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Is Christianity the right religion?

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Started: 8/13/2018 Category: Religion
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Hello! For this debate, I would like to debate with whoever accepts the debate over Christianity. To be more specific, If it is correct or not. I believe that Christianity is not the correct religion, And, If you accept this debate, You believe that it is. Read below for the rules and debate structure.

1. Be polite.
2. Please at least make an attempt at correct English (mistakes will be tolerated. )
3. Follow the debate structure.

Debate structure:
Round 1: Acceptance
Round 2: Opening/1st argument
Round 3: Refutal of 1st argument
Round 4: 2nd argument
Round 5: Refutal of 2nd argument/closing

I look foward to this debate.


Xtianity or Islam is acceptable for brain dead egocentric believers who stutter I i I i I i I i. The first word of any belief system being the word I.
Debate Round No. 1


Thank you for accepting my debate. With that out of the way, Let us begin.

My first argument is sheer probability. There are over 4, 000 religions out there. All claim to know the answer to everything. Nothing puts Christianity above these many, Many other religions. Many people say that, Because Christianity is so widespread, It must have some truth to it, Though this theory is doubtful. When Jesus started to preach against the Roman gods and goddesses, He, Like the Bible, Emphasized on life after death being filled with "eternal hellfire" if you did not follow the Christian god. Christianity spread through the fear of an afterlife of pain and suffering. Because so many people were scared, They converted. Skip ahead a few thousand years. All of Europe has been converted to Christianity. Europe has more resources than other continents, Allowing them to spread to Africa, Asia, And the Americas. Any natives they find are forced to convert. Eventually, Christianity becomes the religion of 1/3 of the population. Thus, Christianity is no more important than any other religion.

I await your first argument.


Being Jewish the number of Goyim and the religions they worship really does not interest me. Statistics makes for a pathetic logical argument. Xtianity its a dead religion in Europe. That it spews lies and filth goes hand in hand with the death and destruction which it damaged Mankind. The Holocaust proves that Xtianity in particular and Europeans in general remain as uncouth detestable and utterly vile barbarians.

Only in South America does this despicable religion have a measure of popularity. The Europeans slaughtered the native populations and the survivors have embraced the religion which justified the slaughter of the South American native populations! Go figure.
Debate Round No. 2


Hold on. . . Which side are you taking? As you are Pro in "Is Christianity the right religion? " you should believe that it is the truth. You attempted to counter my arguments (thus breaking the debate structure seen in the acceptance round, ) but I will treat this as your 1st argument and refute it. You did not explain why statistics are a pathetic logical argument or give proof that it spews lies and filth. Christianity is a very active religion in Europe, As the continent is home to so many churches and even the Pope himself. The Holocaust was the result of an extremely toxic man misinterpreting the Bible. While Christianity claims to be the right religion, All religions do so, And several act out violently. Christianity is often most noted for these because of how often extremists do this. Why? Statistics. As I mentioned earlier, Christians make up 1/3 of the world, More than any other religion. If 1 in 100 Christians are extremists, Then there will be over 20, 000, 000 extremists.

The South America argument has a problem. If the South Americans were to become Christians, They could only have learned it from the Europeans who wish to spread the religion. There are 3 possible outcomes: Neither Europeans nor South Americans are Christian, Both are Christian, Or Europeans only are Christian. None of those possibilities are compatible with your argument.

I will assume that you will make a greater attempt to stick to the debate structure. You may either refute this argument, Create your 1st argument, Or re-refute my 1st argument. Your choice.


C/P: " You did not explain why statistics are a pathetic logical argument"

Clearly you do have not learned the subject of statistics. I have. Statistics work on random samples. By definition since no random were ever taken, B/c the mathematical knowledge did not exist 2000 years ago. Statistics its based upon the mathematics of probability and has a margin of error. You did not give any margin of error because you did not conduct a proper survey, Asking a random sample of people their opinion about a particular subject. The questions needed to be asked requires Biblical expertise. Never met a Goy who had Biblical expertise. Proof: The Bible translations - 1 and all - violate the first 2 commandments of Sinai and never once has an Xtian denounced this most obvious error. The same error occurred in the Koran, With the exact same result.

The next phrase you copy and paste from me, You took totally out of context.
C/P of what i earlier wrote: " Xtianity its a dead religion in Europe. That it spews lies and filth goes hand in hand with the death and destruction which it damaged Mankind. The Holocaust proves that Xtianity in particular and Europeans in general remain as uncouth detestable and utterly vile barbarians. "

Blood libel slanders, Ghetto imprisonment for centuries, Pogroms etc etc etc resulted in the Shoah - 20th century Europeans violently tortured and murdered 75% of European Jewry in less than 4 years! Hitler did not introduce the ghetto, Nor the idea of gathering up the Jews and burning their bodies!

