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Is Competition Good?

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Started: 2/3/2018 Category: Miscellaneous
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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First, competition motivates people to unleash their potential and strive to become better. In a competition-packed community, the person needs to improve in order to be granted better chances, such as better opportunities to get into a prestigious college or high school. When my sister had just started middle school, she was only at an average level and had begun experiencing a decrease in her attentiveness at school. After her first semester, she realized how more and more students were taking extra classes and joining math and science leagues. She learned that this was because everyone wanted to be accepted by the highest-achieving high school in the state - YangLiu, but there was an extremely limited number of seats. Motivated by her goal of getting ahead of her peers - the competitors - in order to earn a spot at YangLiu, she strove to succeed, spending countless hours on her studies and participating in extracurricular activities. Finally, she was accepted into YangLiu and later Ivy League. This shows that competition allows individuals to improve and discover their latent talent or potential.
Second, competition produces better products and results in the workplace. In business, companies need competition in order to ensure that the prices and qualities of their produces are reasonable. Take, for example, Rockefeller"s oil monopoly. By being the only company to sell refined oil, he was able to sell the oil at any price and at any quality. This was detrimental to the consumers because they needed to follow Rockefeller"s rules, no matter what they were. With companies competing against one another, they will be forced to lower their prices, improve the quality of their goods, hire more experienced workers, and provide better services. It is clear, from this example, that competition in the business realm is much more beneficial than it is detrimental.
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Posted by louigi 3 years ago
Whoops sorry 'bout that
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