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Is Batman better than Spiderman

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Started: 11/15/2017 Category: Miscellaneous
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Batman is better than Spiderman because he is Batman!


Batman is a rich person who uses his overpowering wealth to act better than other people. He doesn't have any real superpowers, he's a buffoon who dresses up like a flying furry thing. have you ever seen the old Batman TV show? It's preposterous. he goes out and surfs and shimmies and stuff. But the batman these days is too gritty. there's got to be some kind of balance. Recently, JOKER CUT OFF HIS FRICKING FACE! Is that for kids? Is it in the least bit funny? No. batman was good from 1940 to 1950. After that, everything deteriorated into one big mess. Now, there's the whole alternate universe thing, and that messes things up, and Robin isn't Dick Grayson anymore, which is weird, and they've turned all the villains from mildly amusing goofballs into savage psychopaths. It's OK if they kill a few people every now and again, but seeing all the bloodshed these days makes me want to poop my pants. batman isn't supposed to be horror, he's supposed to be noir, and people need to get that through their thick skulls. batman has been ruined.

Spiderman, however, while perhaps a bit grittier than at his conception, is still a lighthearted jokester, and he still has a modest alter ego that kids can look up to, and nothing has changed much in the Marvel universe. A few things, maybe, but I can still pick up a spider man comic book and look at it and tell what's going on.


I await your next argument.
Debate Round No. 1


Links to atrocious memes aren't a very good way to debate. To each his own, but you lose that way.

Batman isn't the best superhero. He's not the worst. But one thing I can't stand is SUPERMAN being characterized as BAD when he's supposed to be a GOOD GUY. I never saw that new movie. I'm never going to. Batman and Superman are supposed to be friends. they're in the justice league. Pitting them against each other is the most stupid idea I can think of. they can quarrel a little, sure, but BATMAN has completely stolen the spotlight from Superman, and SUPERMAN should not be a villain. Superman was invented before batman, and he's much cooler. He can fly. Batman can't. He has x-ray vision. Batman is a normal guy with a lot of money and some technological gadgets. people can identify with Superman more. He's not a snobby millionaire. He's just a normal newspaper guy. He's not a crazy recluse.

But back to spiderman. Spiderman is a very light hearted superhero. He's not gritty, he's not atrociously campy. Still, I'd much rather read a spiderman comic book than a Batman comic book. Have you seen the old Batman TV show? The acting is horrible. Adam West has the delivery of a robot. And the WORST part of it all is that they hire some REALLY GOOD actors, like Burgess Meredith and Roddy McDowall, to play really stupid, campy villains. I loathe Adam West. He's an idiot. he should not be regarded as the real batman. The only REAL batman is the comic book one from 1940 to 1950. In the old batman show, there are villains who were never even IN the comics. Book guy, Egypt guy, Spider lady. And what bursts my bum, especially, is that penguin is there, and Joker is there, and Riddler, but no two face. There's a guy called FALSEFACE, this crappy disguise artist, but there's NO TWO FACE! Why not? He's the best villain. he represents the battle between good and evil and the ill effects of chance, and batman has an internal conflict about him because they used to be pals! An old episode with him in it could have turned the show from awful to fine, but he's not in there. Another thing I hate is how one second catwoman is white, the next second she's black. One second, Riddler is a goofy little giggler, the next second he's Gomez Adams. that's another flaw to it. The actors who play the villains are inconsistent and very different from each other. Another thing I hate are the death traps that serve as cliffhangers between each two part episode. The bad guy ALWAYS leaves the room instead of making sure Batman dies. And they always do some Rube Goldberg thing instead of just shooting them. It's wrong, I know, but I seriously wish that batman would just die. It's a worse form of torture than the death traps themselves.

But I think the nail in the coffin for the old batman show is how deeply flawed it is. It tries to copy the 40s comic books, but it's made in hippie times, so the end product is flawed and the time period is a bizarre amalgamation of old and new. nothing about it makes sense. One second, batman is like Hercule Poirot, the next second, he's smoking some marijuana or something. It's so weird that I can't stand it.

But I've been getting off on a bit of a tangent here. let me talk about the new batman for a second. I hate him just as much. Just like Adam West is a dork, the new batman is a psychopath. How is this a good thing? And his voice has been completely warped. He doesn't sound like a mountain troll, he just has a NORMAL VOICE! And why the hell is the batmobile a TANK? Why does he get to drive a tank around? Doesn't that damage some stuff? I think batman was only engineered for the good old days. You can't bring him into the modern era. he's not designed for the modern era. in OLD batman comic books, there were stories about police corruption. Batman was designed as a hero for an era when the police were inept. Today, forensic science has evolved. Are you telling me that the police can't catch a guy who dresses up like a clown? Come ON. Why doesn't the army just come in and raze Gotham city to the ground? If it's such a bad place, why the hell do people even live there? There are so many plotholes that it makes your head spin.

