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Iron Man is objectively better than Batman

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Started: 7/17/2012 Category: Entertainment
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while Batman is revered and beloved because of his dark antics and the fact that he is much like an anti hero in the way that he acts on his own rules and stands for justice by his definition. However Iron Man is also very representative of this because they are both rich people who indulge themselves however Iron man as Tony stark has much more power with his secret identity then Bruce Wayne because of his weapons company. Therefore lets look at the most important facts. 1. Actual Combat: It is no argument that in actual combat Iron Man would defeat Batman. He is nearly indestructible and can withstand all m�l�e attacks. So in a fair fight Iron man wins 9 times out of 10. 2. Method of operation: Batman is renowned for killing his biggest criminals, however this is against the law and restricts these people from their right to a fair trial. While Iron Man has done the same exact thing this is not his method of operation he works closer with the government however and while batman is an outlaw Iron Man works closely with the army. 3. Practicality if the giant machines that fought Iron Man and constantly shoot him would kill batman. However Iron Man would absolutely destroy most of Batman opponents. 4. Secret identity. Bruce Wayne is a rich single millionaire. Sounds great until you realize that Tony Stark is a playboy philanthropist billionaire entrepreneur. 5. I will however give this last item to batman. Fighting without weapons. Without the suit of armor or the bat weapons Bruce Wayne would however be able to defeat Tony Stark. But the whole point of Iron Man is after all his suit of armor.


Easy argument
Batman was able to beat superman
Iron Man gut pummeled by WorldWarHulk
Batman: Bruce Wayne's personal wealth is estimated at $6.8 billion, thanks to Wayne Corp. and a sizeable inheritance.
Iron Man: Tony Stark's wealth, meanwhile, is a comparably paltry $3 billion, almost entirely from Stark Industries.
Verdict: Both numbers come courtesy of Forbes magazine and were determined by pulling random numbers out of thin air. Both combatants are obscenely wealthy and can buy and sell anything they want. Neither faces any limitation.
Edge: Draw
Batman: Spurred to be a crime-fighter after witnessing his parents' death, Bruce Wayne is motivated by guilt and hatred to clean up the streets of Gotham.
Iron Man: Tony Stark becomes Iron Man after being captured and held as a prisoner of war. A true hero, he selflessly and altruistically decides to better mankind through his technology.
Verdict: As for behavioral modification, any Psych 101 student could tell you that positive reinforcement just doesn't come close to negative reinforcement in terms of knowledge, duration and strength. Iron Man might eventually take pity on you, but Batman will always hate you. In a battle of wills, that counts for something.
Edge: Batman


Batman: Genius-level intellect, called the world's greatest detective by his enemy Ra's al Ghul.

Iron Man: Genius-level intellect, called the world's greatest "futurist" by fellow superhero Reed Richards.

Verdict: Both are highly capable thinkers, but IQ is a relative measure, not an absolute one. So how do they stack up to their peers? Batman is universally hailed as the smartest man in D.C. Comics, with Lex Luthor his only real competition. Iron Man, by contrast, is at least the fifth or sixth smartest character in the Marvel universe, with Richards, Victor Von Doom, Bruce Banner and Hank Pym all believed to be more intelligent.

Edge: Batman


Batman: The perfect human specimen, Batman has spent years training himself into peak physical condition. He is proficient in all forms of fighting and a master of martial arts.

Iron Man: Stark's strength comes from his superpower armor, which houses the world's best weapons systems. In addition, the suit grants him preternatural strength and endurance and enables him to fly.

Verdict: In hand-to-hand combat, it's no contest. Stark's armor is so powerful, it might very well swing the entire contest in his favor.

Edge: Iron Man


Iron Man: Jim Rhodes, the superhuman War Machine, who wears a suit of armor that has powers darn close to the one worn by Stark. Stark is also an integral part of the Avengers, and can therefore call upon just about every Marvel hero, from the Fantastic Four to the god Thor.

Batman: Dick Grayson, a prepubescent boy in tights. Most of the rest of the Justice League wouldn't spit on him if he were on fire.

