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Is Apple better or Android better

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Started: 11/25/2016 Category: Technology
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Debating Period
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some people says apple is better but some says android is better, but i want to know HOW apple/ android is better



Android has way less restrictions than Apple. To those who say that because of Android having less restrictions it will be vulnerable to viruses, it has its own anti virus.
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Posted by RussellMania741 2 years ago
I personally like Apple better. Its true that Apple is a billion dollar company, but so is Google.
Apple charges for everything, but in return you get a better product. People like Android
Because they love all the freebies they get. Google gives you everything for free. Ill be the first person
To say that none of those apps are free, not by a long shot. Have you ever read the terms of service or the ELUA. Google can do what ever they want to your phone. The permissions that google requires is not only
Disqusting, but crimminal. Google keeps adding dangerous permissions that put your security and privacy
at risk. I thought Microsft was evil, but they dont even campare to what google is doing. The google play
Store is spyware, just with an OS attached. I rather pay for my apps and not take any freebies. Most people have no idea what googles permissions are. When I show them what google can do, they are not only shocked, but apualed. They ask me how to turn it off, I then tell them they can't unless they jail break it and get root access. Those Apps you claim are free are not really free.
Posted by VisualLocket007 2 years ago
I understand that this is supposed to relate only to Apple's phones, but if you look at the debate knowing what both really are, then it is something that really isn't debatable. Apple is a multibillion dollar industry that develops primarily computers and cell phones, and designs the operating systems for them. Android is a mobile operating system developed by google. A better debate would be Android versus ios, or Apple vs Google.
Posted by Archaholic 2 years ago
Which one are you for?
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