've given my opinion on the two bands but ultimately that is just my opinion. The only thing we can rely on is album sales, while that is a bad thing to judge with, it is the only thing we've got that is objective.
Debate Round No. 3
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