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Is Donald trump a respectable leader, even after his travel ban?

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Started: 3/6/2017 Category: Politics
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Debating Period
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To decide if someone is a good leader I would like to check some leadership attributes[1]:

be accountable: Trump showed over and over again that he refuses to take responsibility for his actions. He went bankrupt 4 times and needed to be bailed out by his dad and by not paying taxes. Whenever he is confronted with something he said that does make him look bad now, he denies or goes to his "I don"t know" answer.

be decisive: As said before his typical answers are: Yes, no I don"t know, some say, I guess so. The only thing he keeps up is that he wants to build a wall and that is a very weak message.

Integrity: He cheated on his wifes, he is the biggest name caller in the history of name calling, he used money from his charity foundation to pay for pictures of himself and to bribe officials, he did not pay taxes, he openly is proud how he buys officials, and he cheated on about every contractor who ever worked for him and this list is far from being complete.

Focus: Well I don"t know, some say but we really should". His policies are all over the place. He says one thing then the other and while the overall direction points towards a xenophobic racist point of view, the only focal point is the wall.

Courage: Or as the german army said, lead from the front. He was a draft dodger. He only risked the capital of his dad and his investors. He followed the business of his dad, not trying something new. When asked what he sacrificed he said he created jobs"..

Vision: He wants to make America great again, but this is not a vision, this is just a statement that America sucks. A vision needs to have a goal. A great vision came from JFK: By the end of the decade we will bring a man to the moon and back. This is actionable and time bound while make America great again has nothing actionable and is not time bound. It is like saying I like motherly love and apple pie.

Humility: I think there is no argument about how humble the Donald is.

Strategic Thinking: This might be a point where the Donald actually does not fail but does not score great either. But as we saw multiple times he lacks the ability to prepare for debates. He is not a facts person. He as well was not able to hire a speechwriter for his wife that does not copy Michels Obamas speech, that on top does not fit his life at all"..

Cooperation: Saying you are a people person does not make you a people person. He has showed over and over again that He will cheat his partners. His catchphrase is: "you are fired". Who would like to work for Trump if another Job would pay you the same? He publicly told: "When I negotiate, they lose and I winn." A good deal means both win and when you know the other side wants you to lose, you are not willing to make a fair and beneficial deal.

Now this is all independent of where Trump wants the country to be.
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Posted by ILikePie5 2 years ago
Can we just debate if Trump is good or not?
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