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Is Homework Worth it?

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Started: 3/13/2014 Category: Education
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Rounds will proceed as follows...

  1. Acceptance and rules

  2. Opening arguements

  3. rebuttals and conclusive statements

No personal quips (e.g. "you are a retard") but besides that anything else goes.



I accept. Because Con has not stated otherwise, I take it that we share the burden of proof.
Debate Round No. 1


*just for clarification I am not against any form of testing, quizzes, or non graded study guides*

I think homework isn't really worth because of three main reasons. First homework is intrusive in a student social development, second homework causes unneeded stress, and third teachers should supply review and not their homework.

Homework is intrusive in a child's social development. In most cases if students have some kind of plan that they would like to uphold (such as a trip to a friends house) that their homework gets in the way of their social life. In doing so you cut off a child's vital social and mental development.[1] Not fully of course cause a lot of kids will skip out on homework to instead go on with their plans. Although this brings up another problem seeing as how homework can really effect a students grade in certain classes, which can severely effect a students life in the long run. This causes...

Unneeded stress. Students who have homework are have much higher stress levels than students who don't, many studies have been carried out that prove this fact, although most people think it's nothing more than opinion[2]. Although I for one know that when I was a school student, I was under a lot of stress caused by homework, although I was very good at coping. Unlike my school friends who would just get frustrated and agitated. Surprisingly that happens in most cases even today.

Teachers should supply the review. At schools in Oregon instead of reviewing subject matter at the end of the period or helping kids after school, my teachers would assign homework and if students needed extra review they were told to figure something out for themselves. I think that teachers should set aside an hour at least after school just for students who need help with the curriculum.



BobTurner forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 2


Seeing as how my opponent forfeited I now have nothing to refute.

In my arguments I spoke of how homework is intrusive in a students social development, that homework causes unneeded stress and how teachers should supply separate review for students.



BobTurner forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3
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