Next proof: When the EU attempted to establish a Constitution for the Union of these 27 countries, Never once in the entire Constitution which they drew up did that document make a single reference to Xtianity! The religion of Xtianity as we know it began in Europe! Yes its 'good news' enjoys popularity in South America. But ask yourself, What happened to the native american populations which once thrived before the discovery of the new world? Almost all those native populations the church has driven to extinction! The slaughter of the Axtec and Mayan empires I bring as examples. But the history of oppression of the natives continues unto this very day!

I bring as further evidence the almost total extermination of the original inhabitants of Hawaii. And the almost total slaughter of the American Indians in the US today. Where Indians fractionalize their genetic Indian inheritance like for example 1/8 Apache.
Debate Round No. 3


Mosc, You need to stick to the debate format. I will take your previous argument as your 1st point. Revised debate structure (You need to stick to this one. If he does not, Voters, Please take a few points off. ) You are pro in this debate, But are arguing the point I'm supposed to make. You need to stop. (Voters, Please do something about this if he doesn't. )

Round 4: Refute the opposition's point (I will refute your Round 3, You will refute my refutal. DO NOT DO OTHERWISE! )
Round 5: Closing (Do NOT make ANY points or rebuttals in this round. Simply summarize your debate. )
Don't be mad at me if you disagree. You've broken both the debate structure and the point of it. I'm being merciful here by not quitting outright.

Anyway, On to my 2nd argument. Christianity is a highly contradictory religion. It claims to be of peace, But the Bible has some violent stuff in it (Not all Christians are violent, But the Bible still is. ) It claims to give love to all, But the only respectable people are straight Christian males, Who are still often considered servants to the supposedly loving god. Also, Metaphors in the bible change to fit the events of the decade, The political climate, Or even the conversation some Christians get into. Every single verse in the Bible can be misinterpreted, Reinterpreted, And misinterpreted again depending on the events of the world.

I await your ARGUMENT. Not your rebuttal, But you ARGUMENT ONLY!


The crimes against humanity done by the church, Merits respect as does Stalin or Hitler or Mao or Pol Pot. The difference between these dictators who merit total contempt and the church. . . The latter made its evil crimes against humanity spread over a 2000 years Jack the Ripper killing spree.

The Xtian bible translations, They murder the Hebrew T'NaCH like Xtians slaughtered minority populations throughout history. The bloody scenes depicted in the books of the T'NaCH[Torah/Prophets/Writings], A division not found in the biblical old testament translations made by Xtian war criminals, Civil War.

Now i ask both you and the general reader: when Civil War breaks out within any society/civilization and there not occur a horrible blood bath. The Civil Wars among and between the Tribes of Israel depict the social anarchy and chaos within the brit [this term means alliance/Republic NOT "covenant" as the Xtian translators translated the Hebrew term brit. An alliance requires swearing an oath. What caused the floods in the days of Noah? False oaths. Oaths represent a major theme in the T'NaCH literature. False oath by the Torah concept of faith resulted in the outbreak of all Civil Wars! This subtle nuanced distinction, The Xtian translations totally missed. There exist many such examples. But the 2 most glaring which the Xtian biblical translators totally missed: Tohor and g'lut], Republics.

Consider by comparison the American Civil War. More Americans died in that time of anarchy and chaos than American soldiers who fought in WW1 and WW2 combined! So while its accurate that the 'bible' which you read, "has some violent stuff in it, You totally missed the point of the account.

Xtianity represents a totally f*cked up counterfeit religion. Most probably the authors of the Gospels - Romans. The Book of Acts, And the story of the Apostle Paul -- suckers.

If Paul was Jewish, Then he served as an agent provocateur. The Yidden sought to rebel against the Goyim Roman pigs. The Great Sanhedrin sent an agent [think Mossad] to accomplish a two prong Psy Ops/PsyWar.

First this agent provocateur had to infiltrate this tiny heretical false messiah movement and destroy its influence among the Jewish people. This he achieved by staging an stoning event and the 'Hand of God' saved him from death: saying [lol] Saul Saul why do you persecute me?

A 3 man Torts court has no power to put a man to death by any of the 4 methods of death penalty. Stoning being the most sever. Only a Sanhedrin Court has the jurisdiction to try a man on a Capital Crimes Case. Which was - avoda zara. If a Sanhedrin court did try and convict a criminal for avoda zara, Then the stoning had nothing comparable to people throwing stones till the criminal died - as happened with our agent provocateur. Stoning entailed a 3 story high scaffold. The criminal stripped naked and bound. A judge would lead up the stairs up to the 3rd floor. The criminal then pushed face forward off the scaffold upon a jagged bolder below. The Talmud declares that no man ever survived this fall.

