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Is God Real?

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Started: 2/12/2017 Category: Religion
Updated: 1 year ago Status: Debating Period
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Is/are god/God/gods real? No. Do you know why? Let's look at the logical way:
1) You can debate about this. If God was real, it would be a fact, and unarguable.

2) There is evil in this world. The logical problem of evil is evident. People are evil, animals are evil, and nature is evil. Theists and philosophers alike divide evil into two prominent categories: moral evil and natural evil. Moral evil is the evil that people and other beings with wrong intentions cause, and natural evil is the evil caused by nature. God is considered by non-heathen and non-pagan religions to be omnibenevolent, omnipotent, and omniscient. This means God is all powerful, all knowing, and all kind. And if this God that so many worship is real (and so he strike me down for saying).... if he was all of these qualities, like it says in the Bible and the Qu'ran, then he would stop evil because he's all knowing, meaning that he knows what's about to happen, all powerful meaning he can stop it, and all kind meaning he has the love toward the humans to stop it. Notice that he doesn't. A common argument is, "God gives us free-will, and humans can use this free-will and some choose to use this free will in the wrong way." The problem with this "arugment" is that it does not address natural evil; for example, what if a tree falls on a newborn baby and kills it. What evil could it have done to have caused it to die. The tree, as said by priests and even bishops, has thoughts but is not in control of its actions. Since God controls everything, and God controls the tree and the baby, then why did God tell/cause the tree to strike down or why didn't God move the baby with his omnipotence.

3) Some may say to just "believe". It's a matter of "belief" they say. Really? Santa Claus is a matter of belief. No one has disproved his existence, but he isn't real. And if you are using and comparing the same principle that applies to a mythological magical fat man that gives presents and coal to kids as you are to God, then my saying this should be proof enough that God is not real.

4) How come that some say to have visions just because they are true devotees of this God if those longer who have truly believed have never received this. It is because those who get frustrated psychologically trick themselves into actually thinking that they have "visions" or "dreams" or "premonitions" about the future. If they can predict the future, why not help all mankind? Because God tells them to keep it to themselves? Why?

5) This tiny, infinitesimal difference in religion constricts peoples ideas, makes them violent towards other religious people, and causes prejudice between different groups. If you are a Christian, you get more rights than a Muslim and get treated better. Why is it that Muslims in the areas I have worked at are scared to reveal their religion in circumstances and Christians and Catholics openly say their religion? The tiny portion of terrorists cause a religious and cultural divide between groups. If God was real, and all of his so-called properties were real also, then he probably wouldn't approve people killing or discriminating against others for the sake of religion.

6) Meat. About 90% of the world is non-vegetarian, yet in the Bible it says, "Thou shalt eat meat scarcely". Is eating McDonalds or KFC 5 times a week, stuffing yourself until you sweat bacon grease scarce?! Because the standard I hold for scarce sure is different than that. And other people have different standards as well. So then why the vagueness of this?

If anyone can use logic, not just "believe and you will find inner piece" mumbo jumbo, to prove me wrong, I will rethink my stance. But please, consider the former statements.


I have undeniable proof that a being called God exists, here it is:
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Posted by John_C_1812 1 year ago
Are you misreading GOD did you mean Quadringenti, Undecim, Quingenti? They letters look just like old or Roman Numerals used for the numbers 400, 11, and 500.
Posted by smantheboss 1 year ago
But Good and Evil isn't subjective the eyes of god/God. And dsjpk5, I was defined what type of God I was talking about whenever the book of the religion was mentioned. Sometimes I was talking about all gods/Gods, and sometimes I was talking about a specific one.
Posted by KwLm 1 year ago
dsjpk5 yes, because there's a twitter page for a person called god, that's the true unarguable evidence.
Posted by dsjpk5 1 year ago
Con may be in trouble here since she didn't define which type of god she was talking about. As a matter of fact, from what I can tell from her opening sentence, she was denying the existence of ANY god. Well, Pro just showed that at least one type of God exists. The debate isn't over yet, however. As of now, there's two rounds to go. Having said that, unless Pro is able to build a strong case that Con's God doesn't really exist (despite its apparent existence), I'd be inclined to vote for Con.
Posted by KwLm 1 year ago
Just to point out, Good and Evil is subjective. Good and Evil only exists in the minds of the person judging something by those terms, it's not the same for every body on the planet.
Posted by canis 1 year ago
Dreams. Books... Thoughts and talk...Hmm...Well. The www. about "it" is real. Otherwise there is nothing....
Posted by smantheboss 1 year ago
But the thing is, I don't need proof. The thing is, my argument isn't just about the reality of god. It's about his/her/its nature. Why is he traditionally male? Because the ancients were a male dominated society. Becuase maybe this formless being has more traits of a man than a woman. etc....
The reason I put forth this argument is because the traditional Judeo-Christian god and his personality and what he does and his actions are contradicting towards what the results are. In the Bible, in the Qu'ran, in the Bhagvad Gita, and in the Book of Mormans, god's main qualities are to be all kind, all powerful, and all knowing. I am not an atheist, I am an agnostic. This argument is a little experiment to see what the outcome is. I don't believe in God, but I don't not believe in god. I claim neither belief nor disbelief. I claim, however, that no one knows the true nature of God, if he exists. Reading the Bible doesn't show God. There are plently of holy texts. His actions determine his personality. And for the record, SJM, people don't go out an argue, "THE SKY ISN'T BLUE". They can argue about global warming, but remember, one side is the oil and corporate side and the other side is legitimate data.
Posted by johnoregan 1 year ago
Unlike most arguments about God, you at least put them forward intelligently. All you need is some information about God to actually make sense.
1. God did not create the universe and is not responsible for bad things that happen.
2. God is looking to help people and doesn't ask to be worshipped.
I've known God since I was a baby in nappies and it's shown me many things. The future, how to communicate with non-verbal creatures, and even a little something about the soul. I know how this sounds and without proof you can't believe me.
Posted by SJM 1 year ago
" If God was real, it would be a fact, and unarguable." Pretty sure people argue about facts all the time.
Posted by retroz 1 year ago
I would definitely debate this with you if it were a longer debate, I do not believe 3 rounds is enough to have an intelligent (and entertaining) debate about a complex concept such as God.
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