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Is Global Warming Real or Something else?

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Started: 3/29/2017 Category: Science
Updated: 4 years ago Status: Debating Period
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First reply is accepting the challenge. Thanks!
I'm on the side of global warming being a true thing, and a very dangerous one. There have been multiple reports of it. Looking forward to a great debate. Thanks! ~B


Global warming, (specifically human-induced climate change, as global warming may as well be caused by orbital variation every few millennia or other natural changes occurring to our planet) is a real and apparent threat to our future survival. There is plenty of evidence already to support this claim, (which not to mention scientists have generally come to a consensus on 20+ years ago, can't believe this bull is still going around,) which is that human activity on Earth, (whether it be from releasing CO2 emissions into our atmosphere processing and burning petroleum and other fuel sources, excess methane produced by agricultural byproducts, or even deforestation,) is responsible for the rising of sea levels by over eight inches in the last 200 years, and an average increase in atmospheric temperature of almost 1 degree centigrade in just the last 100 years! Anyways, this trend is increasing exponentially, yada yada yada, next 20 years, 2 degrees centigrade hotter. I mean like seriously? It's fine, who cares. We can all just move to Antarctica. Oh wait.. melting sea ice at the polar caps is decreasing UV 3 absorption back into space which will eventually cook us in our microwave of a planet making everywhere uninhabitable in a few ten thousand years.

Sea Level:

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