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Is Donald Trump a good president?

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Started: 6/14/2018 Category: Politics
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Donald Trump is a good president because he is highly successful, he is not racist, he is against globalism (which can ruin the USA,) he is not a sexist.

Let's start with the first thing I said, he is higly successful. Trump is a billionaire, all successful people have gone bankrupt, including Disney and Ford, he got a small loan of a million dollars from his father and he was highly successful, because his business has lots of profits.

Secondly, he isn't racist at all, he let Jews and Blacks in his private club in Palm Beach in Florida, while other clubs still discriminate these people.

Next is he is against globalism, like I said, can ruin the country. Liberals don't understand that globalism is a bad influence, like in the EU, where migrants from Muslim countries ruined Europe, getting women oppressed in European countries and higher crime rate, if it is happening in the US, the US would have been fallen to the "violent" ideology that is no other than Islam.

Lastly, he is not a sexist because he appointed a women in building his "Trump" tower. He also have a wife and daughter telling him about women's healthcare.

I would like to conclude that Trump is a good president because he is helping America because he created new jobs, helped the economy and possibly caused countries in Europe to have right wing parties winning elections since his victory in the 2016 election.


A good leader is one who doesnt just help his own nation but helps other nations like the 10 nations in ASEAN willing to help each other out in times of crisis. For example the haze situation in Indonesia in(I think)2015. Singapore"s prime minister dispatched a few aircrafts to extinguish the flames in the forest. Mr Lee in this case did not just care for his own country but cared for others at the same time. This ladies and gentlemen is a true leader. A president is also a leader but heh lets face it:

Donald trump building a wall? Making another country pay for it? Yes I understood his intentions but isnt there another alternative? He could"ve just thought of another alternative. And plus a good leader should be helping those in need and not restrict them from coming in. And these illegal immigrants are innocent! Trump should be helping them instead of detaining them. Heres an example of what happened to an innocent family:
Heading to church one evening in late March, a farmworker and her sister were stopped for speeding in the village of Geneseo, N.Y. They were driving with their five children in the back of the minivan. Two were not in car seats, as required.
The police officer, trying to cite the driver for the infractions, discovered she had no driver"s license, so he called Border Patrol to review her Guatemalan passport. Both sisters were undocumented immigrants. They were detained and are facing deportation.
Under a Trump administration that has taken an aggressive stance on illegal immigration, the moving car has become an easy target. A broken headlight, a seatbelt not worn, a child not in a car seat may be minor traffic violations, but for unauthorized immigrants, they can have life-altering consequences.
Routine traffic stops have always carried the threat of deportation, but during the last years of the Obama administration, when serious crimes were prioritized, the stops that simply revealed unlawful status often resulted in deferment. No longer.

Rachael Yong Yow, a spokeswoman for Immigration and Customs Enforcement, said it did not keep statistics on traffic stops that have led to detention. But over the last several months, there has been an increasing number of reports of traffic stops, whether in upstate New York, Florida or Minnesota, in which drivers have been taken into ICE custody. Even passengers have been detained and face deportation.
"If there was a valid licensed driver driving the vehicle," the Geneseo police chief, Eric Osganian, said in a statement after the two sisters were pulled over, "there would have been no need to call Border Patrol to confirm the ID of the driver."


Obama was different at handling these situations. Instead of deporting them, he let them in and have jobs. This is a true leader ladies and gentlemen. He was helping the innocent and not pushing them away. This is one of the main reasons why me(a 13 year old) salutes him.

Also,a leader wouldnt be making threats at other countries. Take for example the nuclear threats he made towards Kim Jong Un. A leader wouldnt be wasting his time on twitter arguing about who"s nuclear button is bigger and functional. A good leader should be making friends so at least in times of crisis be it natural disasters or stuff like that they can help each other out but no president trump rather debate about nuclear missles and make threats instead of doing what a true leader should do. I mean can you imagine what would have happened if there was really a nuclear war? I mean does a good president put his own people at risk?