Halacha, Jewish law, Its places a central role in the lives of the Jewish people. This goy concept of stoning as depicted in the book of Acts - represents a custom totally alien to halacha but common among Goyim. This agent provocateur sought to infiltrate the ranks of Goyim not Jews.

This agent provocateur was tried by a Torts court/damages court of 3 judges! Torts courts, As stated above, Do not have jurisdiction to try Capital Crimes Cases. Later another torts court would again try Paul for a Capital Crimes Case of avoda zara - in Rome. Paul being "a Roman citizen"! Hmmm how did a Roman become a student of the Nasi of the Great Sanhedrin in Jerusalem in the first place?

Next hole in the book of Acts story: the Sanhedrin only has jurisdiction within the borders of Judea. Paul was tried within the province of Syria, Not Judea! Ooops.

Having miraculously surviving the judicial death sentence of stoning, He walked way from being stoned on his own power - my how convenient! Our born again agent provocateur now heads to Damascus and assumes the leadership of this Jewish heretical false messiah movement. Paul could accomplish this b/c he was a Torah scholar - and not a ignorant fisherman like the so called deciples of the son of Zeus.

First off the bat our born again Xtian starts preaching that circumcision with the coming of the messiah together with all the commandments of Moshe the Prophet no longer have validity. Goyim audiences just ate this 'good news' up. Jews abhorred this sh-t. At a stoke our agent provocateur destroyed the influence of this vile false messiah movement among Jews. Whooooooooop first stage of his mission a complete success!

Second phase of the 2 prong mission of our agent provocateur's Psy Ops war against the Roman empire. To foment Civil War within the Roman civilization against Caesar! Our agent provocateur remembers the famous Psy Op which Judah Maccabee did which undermined the power of the Greek empire in Syria which once ruled over Judea as a satellite province of the Greek empire, Originally conquered by Alexander the Great.

Prior to the Jewish revolt against that Greek empire, Whose Capital was Damascus, Judah Maccabee declared the Jews allegiance to a Syrian pretender to the throne. The consequence, On repeated occasions the Syrian Greek army had to pull its Army out of Judea and return back to Syria to put down an internal Civil War wherein the pretender king declared that he ruled the Syrian Greek empire! This Psy Ops proved very successful, The Maccabees defeated the Syrian Greek empire and Jews won our National Independence! The first time that Jews had ruled Judea as an Independent nation since before the Babylonian empire destroyed the kingdom of Judah.

Our agent provocateur based his Psy Ops war against Caesar and Rome upon the success story of Judah Maccabee. Our Roman citizen traveled to Rome and our born again agent provocateur started preaching. . . Come worship the King of the Jews. . . The son of God. Only this God lives as the true God! Now this message of 'good news' directly threatened the Roman civilization which based itself upon (1) Greek polytheism and (2) that Caesar himself was the son of God! Caesar had our agent provocateur murdered as a foul criminal against the State!

The Psy Op of our agent provocateur, To foment Civil unrest against the government of Caesar by injecting a form of monotheism into the polytheistic Roman civilization. The Psy Ops eventually worked but alas not before the Romans had defeated 3 major Jewish revolts and sent the surviving Jewish populations out of Judea and renaming the country Palestine!

The entire notion of Messiah, Which means anointed/dedicated to the God of Israel, This too a total war time propaganda deception. Messiah/Christ these terms exist as English and Greek translations of Moshiach. Moshe anointed Aaron and his family as Moshiach. The Book of Bmidbar/Numbers tells a story of a Civil War wherein Korach and 250 Elders leaders of the 12 Tribes opposed Aaron and his house as the eternal Moshiach. The same rebellion happened again under king Shlomo/Solomon by means of dedicating sacrifices upon private altars which did not require a son of Aaron to do this service and again following the secession of 10 tribes away from the kingdom of Yechuda wherein the 1st king Yero'vam permitted any person not of the house of Aaron to make sacrifices. A sacrifice does not exist as making a bar BQ to Heaven but rather as a means of swearing a Torah oath!

King Shaul/Saul lost the kingdom [he was anointed moshiach in the order of Moshe the prophet]b/c he failed to keep the commandments of the law giver! Aaron had a different dedication/moshiach. Aaron as the head of the Cohen/priest Nation had a moshiach dedication to do service to HaShem only in tohor conditions. What does tohor mean? The Bible does not know.
Debate Round No. 4


Alright. In this round we summarize our debate. We can only use arguments used in past rounds. No rebuttals.