Verdict: If our heroes need to call in some support, Stark wins in a landslide.

Edge: Iron Man

Glaring Weakness

Iron Man: Stark has been known to hit the bottle every once in a while, making him vulnerable at best and unavailable at worst.

Batman: Due to his upbringing and strict moral code, Wayne is unable to trust people and, oftentimes, isn't able to see any good in them at all.

Verdict: Batman's biggest weakness may turn out to be his greatest strength. Because he was unable to trust the Justice League, for instance, he kept dossiers on all the members, learning their secret identities and weaknesses should he ever need to take them down. He investigated Superman. Do we think he wouldn't also have a file on that goody-goody Tony Stark? Stark's weakness, meanwhile, just makes him incorrigible.

Edge: Batman

Biggest Battle

Iron Man: In the recent comic miniseries "World War Hulk," Stark took on and was utterly embarrassed by the big green guy. For good measure, the Hulk even destroyed Stark Tower.

Batman: Batman has beaten Superman.

Verdict: Batman beat the Man of Steel. 'Nuff said.

Edge: Batman


In close combat, and with no preparation, Iron Man would make mince meat out of the Dark Knight with his superior strength. But Batman knows this and would not only then know Stark's weaknesses, but would have a contingency plan to take him down. This plan would probably involve overtaking Stark's armor, making him Batman's slave.

One-on-one, it's not really close: Batman in a landslide.
Iron Man's only advantage is his side kick and his strength but we cannot use side kicks here since its strictily a 1 on 1 battle in strength yea Iron man has an advanatage but not to much since batman has this

Debate Round No. 1


Iron Man Has a Better Plan

Bruce Wayne traveled the world for years and trained himself to the peak of physical perfection. Tony Stark had one weekend and an actual heart attack and still had time to think "I'd better not get shot in the face!" I know that mentioning head shots around Batman is the comics equivalent of farting in an elevator, but his standard defense against machine guns is back flips. Iron Man doesn't have to worry about hiding. When Batman vanishes into the night, panicked thugs have been known to spray automatic fire into the air because they can't find him. While "Haha, you can't see me" might be satisfying, Batman's primary defense mechanism is at best a pain and at worst capable of killing hundreds of Gotham slum dwellers in any direction.

Iron Man Did More Good

OK, Tony Stark was an arms dealer. That's a challenging origin for a good guy. But his father built the company when weapons merchants were heroes, because Hitler. Howard Stark reversed the polarity of Godwin's law. His entire legacy was "No More Nazis" and "Yes More Captain America," which means he couldn't have been a better advertisement for weapons technology if he were a zombie slowly shambling toward your daughter. Tony genuinely believed that giving the good guys guns was how you fixed things and sacrificed billions to stop the very second he found out he was wrong. The very instant Bruce Wayne didn't get what he wanted, he stormed off to a remote prison , and while I'll admit that's the most awesome version of screaming "I'm going to my room!" and slamming the door possible, that's still what it was.

Iron Man Has a Less Ridiculous Moral Stance

Tony Stark realizes that people have been misusing his inventions to kill people, although when you invent missiles, that's kind of stretching the word "misuse." The profiteering war merchant then blew things up for two straight movies and the only things he killed were robots or actually pointing guns at screaming women and children at that exact moment.

Gray areas are for art-house movies and sober people.
On the other end of the spectrum is Batman, whose "don't kill them immediately" stance is about as moral as the guy from Saw. He's cruel and unusual punishment incarnate. Gotham thugs don't have employee insurance -- every time he cripples one, he is at best dooming them to dying homeless in Gotham, a city that looks like the tenth circle of hades even when you're healthily employed. At worst, it means that thug's wife or girlfriend and kids are now stuck with a bitter psychopath who can no longer be violent outside. Batman has directly caused more spousal abuse than whiskey.
You know how much custom batarangs cost? Remember when he bought at least 20,000 helmets so that his victims couldn't pick him out of a lineup? He could just hire every single mugger in Gotham City. Make the thugs night security in Wayne Industries warehouses and fill them with easily stolen crates of Twinkies and cheap beer and you'd cut the crime rate in half for a tenth of the cost. Throw in a "Thomas and Martha Wayne Foundation" educational program for their families and you'll do more to reduce future crime in Gotham than a nuclear strike.
Iron Man Is Portrayed by a More Suitable Actor

