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Is Christianity true?

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Started: 2/2/2017 Category: Religion
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Debating Period
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I believe Christianity is true because it seems the most plausible of any belief in existence (including atheism) and no one has yet convinced me otherwise.


Atheism explains everything.

Evolution has showed us how we evolved from apes and monkeys into humans.
Also, we know that archea which is a type of domain, can withstand extreme temperatures. Certain bacteria form an endospore which can protect them from extreme conditions and can last for thousands of years. Scientist believe that these organisms were on a comet, frozen in ice and when it hit earth, there was early life which evolved over 4.5 billion years.

Also, another experiment, the Miller-Urey experiment shows how nucleic acids, proteins, monosacharides formed which are the building blocks of life.

Also, religion claims the earth is 10,000 y/o when Uranium Isotopes clearly show it is 4.5 billion y/o.
Also, there is no proof that God exists. And Religious people say you can't disprove it.

This argument is like: Preacher says: " I was a GMO donut that could talk and my friend was an invisible bowl of spaghetti with microscopic nuclear missles."
And I say BS.
Preacher says: "You can't disprove it so it must be true."
Debate Round No. 1


Good arguments. However, Christianity explains a supernatural being, that is God, so the existence of evolution does not support whatsoever the non existence of God. Evolution may very well be true and yet Christianity may also be true. They are not mutuallly exclusive. Secondly, a lot of thinrgs in the Bible are meant to be read in the context of how it is written. Many many Christians believe the earth is billions of years old and started with a Big Bang. For those that think it's 10,000 years old, that's just one way of estimating based on the given genealogy that is listed. This does. Or mean people inhibited the earth right when the earth was created. It could still be billions of years old. Lastly, there is plenty of compelling evidence towards a creator such as beauty, love, unfillfillment in death. Evolution does not explain this by itself.


First of all, the argument is if Christianity is true.
The bible, a Christian book, and what Christian's preach has many claims such as the origin of life, earth, Noah arc.
These claims are false. For example, Evolution not God put Humans on Earth. The earth is 4.5 billion not 10,000.

Thus, if Christians believe in the bible.
And the bible isn't true.
Then, Christians believe in a fake/lie bible.
Thus, Christianity is fake.
Thus, Christianity is not true.

Also, there is no evidence that supports the existence of god. Love, beauty, fulfillment in death.
First, of all there is no afterlife. When you die, your body gets biodegraded into a pile of dirt.
Love is a result of beings wanting to procreate. And beings procreate because the ones that didn't would not be alive today. There gene pool would not have been passed on. Beauty is subjective. You cannot use this as support.
Debate Round No. 2


I think you would have to elaborate further for me to accept your viewpoint that the Bible is false. I would agree that if something in the Bible were indeed falso, then Christianity couldn't be true, but i have yet to find something that is incorrect. of could create evolution with the purpose of human beings evolving. Therefore evolution is true, and God is real. That eliminates that argument. And for a second time, the Bible does not say "the earth is 10,000 years old". It actually strongly suggests I'm Genesis that the earth is very very old indeed.

Regarding beauty, love, etc.... yes i do agree that evolution can explain HOW it was created, but I think the question must be asked: Why do we live in such a world that there is the feeling of love, or true enjoyment of beauty. Why are the ingredients of life inclusive with all these spectacular things? Life exists under one set of guidelines and principles, the laws of physics. Couldnt there have been an earth that was much simpler? A quick answer is no, because that's not how it would have evolved. And then my next question is very important: Why! Why does evolution work the way it does. Not how: (aka natural selection yada yada..) Why are the laws of gravity the way they are. Do you think somewhere out there in a universe far far away there is life that exists much simpler than ours? NO. Because life isn't life without living and breathing and elements and atoms and mass and time and space. It all works together in an amazing puzzle and yes evolution and scientists can successfully answer how it came to be, but they cannot possibly explain why it is that way. That's why I believe in a creator outside of the natural world.


Gravity is a force off attraction between mass. The formula is G= (mass1*mass2)/ distance^2. It has nothing to do with God. Scientists are still working on why Gravity exists. However, it is possible that Gravity and Electromagnetism are related.

But there is no proof you can supply that a creator did it. Give me some solid proof. There is none. You loose.

And yes, there is life on a planet far far away. Why ? The universe is massive. trillions and trillions and trillions and trillions of miles wide. And it is expanding. Thus by probability, there it is likely that there is life. We haven't' found it because we have yet to develop space travel that is economical and can go extremely far away. However, scientists have found bacteria on asteroids and comets if you call that life.

We are a complicated arrangement of atoms and molecules and electrons and proteins and lipids and nucleic acids and lots of stuff. Also, if God existed why do we have ISIS, terrorists, and poverty, and pollution. Clearly, if he did exist, he would help us out in these times.
Debate Round No. 3
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Debate Round No. 5
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Posted by TheMagi 2 years ago
sorry i didn't try to forfeit, it just didn't post my argument in time.
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