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Is Atheism God's Fault?

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Started: 2/11/2014 Category: Religion
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The topic of this essay is "Is Atheism God's Fault?". Yes, I am against this theory. God is good.
Yes, it is God's fault for atheism. If God gave people more understanding than people wouldn't be atheist. He didn't let "Us" know that we could put our trust in him. If you can't put your trust and faith in someone then why even believe their exsistence?
No, it is not God's fault for atheism. God is good. He gives us everything we need; when he feels it's necessary. God works in mysterious ways, but he never lets us down. I don't know what would possess individuals to think that God is isn't real.
Why would it be God's fault for atheism? He wants people to believe in him. God would never mistreat nor neglect his children "Us". He's there for us when we really need, not so much want. God works on his own time.
In conclusion, God is not the fault and should not take the fault for atheism. God did nothing wrong. But everyone has their own opinion on him and life it's self. God died on the cross for us to be where we are today, and I am very thankful; others should be too. To believe that God doesn't exist and that this world was made up of monkeys is completly insane.


"Yes, it is God's fault for atheism."
"No, it is not God's fault for atheism."

There's a contradiction here, but from the rest of your piece, I will assume you are arguing the latter.

"He wants people to believe in him."

If he wanted people to believe in him, why doesn't he just reveal himself? Surely an almighty being would be able to communicate through more efficient means than an ancient book.j

I believe that Atheism is God's fault.
God is omnipotent.

As defined by,
Omnipotent - "Almighty or infinite power".

If he had so much power, then why would he allow Atheism to exist? With his abilities, it would seem like an easy fix to just erase atheism. To do this, he would simply just reveal himself to everybody who disbelieves.

"God works in mysterious ways..."

This is not a viable argument. This is basically saying "God allows atheism to exist because he does".

The point of my argument is that...
You have reached the consensus that Atheism is bad. However, because God is omnipotent, he could remove Atheism from existence if he wanted to. Therefore, atheism exists because God wants it to. His inaction is action.
Of course, this is all under the assumption that God exists.

I could also argue that God does not exist, but that would deviate from the topic of this debate, so I will refrain from doing so.

As a closer, here is a reason why Atheism exists.
I found this video:
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