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Is Feminism unnecessary in the USA these days (pro=yes) (con=no)

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Started: 3/5/2018 Category: Politics
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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Feminism is unnecessarily these days in the USA.


Feminism has been a great thing through out history. It has seen the liberation of the previously suppressed sex, led to equality, and even made improvements to all of our lives. This movement may have lost sight of its goal, it may have turned to hate on the internet, but this only shows that we need to help and nurture this movement for civil liberties. I look forward to talking about this subject.
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Posted by Texasam96 3 years ago
I don't believe feminism is necessary in the USA these days because of the sole reason that feminism in todays society is man hating.
Posted by Bread_Called 3 years ago
While I do believe that sexism still exist for both genders, it's more of a social problem more than a government problem, so there is really nothing the government can do, it's the peoples situation.
Posted by Biggie_Shakur 3 years ago
I'm just saying there is a more positive and effective way to do this...
Posted by Biggie_Shakur 3 years ago
I'm not saying women are worthless but feminist that waste time to protest about equal rights aren't spending there time well you can email, set up appointments and things like that instead of getting shut down by the police and getting made fun of and forgotten about on they internet.
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