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Is Eminem the best rapper of 2018

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Started: 3/1/2018 Category: Music
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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well it is hard to find who is the best raper of 2018 but i think it is Eminem because his songs come from his heart talking about his life. Not some song that was put together in 3 seconds and cues in every sentence kind of song the music has to flow and Eminem is really good at that. So what do you think is Eminem the best raper of 2018?


thank you for your time today in arguing this topic, I do strongly believe that Eminem is indeed NOT the best rapper of 2018.

My first point is on lyrics. So my opponent would like you to believe that his lyrics come from the heart and that they are discussing the problems of his life. Also some of his songs are like this there are 2 reasons why i believe this shouldnt be valued.
1. Not everyone is in the same scenarios that his songs pertain to. That makes it so his lyrics are hard to relate with a general audience.
2. His newer songs are vulgar and inappropriate for most listeners

In the Status Quo a major topic discussion has been on the acts of hate speech and social media regulations- there was a man in Pennsylvania that wrote threatening notes to his ex wife. It got so bad it got to the point where she got a restraining order on him - he ended up being put jail and will remain there for many years to come. Now you may wonder why I would waste my time talking about this story. But i do have a point. I want to look at specifically Eminem's song Bonnie and Clyde- this song has an interesting story when you actually look to what it says. It talks about killing his wife and throwing her body into a lake. Now...doesn't this seem to be just the same thing as the PA man?

I believe that it is unjust for Eminem to be able to spread his ideas through his music.
If you believe what the pro has told you, and you think his lyrics are something that can inspire you and you can relate- the world is about to become a place where harassment and murder is the norm.

He is not the best rapper because the flaws and the abuse of his power and influence in today's society
Debate Round No. 1


I like your argument it is awesome this is my first time. You are right some of is songs are inappropriate for kids but a lot of raper is the same way. But if you get past that he has really good songs like lose your self was made when i was born and it is still on of the greatest hits. and his new song the river is one of the best on he ever created. I have question are you an Eminem fan? anyways he is really talented raper i mean who can rap has fast has he can and make it sound good when does rap fast for example have you heard rap God before that is amazing and music critics where impressed how fast he can rap. Now I'm not saying Eminem is a rap god because he not but he is the best raper of 2018.

Thank you for choosing this challenge you are super amazing at this thank you for arguing respectful you are doing great like i said my first time doing this o i will not be a challenge.


Hey, just so you know, my friend went on my account and chose this debate so I have no idea how to continue from here haha. Basically, I see why you like Eminem but he is not the best rapper of all time. That's an opinion and by your standards, Drake is also the greatest rapper of all time.
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Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by JOHNCENA1738 3 years ago
Not trying to be ignorant and rude by saying this, but why is this even a debate? And also Pro, if you want to win in a debate, you have to use proper English and reasonable arguments, not just "Eminem is the best because his songs come from the heart". This should really be in the opinion section, because everyone is going to have a different opinion on their own favorite rapper.
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