If you're talking about comic book movies, you have to mention the actors. They're the Internet psychopath's favorite way of claiming something will be terrible months before it even exists. So it's good that both had the most perfect players possible without involving genetic engineeri

This could be a shot of the actor or the character. It's impossible to tell. And don't tell me Tony Stark wouldn't put up posters of his own suits.
Robert Downey Jr. was stuck being a boyfriend on the wimpy romantic legal comedy Ally McBeal, the exact opposite role to Iron Man, until he got fired for drug offenses and became the ultimate Method actor. Since then, he's become Tony Stark and Sherlock Holmes, the two best drug abusers in fictional history. Christian Bale is also the perfect Batman: American Psycho was ideal practice for a wealthy lunatic indulging in violence every night, while Equilibrium and The Machinist perfect the emotionally deficient psychopath aspects of the exact same thing.

It might be a minor point, but Tony Stark never cast thousands of innocent poor people into a murderer-filled death on Earth. Sure, he might have dumped parts of an experimental superweapon a few miles from terrorists who wanted an experimental superweapon, but he literally paid the price for that. Everything blown up from that point on belonged to Stark: the arc reactor, the F1 car, the Stark Expo. Hell, even all the terrorist weapons he exploded were technically his. The worst collateral damage was the Stark Industries bottom line.

Paramount Pictures

And be honest: You'd pay just to do this if you could.
Batman discovered a legendary group of highly trained assassins led by a madman sworn to destroy Gotham, and his best plan was "Pis him off, save his life and forget about him." This directly led to the entire population of Arkham Asylum escaping into the Gotham slums. At the same time, Ra's al Ghul vaporized the fear gas on his way to the central hub. Sure, Batman stopped him from destroying the entire city, but only after the poorest section of the city was flooded with hallucination-causing fear gas and actual injury-causing rapists and murderers. The Narrows became the eleventh circle of hell. And with all the chaos in the richer parts of the city the train ran through, it'll be days before the police arrive, and even that's where you're imagining a double-fictional world where the Gotham PD can so nmuch as wipe their anusses without Batsisstance.


I do not get what your argument is about since it did not refute mine but I will refute yours
First post about the Better Plan
Umm Batman has a better plan why cause he ahs a plan Tony Stark's plan is attack which causes him to get hurt alot like what Thor Captain america and almost the whole marvel universe can do to him while Batman was able to beat people far exceeding him
2nd post about who did more good
Yea and Iron Man is a cocky man that does not take orders until it almost destroys new york city
3rd post about gray areas
And would it not make him batman anymore if he does not fight crime instead he uses all his money he fights to lessen crime that is why his batman not rich man
4 post about who does not cast thousand of innocent people
Ahhhm yea not thousands millions IronMan was part of the illuminati who sent Hulk in space.Hulk went back angrier than ever smashed thw hole new york city to smitherines is that not letting people into a murder-filled death
Paramount post
I did not get this post
Batman's first movie got 372 ,000,000
Batman's second movie got 1,000,000,000
Batman's third movie got (currently getting money)
Iron man's first movie got 585 ,000,000
Iron man's second movie got 630,000,000
Batman owns the box office if you compare them both
I like IronMan more but Bat's win
Debate Round No. 2


1. Tony Stark has a way more interesting and fun personality than Bruce Wayne.
Isn't it painfully obvious? Granted, some people go for that brooding "my past continues to haunt me" type of personality, but not me. Tony Stark has a quick tongue and a sense of fun that I wish I had the money to finance. Every time Bruce goes all dark and broody on me, I want to yell at him. Look dude, I'm sorry your parents got killed in front of you. But you're a grown-up now, move past all that and get to living. Tony suddenly lost his parents at 17 or 18. While he was older than Bruce when the parental units died, giving him the maturity to handle it better, Tony had a much shorter period of time to glean himself to take over Stark Industries. Brucey had plenty of time to work up to taking over Wayne Enterprises. Oh, yeah, let's not forget that both billionaires spent time in captivity. And STILL, Tony is way more laid back and easy to be around than Bruce Wayne. I've seen both of them on screen; even with Tony's womanizing ways, I would MUCH rather hang around with Stark than with Wayne.

