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Is Hot Pink better Sexier Turqoise

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Started: 1/15/2014 Category: People
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I know your favorite Color is Turqoise but I think that Hot Pink may be ah better color for your undergarden's Love, you'll juss have to prove me otherwise ;)


I do love the way hot pink looks on me, but you haven't seen my favorite type of turquoise yet baby ;) once you see that then I'm fairly sure you will agree that turquoise is, and always will be much better looking ;) lol we'll just have to figure this one out in the bedroom to see who's right or wrong ;)
Debate Round No. 1
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Posted by xXx_Warshak_xXx 6 years ago
How about I give you a link to my fist eh?
Obviously were in a relationship smart one.
Posted by Wylted 6 years ago
I need photos before I can properly judge this debate. Please link to some photos in the comment section.
Posted by xXx_Warshak_xXx 6 years ago
Everything Look's amazing on you love, erm emm, so does nothing lol- nut depending on the person is for the Colors
Posted by Sammantha 6 years ago
Depends on the type of turquoise, there are many shades of it. Also skin tone and color of hair and eyes plays a role as well. Bright obnoxious colors such as hot/neon pinks don't look right on me. But my favorite type of turquoise looks amazing on me :) lol
Posted by Dark_Fazor 6 years ago
In my Opinion i thing pink is a way sexeir color on a chick then Turquise
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