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Is Donald Trump a direct result of American Decay?

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Started: 8/3/2017 Category: Politics
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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Four rounds. First round being acceptance.
I will debate as pro,my collegue as con.
Second round:opening arguments


No because hes not a direct result because Obama was a direct result of American Decay due to the economy falling in 2008 and Trump was not a result of American Decay as the economy rose during Obamas 8 years
Debate Round No. 1


Thank you for accepting the challenge.
Candidate Donald Trump
When Barack Obama was not given a red carpet treatment in China, "Donald Trump said.... he would have left the G-20 summit in China over a logistical flap that left President Obama disembarking Air Force One onto a plain metal staircase. How can a leader jeopardize a meeting of the most important nations on earth economically over a red carpet, and by extension bar his nation from the implied and apparent benefits on account of the perception of a personal insult? This statement was proof in itself that Donald Trump was a man that would put his ego ahead of his nation; this notion has been proved over and over again with his obsession with being the center of attention( boy scouts speech, so called alternative facts e.t.c ) and the disarray his administration has been upon for the last six months,= coupled with his bad decision making for instance to hire the mooch then fire him 10 days later while berating his attorney general because he felt disappointed by his decision to recuse himself from the Russian investigation was another clear example that America had chosen a man whose morals were out of sync with the office he had been given.
America's decay seems to be both economic and moral. I contend that Donald Trump is a result of this decay, why would a man who insults his political rivals, professes enmity to the truth and has shown admiration to a leader who by all accounts would naturally compete against the united states (Putin) , and does not offer any coherent policy as seen with his attempt to strong arm senators into repealing the affordable care act be permitted to become president?
The values of the American people have fallen from a moral perspective, as a result, they would permit a liar and quite frankly a man who has no knowledge to show for his leadership except arrogantly professing that wealth entitles him to this position to be voted into power. for most people, the truth does not matter, the need to satisfy all desires without limits nor moral considerations has blinded us as a people to the basic qualities we should demand from any leader; This decay has been progressive, among other things, Bill Clinton-impeached...George Bush-unjust wars....Barrack Obama...a charismatic leader who only made the rich richer and enhanced the most lethal government sanctioned murder program on earth( drone warfare), Trump ,I contend is worse, because he is ignorant and seems controlled by his base emotions . Why, he once said, "he's big where it counts, hands down" Would a leader of a nation really tell his people and the world that the size of his genitals have any bearing on his leadership skills or the ability to lead other people? Only a people that have lost moral direction would give him such power over them, have not the results been self evident?
America's economic decline which of-course has been connected to its moral decline( in my opinion ) has prompted many among the masses to embrace a man who claims to be richer than he actually is, refused to release his tax returns,( this clearly means that he has something to hide) whose private conversations seemed riddled with nonsense( refer to his interviews and reactionary politics)and a general disinterest in positively engaging the world.
America's top causes of death are mostly medical, however we have chosen a president whose sole objective seems to be precipitating a religious conflict, condoning police brutality and a blind belief that violence( by encircling oneself with generals) begets success, and of course the foolish fixation on refugees who do not commit nearly as much crimes as Americans inflict on themselves. Instead of addressing the root causes of these issues, he has focused on the weakest segments of society, a tactic many tyrants use and have used in the past.
The change in various laws, from those governing sexual relations between people, permitting what was once considered madness, to the desensitization on account of the bloody wars( see Vietnam, Iraq) is a direct result of this decay, We are in a land in which injustice, oppression and death is condoned by economic and political considerations, where racism is openly supported under the guise of words; Would Abraham Lincoln have condoned this? No, he would not, and yet Donald Trump considers himself second only to Lincoln. His arrogance has no limits!
Our moral and economic decay has made us desperate, so much so that we have turned to a man that brings out the worst in us, an evident liar, hypocrite( compare criticisms of Obama's vacation costs to his and other things) who knows no bounds, would you imagine Abraham Lincoln insulting the wife of his political competitor like how Trump went after Ted Cruz. The hypocrisy of our politicians is such that Ted Cruz said, Trump is a "pathological liar," "utterly amoral" and a "serial philanderer" This was candidate Trump, the actions of president Trump have proven Ted Cruz correct. and despite all this, the politicians support him, why? because they have decayed morally and stand for nothing but material gain.
The so called Economic rise is but a mirage, the percentage of global GDP that the united states owns has been declining for the last 30 or so years, and it is evident that China will probably surpass the United States soon; and what greater proof of this than the fact that even in the political realm, a hermit nation like North Korea can challenge American supremacy? or a regional power like Iran can force American naval ships to fire warning shots? The Jobs that the United States lost because of cheaper labor are most likely never coming back as those wages cannot be matched by the USA, Also, the amount of debt that we have has a nation would be unacceptable to any other nation; this is coupled with the fact that Donald Trump has progressively began alienating allies( NATO) in preference to adversaries ( Russia) and prompted what was unheard of, possible retaliatory economic sanctions against the United States from The European Union ( on account of the sanctions imposed on Russia-recently); Trump's moral bankruptcy will only fasten the sinking of this great ship, he does not seem to have the political will nor skill set to do what is both necessary and logical; His constant distractions and conflict with the press serve only as a reminder to his inability to be president, Any cry he hears, he complains that it is against him, United We stood, divided we are falling.
With our moral decay, we have chosen a man who does not respect any morals, and with our economic decay we have chosen a man who has no knowledge , a pessimist whose cry of Make America Great again arouses the euphoria of the past. Had Trump truly been knowledgeable, he would have focused on strengthening the economy and not using the stock market as a judge of the strength of the economy, there is nothing wrong with this except that he seems more interested in taking credit than actually proposing progressive and sound policies.
Only a fool would praise a fool, So who would vote for one except a people who have lost their bearing?
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Debate Round No. 2
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Debate Round No. 3
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Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by NDECD1441 3 years ago
An entire essay written. How long did it take you to right that??? :O
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