One of the reasons Christianity is not the correct religion is probability. There are thousands of different religions out there, And nothing puts Christianity above any of them. None of them (with the exception of atheism, If we count that as a religion) have any strong, Solid, Proof. Another reason against Christianity is it's many contradictions. Metaphors constantly change, Verses condemn what verses condone, There's almost no reasoning to it. I'm sure that you would agree.

This was a good enough debate. Bye.


Xtianity its a sh*tty religion of genocide. Not just Jewish genocide but native American and African genocide. By their fruits you shall know them. This religion of love never once ever made the least effort to define love. Eww religious rhetoric stinks and totally sucks. I hate and totally abhor this abomination.

As my closing argument why Xtianity all humanity should loathe and detest, I shall attack the catholic dogma of free will and original sin. The theology of this post noise testament church - totally empty of any real thought. The arrogance of limiting the gods to what an individual personally believes - disgusting spiritual masturbation!

Let me start with a refutation of the apostle Paul's ludicrous utterly absurd theology of the fall of Man and original sin.

1st premise: Torah teaches mussar/morality. Mussar defines the spirituality of the T'NaCH literature.
2nd premise: Torah teaches mussar by major themes which repeat themselves over and over throughout the T'NaCH literature.

Why does the adage: history repeats itself have plausibility? Latter generations fail to learn the mistakes made by earlier generations. Spirituality of mussar proposes a different parameter why evil occurs in every generation ever, Or will ever, Walk the face of this earth. Rabbi Yechuda the Prince taught in the Talmud of Bra'kot, That within the heart of Man lives the inclination to do good and evil. This mussar interprets the intent of the metaphor of the Tree of knowledge of good and evil.

The 1st word of the Torah bet/rashit means 2 beginnings. HaShem creates in all generations the Yatzir Tov and the Yatzir Ha'Rah. Torah faith stands upon the understanding that HaShem as KING calls all the shots. Meaning, The Creator of the Universe, Did not just create the Universe way back when as the history theory suggests, But HaShem the Creator created all human decisions that all generations of Mankind can ever conceive or make.

The Man walk before God can go down 2 possible paths, Good or evil. A nation that fills the land with bloodshed defines evil. A nation that protects the weak, Poor, Widow, And orphan through righteous Courts of Law which recompenses persons for damages suffered irregardless of the power or prestige of the wicked, Defines good.

A nation or nations which oppress, Practice injustice, Permit theft, And sexual perversion, HaShem curses these nations. Irregardless how great and powerful these mighty empires: once cursed they fall.

Israel, If Jews re-establish the Torah as the Constitution of our Republic of States, Then our Common Law courts of Law shall base their Jurisprudence upon the Talmud as the model of righteous just Courts. If our Courts do not behave as did the wicked Court of Europe, Then HaShem shall bless our Republic and protect it from both Civil Wars; our IDF shall defeat any and all foreign armies who seek to make Israel a satellite banana republic of the Great war mongering imperialist powers the EU, Russia, The UN, And the US.

Domestically, The re-establishment of the Torah as the Written Constitution of the Jewish Republic of Israel, Would require that Jews expel the Arab stateless refugee populations residing temporarily within the borders of the Jewish State and compel the Arab and Muslim States to repatriate their Arab stateless refugee populations expelled from the Jewish Republic of States; immediately followed by nationalization of the territories of Samaria and Gaza. Israel determines its borders, The imperialist war monger nations - the EU, Russia, UN, And US do not determine the borders or national Capital City of the Jewish State. The Torah Republic despises UN Resolutions 242, 338, 446, And 2334; it hold them on par with the UN Zionism is Racism proclamation.

But I digress. If HaShem calls the shots because HaShem rules His brit people as the KING, Then HaShem as the Creator creates all human thoughts and ideas which either the Yatzir HaTov or the Yatzir HaRah can possibly entertain. This means that free will exists only as a pathetic religious rhetoric none sense. HaShem gives all Nations the will to choose which path it walks therein. Only 2 paths did HaShem create. The mussar spirituality instructed by this reality: Man can strive to do t'shuva. The model of t'shuva being the Wilderness generation. Which according to Rabbi Akiva has no portion in the World to Come!