2. Tony Stark does his own design and engineering work.
It is no secret of mine that my favorite character in the Batman movies (the ones with Christian Bale, anyways) is Lucius Fox. The guy is a complete hero! Some of the stuff he comes up with for the Bat to use on his nightly crusades are just so awesome it makes ME want to don a bat costume and go fight crime. But herein lies the problem; Bruce Wayne has Lucius Fox make all his toys. Tony Stark does all of his own designing and engineering, from the power supplies and armoring right down to the little forearm missiles that make blowing up tanks an artform So yes, while Bruce's monster bank account funds his Bat baubles, the Stark stash o' cash funds it, and the breadwinner is the architect as well. Sorry Bruce, but Tony graduated summa Com lade from MIT at seventeen. He gets way more awesome points than you for this one.

3. Iron Man isn't a vigilante.
Now before you start yelling at me that Iron Man is just a big a vigilante as Batman, let me explain. Batman patrols the streets at night trolling for villains lurking on Gotham's streets. But, he IS doing the jobs of police officers. It's no secret that what the caped crusader does is technically against the law, whether he's working for the police's and the public's benefit or not. Iron Man has jumped into action to do what the US military was already trying to do. For example, in Gulmira, the US military wanted to go in and free the civilians, but mentioned that they weren't allowed to because the terrorist faction was using human shields. Enter Iron Man and Jarvis's selective targetting mechanism. A giant robotic prototype is being activated! S.H.I.E.L.D. agents can't take it down! Iron Man to the rescue! If you really look at it, Iron Man isn't breaking the law when he does his thing. Batman on the other hand? Yeah. You get the picture.

4. Iron Man is virtually indestructible and vulnerable at the same time.
Let's face it; no one likes a Mary Sue. I have not yet met a single person who is a fan of a larger-than-life, nothing-can-harm-me-because-I'm-incredibly-awesome character. But, we also like the notion of someone being relatively untouchable. Batman has his ninja-like stealth and hand-to-hand combat abilities. Awesome. Can you shoot the Bat with a tank and have him just get annoyed? I don't think so. How about run into him with an F-22? I think we'd have a dead flying mammal. Iron Man's gold-titanium allow battle armor makes him virtually indestructible to things that would normally incinerate a human being. But, at the same time, he's vulnerable. Take a look at the final sequences, for example. Obadiah nearly kills Tony by stealing the arc reactor from his chest. This arc is Tony's life support both walking around as billionaire Tony Stark AND flying to the rescue as Iron Man. Now, some of you might be saying that Brucey is better because his level of vulnerability doesn't decrease that much in his Batman outfit (which, Fox informs us, is still vulnerable to knives and gunfire). But let's not forget that no one besides Rachel Dawes (who bites it in The Dark Knight), Lucius Fox, and Alfred actually KNOWS that Bruce Wayne is Batman. Thanks to Tony's little press conference, the entire world is aware of this suave engineer's alter-ego. Making him that much more vulnerable out-of-suit. All in all, I think that Iron Man has a more balanced invincibiliy/vulnerability factor, and is much more interesting to watch deal with such. Sorry again, Bruce. You were close here, but Tony still gets the nod.

