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Is Donald Trump doing a good job in his first 100 days?

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Started: 3/27/2017 Category: Politics
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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Donald Trump's presidential campaign had two main promises, to build a wall along the Mexico border that was to be paid for by the Mexicans, and to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act. Both of these were "quick fixes" that were intended to be accomplished immediately. Well so much for that.

Just this last Friday, the American Health Care act failed miserably, and thank goodness for that. Dubbed ObamaCare-Lite by both Democrats and Republicans, the plan allows you to opt out of it which means that young, healthy people are no longer required to be covered. What this does is it makes it impossible to cover those who are sick/elderly because there is no money coming in from those who are healthy and don't need as much care. On top of this, coverage is based on age not wealth so a rich old guy can get cheap rates even though he doesn't need them, while a young man with a terminal illness who is saddled with student loans no longer has to pay a fortune. And naturally, Trump blamed everyone else but himself for this colossal failure of legislation. As for the wall, Mexico is of course not going to be footing the bill. Our tax dollars will be. And on top of that, no one even knows if it is going under construction at all, because Mr. Trump is excessively secretive.

On top of that, one must not ignore the turmoil he is going through. From Tax Returns to Russian Investigations, Mr. Trump is not exactly smooth sailing in these first 100 days. With FBI Director James Comey opening an investigation on his relations with Russia during the election, it seems not long before someone finds something about how he was able to cheat America. Nevertheless, Trump deflects allegations simply by blaming Wikileaks for unconstitutional behavior. (He praised Wikileaks for its work on Hillary Clinton during the Election)

Personally, I am a Libertarian. I'm not some Hillary supporter who is still moaning about the events that took place last November 8th. I just see that Trump is a complete failure who has not lived up to any of his campaign promises. I know that a mere 37% of the country is satisfied with Trump thus far so I am not alone in my beliefs, yet I know that as a white male, my stance is uncommon. I can only hope that others will see eye to eye with me.


I think that Trump has done a good job as president ya know.
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I think that you are not taking this debate seriously. It reflects poorly on you and other supporters of Trump
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Posted by Capitalistslave 3 years ago
I assume you mean you're a right-wing libertarian. I question whether they are even libertarians in reality, but to be nice I call you libertarians still. Some of you don't consider us left-wing libertarians to be libertarians either, so I am willing to call you libertarian if you're willing to do the same for us.

Though, specifically, I identify as a libertarian socialist.

But, yes, I agree with you on this debate. Even if I wanted to debate you on this(I don't since I agree with you) I can't since we can only be engaged in one debate at a time and you and I currently have a capitalism debate going on.
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