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Is God worth the sacrifice?

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Started: 1/22/2018 Category: Religion
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Debating Period
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Hello all, I am new to this website, and have good reviews about the debate system. Lets see.

So my first topic is to determine whether God is worth the life long hassle. Round one is only confirmation, then we can go in depth.

Because I'm not tied to a specific religion, my relationship with God has been on/off, sometimes I pursue god, other times I let my ego get the better of me.

Acknowledging this, I will be both Pro and Con, a sort of fair view of both sides to what i feel. My opponent can either be Pro (saying god is worth self sacrifice) or Con (living life in fear is restrictive, for example).

I hope to have a nice, intellectual, and informative debate on this important topic.


god is real you need to believe in him or else bad things will happen to you. he made the world.he made humans.and the big bang
Debate Round No. 1


Ok, I can't if you are a troll or not, so this round will just be short and in note form. We can expand if it goes well.

So you have decided to defend God, so I will start of by being against, then tie in the positives, to remain un-bias.


-God is like a membership club, you have to believe and surrender yourself in order to be accepted, otherwise you are condemned. (Fear based, religious folk are generally not open minded).

-Putting God before relations is highly detrimental to both family relations and social relations

-Bibles are based on individual opinions, if someone was truly Christian, muslim, jewish etc they'd all be priests/imams/rabbis, because that is what scripture requires, you can not pick and choose what to belief in.

-Scriptures were written thousands/hundreds of years ago, times have changes.

-The amount of wars, genocides, and crusades caused in god's name.

-Pursuing god will take a lifetime of obstacles and boundaries to overcome, some people don't have the (financial) access to overcome such adversities.

-To follow god means to reject science (for some), science is modern and constantly adapting.


-Religion people in general are in control, and happier, with their lives

-The threat of hell, and the dream of heaven is highly appealing to children who don't know whats good for them, creating a self-disciplined individual in the making

-A reason for hope, patience, and faith.

-Communal integration with fellow devotees

- Egp depletion, humbleness

-Non believers are generally more angry in life


In conclusion to my round2, bc the opposition will back god, therefore I believe the cons I've highlighted outweigh the pros, unless kruger wishes to expand on the pros.

Again, if anyone's offended by the truth I've just told, do not be, as I only want to educate and share my experiences, not to cause hate.
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Debate Round No. 2
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Debate Round No. 3
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Debate Round No. 4
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Debate Round No. 5
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Posted by WOLF.J 2 years ago
can't tell*
Posted by Freddy.Kruger 2 years ago
yes go to your pic of you or an account dash board and then click profil and you can change your name there
Posted by WOLF.J 2 years ago
Also, can someone tell me how I can change my username?
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