"Trump is a billionaire, all successful people have gone bankrupt, including Disney and Ford, he got a small loan of a million dollars from his father and he was highly successful, because his business has lots of profits." What does this have to do with him being a good president? If he"s a billionaire why does he not pay for his own wall?

"Secondly, he isn't racist at all..."heh you seem to have forgotten when he said radical islam terrorism repeatedly.

"if it is happening in the US, the US would have been fallen to the "violent" ideology that is no other than Islam" Dont bring islam into this,its just a religion for goodness sake. And just because of an extremist group called islamic state, you are using that as a basis of understanding towards Islam? What if I told you the first terrorists were the christians during the crusades?

"Lastly, he is not a sexist..."heh explain these:

-Louise Sunshine, who worked for"Trump from 1973-1985, told the Washington Post that the billionaire kept a 'fat picture' of her in his desk drawer,"that he would take out when she did something he didn"t like.
She said it was "a reminder that I wasn"t perfect" and added that she still remembers it today:""When I gain weight, I think of that picture.""
The President called Sunshine"s story "totally false and ridiculous.""

-In an interview with Vanity Fair, while he was still married to Ivana, a gallant Trump said: "I would never buy Ivana any decent jewels or pictures. Why give her negotiable assets?"

-According to New York Magazine, in November 1992, Trump said that German"gold-medal winning Olympic ice skater Katarina Witt was:
"Wonderful looking while on the ice but up close and personal, she could only be described as attractive if you like a woman with a bad complexion who is built like a linebacker".

-In May 2000, the then"property mogul ranked famous women he'd like to sleep with.
The list, should you be interested,"was:
Melania Knauss (then his girlfriend, now wife)"
Ivana Trump (his first wife)
Princess Diana
Michelle Pfeiffer
Cameron Diaz
Julia Roberts
Cindy Crawford
Mariah Carey
Gwyneth Paltrow
Diane Sawyer

-You can look it up for all I care:

"he created new jobs" by not letting illegal immigrants have any when all they want is a new life. Nice fantasy.

But whatever you stated doesnt proove he is a good president. You were that close when you said he created new jobs but obviously didnt look at the bigger picture. Come up with a stronger argument.
Debate Round No. 1


It is very important to know that these are not all of the reasons why.

First reason of my second argument is Trump saved a Jewish boy by lending Trump's Private Jet to the Boy.
Why would an anti-semitic do these?

Secondly, Trump IS Pro-LGBT, despite he said he disagreeing to Gay Marriage, he campaigned for Pro-LGBT things such as LGBT rights, but that got dismantled, making it invalid.

Thirdly, he stopped radical islam immigration is because Trump saw that immigrants can get through the vetting system, so he temporarily banned Muslim countries until the vetting system gets updated.

Lastly, he stopped a war between the US and North Korea, by having a meeting and a summit in Singapore, thus ending a possibilty of a nuclear war.

I like to conclude that there is more reasons why Trump is a good president and these are the reasons why I argue Trump is a good president.


"Secondly, Trump IS Pro-LGBT, despite he said he disagreeing to Gay Marriage, he campaigned for Pro-LGBT things such as LGBT rights, but that got dismantled, making it invalid." If he was a good president, as president himself, wouldnt he have made LGBT rights himself?

"...he temporarily banned Muslim countries until the vetting system is updated." Shouldnt he be creating his own system just like the vetting system to still let Muslims migrate in? Thats one of the few possibilities a GOOD leader would have thought of.

"Lastly, he stopped a war" But who started it?

"Trump saved a Jewish boy by lending Trump's Private Jet to the Boy.
Why would an anti-semitic do these?" Would trump have done the same to someone else? The boy was dying. If lets say someone wants to go to New York for lets say getting a job,would Trump still have done so? And you said it himself he"s an anti-semetic.
Debate Round No. 2


Correction to my second argument, He stopped a war from happening.

