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Is Harry Potter series better than Twilight Saga?

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Started: 5/1/2018 Category: Entertainment
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Harry Potter and The Twilight Saga have both ruled the book empire very closely. However, Harry Potter is darker, stronger, and better. It offers a lot of language and vocabulary. Harry Potter has each and every element of life like tragedy, humor, mysteries. Most of all it emphasizes on friendship. We can also see the death of a major character, which is rarely seen in stories. Twilight saga follows harry Potter very closely but does not mach with it.


I firstly want to clarify that both stories make major changes to real mythology when they speak of certain tales.

Harry Potter does this actuall in their first story alone, it was so severe that in American mythology it forced the title to be changed from the original 'Philosopher's Stone' to 'Sorcerer's Stone'. The original mythology of a stone was indeed Rowling's terming 'Philosopher's Stone'[1] but because in America and some other nations they disagreed that you can call wizards philosophers and instead considered outcast wizards simply as Sorcerers (Sorcerers/Sorceresses are magical beings that have human-like form but unlike Wizards/Witches rely on 'raw magic' hexes and combat methods rather than learned spells and incantations, the closest character to a true Sorcerer/Sorceress out of the main cast was Molly Weasley if you watch her style of combat in the Half Blood Prince.[2])

There's countless more alterations from original mythology for it to make more sense to fans, such as the idea that wands are tailor-made to their owners and that some wands are actually more powerful than others in an unfair way for some wizards and witches... This has never ever been hinted at in other mythology and is something most Wizards and Witches would be highly offended by as they are one of the fairest species of mtyhological beings in all mythology, known to reduce their own power to make a fight against a lesser being in order to enjoy the fair fight at times.

In Twilight the biggest thing that is inaccurate is that they call Lycanthropes Werewolves. Let me explain, Werewolves do not change at will, they are by all other means other than increased healing, strength and sex drive human and change involuntarily on a full moon in an extremely painful way but in Twilight the beings you are seeing are Lycanthropes which change at will and at full moon are merely more powerful than on other days, getting more and more powerful as the night approaches, peaking at midnight of the next day's beginning.[3][4]

Twilight has all that Harry Potter has when it comes to love triangles, drama, emotional scenes the lot so what really makes the story inferior? The acting of Bella is often criticised but you need to understand that her character genuinely is a stone-faced being and the way she acted (reduced emotions and feeling little sexual attraction to Jacob) are all evidence of her having a lot of innate commonalities with the Vampires. She was naturally inclined to prefer the Vampire way of life which is one of little passion and highly calculated strategy as opposed the passionate and 'live to feel' outlook the wolves had on life.

Vampires are much like more mathematically inclined humans whereas the 'werewolves' (really lycanthropes) of Twilight are much more like the artistic and sports-prone humans. Bella Swan is a character that was always more vampiric than lycanthropic in her personality so naturally ended up having sex with Edward Cullen and turning to their side as the rivalries increased between the species.

It was no surprise to me that she ended up with Edward, people assume that all women have a thing for muscular men and that she owed Jacob her pu**y as he was more masculine-looking and passionate in his way of loving but she was much more into Edward for so many reasons and it made total sense that he turned her on more than Jacob did, Jacob was more of an irritating friend she liked but didn't 'adore' to the level of sexual attraction and love. That was obvious to me from the first movie through to the last.

The books also had a very clear and completley believable storyline of you ignore the scienc eof how the creatures work. In Harry Potter, they had to change so much from the books (I know because I read all seven) and not only changed it to make it less boring than the books were but because there were genuinely things in the books that made very little sense. The first is why Lily fell in love with a psychopathic bully rather than his victim despite how much Snape had bonded with her throughout (basically she's such a b**** who fell in love with a blatantly narcissitic bully adn their so is supposed to be the hero?) there was so much about the characters that made you hate the good guys and feel so bad for the bad guys throughout.

Tom Riddle was a genius psychopath, Snape was a bullied troubled soul (brutally bullied by James Potter much worse than that they showed in the movies, he was bullied and told to 'kill himself' basically and Jame sPotter and his friends laughed at him and Lily saw it all and though 'wow this alpha male bully is so hot'), Dumbledore was a homosexual sociopath who used Snape as a pawn and Lucius Malfoy is a highly misunderstood philanthropist who just happened to join the more corrupt side and coudln't leave because his wife would snitch on him to Voldemort.