5. Tony Stark has more reason to don the Iron Man persona than Bruce Wayne has to don Batman.
There, I said it. This is a direct response to one of the reasons my pal gave me for Batman being better than Iron Man. He said that Bruce Wayne doesn't have to atone for the mistakes of his past. While I see where he's coming from, I don't think he's looking at the whole picture. Before being taken captive by the Ten Rings in Afghanistan, Tony was making weapons for the US military, but some of them were being sold on the black market to terrorist factions without his knowledge. He remained oblivious, later citing that he had been "naive before." When he got back from Afghanistan, however, he tried to shut down the weapons manufacturing portion of his company. Stane got him overruled, and continued to sell the things behind Tony's back. So I think that technically, these aren't mistakes that Stark has to make up for, but a stronger, more vital reason for him to become Iron Man in the first place. He tried to do it before but it didn't work, so he's doing it the iron soldier way. Bruce Wayne picked up Batman because he didn't want anyone else to suffer as he suffered when he lost his parents or whatever. While this is a very noble cause, I'm tempted to say "sh*t happens." You aren't going to put a complete stop to crime in the world, and Batman definitely isn't seeing as if you want to get technical, he's a criminal, too. Iron Man getting rid of the weapons being used to attack America? That is definitely reasonable. So don't get me wrong in that I like that Batman is trying to rid Gotham of the terrible people, but that's Gotham and that's a hell of a lot of people who really didn't do anything to him in the first place. Iron Man is destroying weapons that originated from HIS factories and had the potential of being used against the UNITED STATES. Tony wins hands down here.


I did not get what you where trying to prove since your first statement says
1. Actual Combat: It is no argument that in actual combat Iron Man would defeat Batman. He is nearly indestructible and can withstand all mêlée attacks. So in a fair fight Iron man wins 9 times out of 10. 2. Method of operation: Batman is renowned for killing his biggest criminals, however this is against the law and restricts these people from their right to a fair trial. While Iron Man has done the same exact thing this is not his method of operation he works closer with the government however and while batman is an outlaw Iron Man works closely with the army.
Which I clearly proved wrong but you seem to disregard any of my refutals and arguments meaning you concead them all
Again I shall refute so you cannot argue your objectively better statemnt since you made that argument about actual combat
About personality
You cannot judge how the characters work since that is how they where made
Batman's parents died when he was 7-8 years old plus it happened infront of him showing the evil ways of gotham meaning he did not want to see that happen to anyone else plus at thaty age he should be thinking of toys not trying to get over what happened even if he ahd more time to recovery you can almost never recover from something like that
while Tony at the age of 17-18 is if I am right the age after college life meaning he was already looking for a job and already ahd a company so you have something to get your mind of things while Bruce kid was always haunted by his past
Doing own design
Yea but some of Batman's things where made by lucius Fox but Tony also needed much more help he had lots more friends than Batman Tony even gave his company to piper why cause he cannot handle it all he did was make his own suits and help the avengers and the military plus he loves hacking systems that should not be hacked
Again I do not get why you take Batman's orginis and mix them with IronMan if they came from different companies
correction he helps the police officers as you have seen gotham was a much less brutal place now that batman patrols it less crimes why because they fear batman.Iron Man hacks the military and shield which is against the law so what now huh
What you dont get is Batman has more armored cars that can fly and also has his own suits that he uses to beat other DC characters so he can just make an RPG stick it to Tony's suit and Batman as complete control Batman can escape a tank and an 5-22 with his tanks cars and planes plus Tony still gets affected by the sound in IRONMAN 1 in which Batman can transmit far away without Ironman knowing
Yea IronMan has more responsibilty for his actions which makes Batman a better hero Batman did nto bring a green goliath that destroyed new york meaning Batman has a reason for what he is doing same as with Ironman so you cannot comapre the 2 plus would it be better to help for no reason than fighting for revenge like as you have said many people have hurt IronMan and almost none to Batman which means Batman has a better cause while Ironman Goals can be described as selfish

Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by YYW 6 years ago
I lol at the idea that someone could claim to objectively claim to evaluate a film, let alone objectively compare films.
Posted by DebateBehemoth 6 years ago
Posted by BennyW 6 years ago
Both Billionaires with no real superpowers aside from their gadgets.
Posted by Maikuru 6 years ago
"Sweet, a superhero debate!"

*reads first round*

Posted by Double_R 6 years ago
Pro, please look up the word objective.
Posted by ObiWan 6 years ago
Ifthis is still around in a few days I will definitely accept (though I highly doubt it will be)
Posted by Ore_Ele 6 years ago
Easy semantics win, but I'll resist.
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