Alright, last argument, Illegal Immigration is bad, look at Italy, high unemployment because of migrants, crime spike because of migrants, many countries now turning against the EU because of "migrants!"

There is already a wall, it's actually a fence, and it is very HARD to prevent people from going around the fence. A wall wouldn't be a wall like a simple wall, it would be simular to the Berlin Wall in defenses, but not the shape.

Liberals are really terrible at logic, when saying less guns means less school shootings, reality is more guns = less school shootings, because the school shooter will be afraid of people that have guns, ready to fight against the shooter himself. Also, did I tell you that Hillary Clinton is anti-woman not Trump, Clinton herself in 1975 laughed at a victim of rape and told a woman who was a rapist victim to shut up. Banning Muslims was a thing since Obama, and no one talked about it until Trump did the same thing, thanks to biased media like CNN, idiots (liberals) are f**king being idiots, what otherwise be good to America.


To decide if someone is a good leader I would like to check some leadership attributes:

Be accountable: Trump showed over and over again that he refuses to take responsibility for his actions. He went bankrupt 4 times and needed to be bailed out by his dad and by not paying taxes. Whenever he is confronted with something he said that does make him look bad now, he denies or goes to his "I don"t know" answer.

Be decisive: As said before his typical answers are: Yes, no I don"t know, some say, I guess so. The only thing he keeps up is that he wants to build a wall and that is a very weak message.

Integrity: He cheated on his wives, he is the biggest name caller in the history of name calling, he used money from his charity foundation to pay for pictures of himself and to bribe officials, he did not pay taxes, he openly is proud how he buys officials, and he cheated on about every contractor who ever worked for him and this list is far from being complete.

Focus: Well I don"t know, some say but we really should". His policies are all over the place. He says one thing then the other and while the overall direction points towards a xenophobic racist point of view, the only focal point is the wall.

Courage: Or as the German army said, lead from the front. He was a draft dodger. He only risked the capital of his dad and his investors. He followed the business of his dad, not trying something new. When asked what he sacrificed he said he created jobs"..

Vision: He wants to make America great again, but this is not a vision, this is just a statement that America sucks. A vision needs to have a goal. A great vision came from JFK: By the end of the decade we will bring a man to the moon and back. This is actionable and time bound while "make America great again" has nothing actionable and is not time bound. It is like saying I like motherly love and apple pie.

Humility: I think there is no argument about how humble the Donald is.

Strategic Thinking: This might be a point where the Donald actually does not fail but does not score great either. But as we saw multiple times he lacks the ability to prepare for debates. He is not a facts person. He as well was not able to hire a speechwriter for his wife that does not copy Michelle Obama"s speech, that on top does not fit his life at all"..

Cooperation: Saying you are a people person does not make you a people person. He has showed over and over again that he will cheat his partners. His catchphrase is: "you are fired". Who would like to work for Trump if another Job would pay you the same? He publicly told: "When I negotiate, they lose and I win." A good deal means both win and when you know the other side wants you to lose, you are not willing to make a fair and beneficial deal.

Now this is all independent of where trump wants the country to be. Ladies and gentlemen with these following points of mine I hope you will understand why Trump is not a good leader/president.

"look at Italy, high unemployment because of migrants, crime spike because of migrants, many countries now turning against the EU because of "migrants!"" Thats itally. Take the shooting at the gay club in America. That was because of a US citizen. So were most of the homicides,theives,etc. Yes I agree illegal immigrants contribute a little to those crimes but isnt it mostly the citizens WITHIN the country? An article I just found just prooves that illegal immigrants are less likely to commit crimes: . Trump said he would stop crime(or something like that) but after the recent shootings in 2017-2018,where does it show hes solving the issues? A good president would solve these issues at once.

"He stopped a war from happening." You didnt answer my question. I asked:Who started it?
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by Poseidon21 3 years ago
I agree that Donald Trump is a good president.
Posted by Debating_Horse 3 years ago
A "13 year old"? And your profile says you're 28? Better fix it!
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