Like I was saying, new Batman is awful. REALLY awful. I'm OK with the Michael Keaton batman movie. that one's masterful. Jack Nicholson is a good Joker. he's a psychopath, sure, but he still has a sense of humor, and he still has the gun that goes bang. And Tim Burton is a great director, and everything is on cue there. And I LOVE the Prince songs. The sequel is good, and even the third one with Jim Carrey is kind of mediocre. When it comes to the new batman movies, though, they're just horrible. Heath Ledger isn't funny, he's just scary, and very annoying. bane isn't even a real villain, he doesn't have a gimmick or anything. He's just a strong guy. What's exciting about that? Christopher Nolan is an idiot, and I'm never going to watch his depraved bloodfests.

I await your last argument.
Debate Round No. 2


Batman has beaten The entire Justice League, death, and many other villains, including, but not limited to, Carnage, Darkseid, and Venom, who regularly beats Spiderman. Batman also has the Thrasher, Stealth Suit, Hellbat Armor, and The Justice-Buster. Batman is by far The coolest superhero ever, and is clearly, the better hero!


Oh, you're back? I had figured you'd given up. The villains you listed have nothing to do with Batman. They were invented within the last twenty years or so. You talk about a fictional universe as if it were real. OF COURSE Batman will beat up those characters. He's a good guy, and they're bad guys. However, allow me to mention that Spiderman has beaten Venom and Carnage many more times than batman. You understand that Spider man and Batman are from different universes, right? Crossovers are very rare.

Those things you mention- thrasher, stealth suit, hellbat armor, and justice buster- are nothing more than crazy gadgets invented by DC comics to sell more action figures. In my opinion, the only things Batman NEEDS is the batmobile and his batarang, and some little capsules of drugs every now and then, filled with knockout gas or like that. Why does he need to be all flashy? In the 40s, the batmobile was just a cool old drag racer type thing, and it's sad to see how much it's changed.

I find it hilarious for you to mention that Batman has beaten DEATH. Of course he has! Do you think that he would ever be killed off permanently? NO! The guys over at DC have a sweet money maker going, and they're not willing to stop it anytime soon. Death does not affect anybody in the superhero world. No matter how many shards of glass or bullets any superhero goes through, they always come back later on. Even that whole "Death in the family" thing with Jason Todd or whatever was fake. Don't you get it? The characters never really die, they just make it seem that way so it pulls at our heartstrings! So of course batman has beaten death! Lots of times!

You also mention how he's beaten the Justice league. That's one of the idiotic things I pointed out. he's not supposed to fight the justice league. Why the hell would he fight the Justice League? They're all good guys, and they should learn to work together! Superhero comics are meant to be the ultimate battle between good and evil, so when good fights good everything gets confusing. These days, comics aren't episodic, fun little niblets. They're long, drawn out soap operas, because the comic publishers figure they can bolster their wallets if the story keeps going over five or so issues. You can't just buy one, you've got to try them all! See? And, of course, if batman fights Superman, the stupid comic fans will go for it. At first, it may have been a cool tactic, but now it's too overused. In the old days, when some bad guys would spray Superman with kryptonite from a helicopter, and he started falling, batman was willing to scoop him up from the batcopter. What happened to those days? You might say it's stupid, but I just feel like they should be platonic buddies, not raging Hell beasts.

If I had to choose between Spiderman and Batman, I'd pick batman. Evidently, marvel is a little more light hearted. Spiderman still zips around, doling out corny punchlines and swinging around on a bunch of webs. I'd say that far less has changed for him. He's still the same guy he was fifty years ago. I picked up a Spiderman comic book, from only five years back, and it was pretty good. Sure, there may be just as many gimmicks as in Batman, but at least Spiderman's world hasn't shifted topsy turvy. I can still get a good chuckle from him. And you have to admit, Spiderman actually has superpowers. Batman doesn't. I think that's the key point here.

Voters, I'm counting on you to make the right decision, whatever that may be. Also, sir, i highly suggest that, in the future, you make your arguments a bit longer. It's a wise choice.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by whiteflame 2 years ago
>Reported vote: BryanMullinsNOCHRISTMAS2// Mod action: Removed<

7 points to Pro. Reasons for voting decision: Batman is better than Superman!

[*Reason for removal*] Not an RFD.
Posted by frankfurter50 2 years ago
You gotta quit doing these fake votes, Bryan. They're as fake as your movie.
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