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Is Hillary Clinton a Liar?

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Started: 7/30/2016 Category: Politics
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Debating Period
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Is Hillary Clinton a liar? This is definintly a topic of debate. Before our very eyes we see the political field go far beyond what mudslinging has in its definition. So, we have two political candidates. Both the most disliked canidate of their political party. Donald J. Trump, a known New York liberal who all of the sudden runs as republican, he takes advanteage of a party in dissarray due to false information lead by President Barrack Obama. Hillary R. Clinton, has a husband widley accused of sexual charges against a maid in the white house when he ruled the ninedies. Hillary herself, has been proven that she has lied to the american people. Listen to the FBI director in the press conference that whilst talking for 15 minuts, laid out why Hillary Clintion should get endited. (Charged for Mishandleing of Classified information) My evidence is what the FBI director said. At the end of that conference, our government showed the true meaning of corruption.


Politics and lying go together hand in glove, politicians will lie and deceive the voting population until they die. So has she lied, probably yes. Your question though can be asked ' is [enter any politician here] a liar?' the answer will be yes they have lied. You are going to use a lot of sources to prove she is a liar. I do not believe she is a liar, when it comes to her email scandal, which is the point you made I do not believe she ever knowing lied, rather did not understand what was going on. She for all we know could have known may never seen the server. During Hillary Clinton's tenure as Secy. of State she has a large staff, comprised of loyal members of her husbands administration that are on her presidential team now who HATE Obama. We have to go back to the 2008 Democrat primaries, her and then Sen. Obama went at each other over many things, Sen. Obama being more progressive and Hillary rallying the conservative working class democrat vote.
The Obama's and The Clinton's do not like each other, they use each other. Flash forward to 2009, when she is Secy of State her State Department emails can be viewed by the president and his top advisers, one of which is Valerie Jarrett,who is one of Pres. Obama's top advisers who hates Sidney Blumenthal, one of Pres. Bill Clinton's top advisers and told Secy, of State Hillary Clinton not to hire Blumenthal, she did anyways. So this is most likely where one of Clinton's top advisers set up the server and has state department emails forwarded to the sever, for one reason so Obama and his staff did not know what Clinton was doing.
I do not believe she has the technical know how to understand how the server works. I do not believe she lied about it, because she did not know what was going on with the emails, the sever and how it all worked. So its not so much about her being a liar rather than her being technologically illiterate.
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Posted by evanjfarrar 2 years ago
You can't use Bill's scandal to support the assertion that Hillary is a liar.
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