Meanwhile on the 'good guys' we have a feminist nerd, a guy who is only alive because his mother lucked-out and transferred an Avada Kedavra onto herself and then onto voldemort himself by leaping in front of Harry and a highly strategic chess genius who is painted as the dumbest of the three but is actually the only one with real brains on the team (Ron).

The Weasleys, as a family, were far more fascinating than the Potters and Ron would have been a fascinating main character. Hermione was a one-dimensional character who was good to the bone and the only thing that made the other 2 respect her was she studied more specifics of spells and potions than they did (which didn't matter as i the sixth book Harry got hold of Snape's notebook and knew more than she ever would about potions and secret incantations).

The story is not superior to Twilight and the good guys had far too little sensibility to them. In Twilight there is a lot of logic given to why the good guys stay godo and why they win in the end and why the bad guys don't and within the good guys is a lot of depth and rivalry.
[2] Molly is more of a Sorceress than a Witch in her fighting style because she is using raw magic as her style as opposed to learned spells and incantations. Look at the first video.
Debate Round No. 1


Thank you for accepting this debate.
I request you not to use curse words and abuses in your script and point.

It is true that both the stories have much in common. Yet if we see the language in the books Harry Potter is better. Furthermore, The Twilight Saga is too emotional and focuses more on love and anguish whereas, Harry Potter focuses on everything equally keeping itself balanced. The Twilight Saga shows women weak as Bella has no power and she keeps her word only because both Edward and Jacob respect her. In Harry Potter, Hermoine is pretty strong and is smarter than everyone else. She can also force her will if she wants to

Please don't use any abuses in your forthcoming pain and script.
I look forward to it eagerly.


I can use any words I want to use as long as I am not using a symbol to trick the censor and am actually blocking out the word as opposed not to use '$' in place of 's' or 'v' in place of 'u'.

You start off in Round 1 saying Harry Potter is darker, stronger and now suddenly Twilight is 'too emotional to be good'?

Get your story straight.

Twilight is the darker, stronger one and yes it's more emotionally enticing. The hate it got from masses of people was undeserved and frankly it was a masterpiece throughout with extreme character depth and reasoning behind the bad and the good guys' decisions and actions.
Debate Round No. 2


My friend what is wrong in making different points in different rounds?
I start this round by saying that we should take in account all the things related to these stories.
May I point out that if you see closely The Twilight Saga has a very slow moving story. It shows a lot of emotion rather than action. Also, there is very less humour and the characters mostly stay sad. Further, there is not much mystery in the story to keep people interested.
People hated Twilight Saga mostly because of these points and lots more.
Harry Potter, on the other hand has played master cards which keep people interested and on the edge of the seat. The story moves fast and is unpredictable so the readers and watchers have to keep on reading and cannot guess what will happen. Harry Potter also puts a smile on people's faces while keeping the mystery clouded.
This is why people like Harry Potter much better.

However, from my personal view both the series have a good story and a lot of potential. But Harry Potter is just better than The Twilight Saga by just a little.

Thank You for debating with me. And I look forward to your next counterpoint.
It was a good experience.


NO ACTION?!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHA NO ACTION IN TWILIGHT?! It was both more emotionally fascinating and intense and also more action-packed.

In Harry Potter you always knew who would win, even when Sirius died to Bellatrix it was so obvious he'd lose. In Twilight the fights are always breathtakingly close, especially if they are more emotionally packed.

Unlike Harry Potter the actio is never forced for the sake of it, it makes extreme sense and converys something in the storyline. There was consistent action with a lot of build-up to the 'explosive' action.

You can't say that Harry Potter is darker and stronger if it's something you admit is much less emotionally intense.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by KhrareMak 3 years ago
No one has made movies inspired by Harry Potter because its perfection cannot be imitated.
Posted by RMTheSupreme 3 years ago
That doesn't prove that the story was better at all. Your lack of memory and fake stat (JK Rowling is not the top fifth, probably in the top hundred million but not top five)

As for Twilight, all the off-shot vampire vs werewolf series and movies like Vampire Diaries, True Blood etc are inspires by Twilight and its success, nothing similar has happened for Harry Potter.
Posted by porcaroc 3 years ago
Did you know J.K rowling is the fith richest person in the world...meanwhile I can't even remember the name of the writer of twighlight
Posted by KhrareMak 3 years ago
What do you mean?
Posted by canis 3 years ago
"Is Harry Potter series better than Twilight Saga?"..."hours" vs. "hours"...Is one hour better than another ?
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