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Is Fortnite for Normies?

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Started: 5/1/2018 Category: Funny
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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I usually don't mention a fandom in the argument but I feel like with Fortnite I have to, mostly because of of the over-saturation of Normie memes shat out by this utterly disgusting fandom. First and foremost, Fortnite is mostly populated by Children, YouTubers advertising to children, and people stupid enough to actually play it, and that majority are the main offenders. Just look at the #BoogieDown Challenge, almost all of the people that submitted their "moves" on twitter were teens or younger and if you know teens/ children you know that (most) of them are Normies.


Nice to debate with you, Mr. Donald Trump (a reference to avatar)

Well, let's first analyze the title. More specifically, "for" means that you are indicating an intended goal. This is saying that the FortNite is specifically intended for Normies, not that normies are playing FortNite. You can say that something is for someone, but that doesn't mean that someone will actually enjoy/get/have the something.
Now, about the normie means? Well, I can't advance nor destroy this argument without any evidence. May you submit some memes that are for normies? And what are the guidelines for something being a normie meme? Please respond.
Also, the children idea has nothing to do with normies. There is no data for this, but I can quite strongly say that not every child is a normie. There is no correlation between children and normies. And the people you listed that played FortNite also are the main people who play MineCraft, but Minecraft is not for normies, is it? Stereotypically, it is for the dorks, the geeks, the nerds.
Finally, the #boogiedown challenge was not an accurate representation of the majority of FortNite players. 3,000,000+ people, probably almost 4,000,000 by now play FortNite, while barely any of those did the #boogiedown challenge. And, do you expect a 40-year old nerd to make a video of them dancing? Normies are in the game, but not the majority of it.
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Posted by N0hbdy 2 years ago
My rebuttal:If you want to get technical about it Fortnite is for normies, And here's why. While you are correct that different people will gain different experiences with different things, When we call someone a normie, We don't really refer to all their individual traits, But rather the trait they share with most normal people, They're a trend follower. Fidget Spinners, Dabbing, And of course Fortnite, Are all things that normies eat up because they got popular and they're trying to fit in with the crowd. Now that we've defined what we mean by normie, Let's get back to the question at hand, Is Fortnite FOR Normies. " Yes it is, It's all dependent on the time it was release. You see, Fortnite didn't initially have Battle Royale as a mode, It just a building based, Co-op survival game that was a fantastic flop. The game tanked and I heard that there was also some lawsuit involved, Although i'm not really sure. So Fortnite was this failing game with no shimmer of hope, But then, PUBG gets released and explodes in popularity, Starting the currently running Battle Royale trend. Epic Games in a last ditch effort, Decide to hop on the bandwagon and develop a battle royale mode for Fortnite, While still keeping the games based mechanics of building in. Blah blah blah, People notice Fortnite and start playing it and start calling out the issues with PUBG, And Fortnite blows up. Basically the main point is Fortnite jumped onto the Battle Royale trend that all the normies were eating up at the time. So yes, Fortnite is technically meant for normies.
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