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Is All Lives Matter an attack towards Black Lives Matter?

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Started: 2/10/2017 Category: People
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I believe that All Lives Matter (We'll refer to it as alm) is a group founded for the very fact of taking away the validity of Black lives matter (blm). Reason being that, alm is not pushing forward advancing blm's goals, which is to see the condition in which society is in where it criminalizes and devalues black lives. If alm were truly about equality for everyone, they'd be working with blm, not against them. The mere fact that blm exists is not racist just because it doesn't include other races, such as white people, it is only pointing out the issue, which is that black lives are not treated as equally as white lives.


When you say about a certain race, you are already racist.People who follow the rule"ALM" I know to have good hearts, people who work hard and love their families, people who want to see good triumph in the world. Ultimately I"m trying to appeal to that goodness, in hopes that people like those from suburban Jacksonville can open their hearts beyond fear or pride and think about the bigger forces at play and put that innate desire for goodness to use.
I"m also not defending murders of police, like the recent events in Dallas. I am against murder and injustice across the board. Everyone should have the life a human being deserves, be it any race, we are still the same.Cut your hand and red blood comes out,We are the same.Therefore All Lives Matter makes all lives matter.
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