Turn now to the idiotic religious rhetoric of original sin. The Torah teaches by means of repetitive themes. The word Mishna means repetition. The mussar theme which begins with Adam and Eve - g'lut/exile. This theme of g'lut repeats itself with the exile of Noach into the Ark. This theme of g'lut repeats itself with the brit cut between the pieces, Wherein HaShem swears upon His Name to Avram that the lands of Canaan HaShem shall cause the specific brit seed of Avram to inherit this land - upon condition. HaShem informs Avram that his - as yet unborn children ie O'lam Ha'ba - shall suffer torture and oppression in foreign lands of exile!

The above mentioned Wilderness Generation died in g'lut/exile. Therefore the Pauline narishkeit of original sin represents a perversion of the Torah. The g'lut/exile of Adam and Eve does not condemn all mankind to original sin which requires a Greek Christ/messiah to make atonement of the original sin of Adam through human sacrifice. Human sacrifice always remains as a total Torah abomination. The death of Jesus as a human sacrifice to atone for the original sin of Adam defiles the Torah in the most tuma filth which goes by the valley of Hinnom wherein the wicked of Israel sacrificed their sons and daughters to foreign alien gods. From this valley derives the later rabbinic concept of Ge-hinnom, A metaphor of cursed hell.

The theology and dogmatism of the Church merits total revulsion and complete loathing and disrespect. By their fruits you shall know them. Catholic priest raped, Just recently hundreds and hundreds of little children.
Debate Round No. 5
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Posted by HienSpicer 3 years ago
I think that Christianity is the right religion!
I am a new member here!
I want to introduce myself!
I am very cool!
Posted by Turk082 3 years ago
Christianity is a joke when spared to Judaism. Here is why Jesus is NOT G-d.

G-d is G-d and humans are humans. G-d doesn't become human, And humans do not become G-d.

Jesus was a loony who died. That's it. G-d cannot die. To say the least would be ludicrous. If G-d where to die, Who would run the world. Thus, Jesus can never be G-d. In fact, No man can be G-d. Period. If you have a problem with that, Take it up with G-d not me. I didn't make the universe, Set the Laws of nature, Not did I make it impossible for G-d to be born and die as a man.

G-d is not a man that he should lie. Numbers 23:19.
Posted by 32doni32nido32 3 years ago

Posted by mosc 3 years ago
this last response got me laughing.
Posted by Partial2Partials 3 years ago
Oh god, A new FollowerofChrist.
Posted by Bryan101 3 years ago
Now all the individual religions and their individual believers on earth fight over who is a real believer and who isn"t"who is going to Heaven and who isn"t. Telling others and us that if we don"t believe in his or her religion then we will go to hell. If we believed in any of them, Died, And his or her God said to us, "what do you think? " We would respond, "well it would be Heaven if our family, Friends, And other loved ones weren"t burning in hell for eternity. Heaven can be a place where the best of "Absolutely Everyone" makes it and no seed is left behind! Our idea of Hell is what organized religion says is Heaven. Without our "Entire Family", We are not in "Heaven! " And if any member of our "One Family" is burning in Hell for eternity then we are not Rejoicing in your Heaven either! "

O hear me, God will always be the last one to enter Heaven. God is holding the door open for everyone else. God"s Word will be the Final Word: no seed was left behind. How is that not obvious?
Posted by Bryan101 3 years ago
We can love our family, Neighbor and enemy for GOD is ONE WRITTEN WORD, ONE SPOKEN WORD and ONE LIVING WORD. When the Sun rises and sets is it not obvious? Everywhere the WORD and WILL of GOD goes we can also go"a wave of light can transform this World into HEAVEN within a day. We can leave the judging to GOD whom has good judgment while we focus on confessing our sins and practicing temperance. Thus, HEAVEN can re-enter us, Others and return to Earth. Heaven is a full-time job!

What was hell? No forgiveness, No confession, And no temperance.
What was earth? Forgiving all, Confessing to all and returning to all temperance.
What was heaven? Forgiven all, Confessed to all, And the practice of all temperance.

In my left hand, Original sin rippled out creating hell on earth: no forgiveness, No confession, And no temperance. In my right hand, Forgiving all, Confessing to all and returning to all temperance rippled back: FORGIVEN ALL, CONFESSED TO ALL AND RETURNED TO ALL TEMPERANCE (ONE ALMIGHTY CLAP"ONE PRAYER ANSWERED"ONE FAMILY HOME"ONE HEAVEN). How else did the PEACE of GOD re-enter us, Others and return to Earth? It is peaceful in heaven, Heaven and HEAVEN"the three are ONE.

We can pray alone but how can we pray alone for much longer?
Posted by Partial2Partials 3 years ago
Posted by Partial2Partials 3 years ago
@32doni32nido32 I got it off the interwebs.
Posted by Partial2Partials 3 years ago
@32doni32nido32 I got it off the interwebs.
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